Best VANU Sniper Weapon ?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Targanwolf, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Targanwolf

    I would appreciate your thoughts on a LONG range sniper weapon.
    I currently have the VA 39 Spectra and would like to start saving for a "reach out and touch you" weapon.
    Your suggestions and rationale please

  2. LynoocsNC

    Parallax 1000 certs, scope 30 certs, supercooled coil or whatever it is 100 certs
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  3. Mahaut

    Any of the three long range bolt action snipers. So XM98, V10, or Parallax.

    They all OHK on headshot up to very long range. Parallax has less drop and faster projectile velocity, meaning shots are globally easier to pull off, especially on moving targets, while XM98 re-chambers and reloads faster, meaning you can kill people faster with it if you are good enough and in a target rich environment. V10 is somewhat of a middle ground between the two. All three of them are good rifles while the Spectre is meh.

    If you are starting out with sniping though, I'd personally recommend the XM98. It's cheap, it's efficient at what it does, and it will teach you about guessing drop and force you to concentrate on immobile or slow moving targets (which you should do at first, starting with easy shots and working your way towards more tricky ones once you've got some experience). But, as I said, all three bolt action are good, and not all that different in the way they work so, yeah.

    As for attachments, I wouldn't use supercooled coil, especially if you are starting out. That thing tends to exacerbate bad sniping habits that will make you dead (namely tunnel-visioning and staying immobile and uncloaked for longer than the time it takes you to shoot one bullet). For the scope, it's a matter of eyesight and personal preference, so you'll want to experiment a bit to decide which one you prefer. Keep in mind that the bigger the magnification, the smaller your field of vision and the lower your effectiveness at shorter ranges get, so you want to find a scope that lets you hit heads reliably at long range while being as low on the magnification scale as reasonable (I personally roll with 8x, and while I can understand people running with 6x to 10x, I have no idea why you'd want the 12x one... complete overkill).
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  4. MisterSlim

    If you're after rang, then the Parallax is definitely a go-to. The V-10 is also nice (currently working on the sniper directive) for long range, but has slightly more drop at range. The XM98 is nice, albeit not as geared for the near render-range sniping I'm sure you're implying, but still nice (especially for 100 certs!).

    I'd recommend a supercooled coil, but with that power comes great responsibility. It shouldn't be something you use all the time, only when the opportunity arises. Staying aimed down the sights leaves you unaware of your surroundings (and you will likely be countersniped or jumped).

    In terms of optics, it's a matter of preference. I stick with either a 8x or a 12x, depending on the situation. Just learn the drop for your preferred scope, and learn to lead your targets (making sure not to take shots you aren't confident with).

    It will come with practice, and remember that VR is always available!
    -Hope I Helped
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  5. EzJustCorry

    if you want to stay on the semi auto no drop side of things then the phaseshift is more or less a direct upgrade to the spectre.

    However it can feel very clunky until the charge release becomes second nature but for render range still target shooting a double tap (charged + uncharged) will drop pretty much anything. Also unlimited ammo

    Whack a suppressor on it and up to 190m is is a one hit kill. 200m without.

    If your new(ish) to the infiltrator game then this gun isn't for you but once you get flanking and concealment down it becomes quite fun to use.

    Was the first infiltrator weapon I auraxiumed
  6. DHT#

    If you want super long range, as others have said, go with the Parallax. Easy to hit with

    If you want medium, I'd actually recommend the ghost. Still has the OHK, but you're capped at 4x scope. There is no scope sway, however, and it's still just as accurate as any of the other snipe rifles.
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  7. yeHHH1g

    Ghost is so much better than parallax, I find no sway 4x to be enough magnification to hit everything. 12x is just overkill and unnecessary
  8. Wizlawz

    ye that 4x on the ghost really is not bad at all, and ye the 12x is like putting yer face right on the screen imho.
  9. Thaorn

    If I were you, for long range sniping I would definitely go for the Phaseshift : why?

    - No bullet drop because it's not a bolt action, aim for the head and it will go there even with a silencer
    - Well hidden far away from the battle + silencer, no one will find you
    - Never run out of ammo, so keep camping where you are
    - You don't need to fully charge it to get an OHK
    - It's a bit versatile (yet not the best) because you can use it as a semi auto

    Only downside : in a sniper duel you could be counter sniped easily because of the charging time
  10. Targanwolf

    1)There are some commands/controls used by snipers....where can I find them ?
    2) I thought all VANU weapons had NO bullet drop ?

    BTW...thanks all for the suggestions
  11. Gemenai

    I think you stood way too long near some NC and/or TR.
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  12. Borsty

    Only the short range Vanu weapons have no bullet drop. As far as I know, only the Battle Rifle actually makes use of this feature. Every other weapon is either useless in ranges where having no bullet drop would be nice, or has bullet drop ;)
  13. Mahaut

    1/ Not sure what you are asking for... Keys? You have left shift for holding your breath (stabilizes high magnification scopes for a short duration) and F to activate/deactivate your cloak. Aside from that, can't think of anything out of the ordinary.

    2/ Nope. Most of the weapons on which the no-bullet drop trait would actually be useful don't have it. There are a few exceptions, like the Spectre or Phaseshift to stay in the sniper rifle category, but those usually are sub-par and not really worth using (or half-broken in the case of the Phaseshift).
  14. ahandyman

    For long-long range, the ghost is a no-go. It can only OHK out to 200 meters. The best VS rifle for use at long range, according to the stats, is the Parallax. Hands down. Even the Parsec isn't as good.

    Both the XM98 and V10 OHK gets capped at 245 meters.
    Parallax OHK gets capped at 300 meters.
    And, just for the sake of including everything, the Parsec is at 265 meters.

    The drop difference between the XM98 and Parallax at 300 meters is one mil dot (using a 12x scope) at level targets (XM98 is ~2.5 mds, Parallax is ~1.5 mds).

    As far as which BASR to use, start with the XM98. It's cheap and is great to learn the BASR systems on. Try out the scopes in the VR and pick which one suits your fancy. After you pick one, stick with it. Don't listen to people telling you what scope to use. USE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. It's all personal preference. It'll be much easier to learn the drop if you aren't switching scopes. Also spend some time in the VR learning the drop. Learn how to tell different ranges. Get fast with lining up headshots. And also practice shooting at targets that are down/up, as this affects the drop somewhat.

    If you do this, if you master the XM98, when you switch to the Parallax it'll feel like a cakewalk.

    Personally, I use the 12x scope and the straightpull bolt/supercooled coil thingy, and am close to auraxing the XM98. I have the V10 and Parallax as well.
  15. Ryoken

    I'd advise against starting with the Parallax, purely because going back to the XM98 would be awful due to the differences in bullet velocity.

    The XM98 is actually a great rifle. I run mine with an 8x Scope and Straight Pull Bolt, and splatter camo of course. It's great for learning bullet drop and forcing you to really choose your shots. This rifle also has the benefit of reloading and rechambering faster than the other two (long range) BASR's. This makes it excellent for use in and around bases, where the Parallax's hideously slow reload can be a hindrance.

    Of course, if you sit out on a ridge all day popping heads from >200m, the Parallax is the one for you since the reload time in a non issue at that range.
    But you should still learn with the XM98.

    Eventually you'll decide which of the three (XM98, V10, Parallax) suits your playstyle and range preference. I still cannot over-stress how beneficial learning on the XM98 will be when you move up to the Parallax.
  16. Dramonicous

    From personal experience then the the ones I have auraxiumed fastest is:
    Parallax - Fastest long range bolter
    Spectre - Good choice when fighting in anything but CQC and extreme range.
    Phaseshift - Good for mid to long, 1 HS kill up to 200m. This gun is only good if you can get used to play around the horrible mechanic though.

    XM98 - I often prefer this one over Parallax as it rechambers and reloads faster, its better suited if you wanna go 1337 and snipe people in CQC to extreme range.

    Always use supercooled coil if the gun has it and never use suppressors ever.

    Also check out NS Vandal (scout rifle) its a real nice gun for pretty much any engagement.
  17. ahandyman

    Quoting the above because he is definitely right. I 100% agree.

    I must disagree with the use of the word "never". Suppressors:
    • Lower the range you can OHK
    • Increase drop dramatically
    • Increase the "time-to-target" of a round dramatically
    • Turn you into a ghost
    Yes, the tradeoffs are huge. But situationally these can be a great thing to have. At the very least, try it out for yourself and familiarize yourself with them in the VR.

    You may never use it but I'd rather have a tool I don't need than need a tool I don't have.
  18. Horrida Messor

    TBH there is no BEST sniper weapon - I love my Spectra, Ghost, XM98 and Parallax equaly. But for newbie sniper I would suggest either XM98 or Parallax. Scope - pick one and practice, practice and practice. THere is no need to be able to switch scopes in the beggining. With time you will be able to pick teh right scope for the situation, but for now you will do better with just one scope (in case you are interested - I use all scopes (yes that includes 12x) based on the situation). As for SPB (or Supercoold Coil in Vanu case), I will say only one thing - DON'T TOCH IT UNTILL YOU ARE GOOD. SPB in hands of a new sniper is a suicide tool - newbies tend to stay scoped in and that makes them a perfect sitting duck.
    Also there is on etrick Infiltrators in general use - we abuse the hell out of game lag - if you are in a good position and cloacked - line up the headshot-decloack-shoot-recloack - due to lag compensation you will be cloacked on the enemy screen when the bullets hits the head.
  19. Targanwolf

    What is an average range a sniper shoots. What range should I use to practice ?
    I picked 160 at VR but would really like the experts to suggest a good practice range.
    I'm using the XM 98 w 12x scope, no suppressor.

  20. ahandyman

    Practice at all ranges. You need to be as comfortable at 50 meters as you are at 300.