Best Vanu LMG?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ned, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Ned

    Ive been using the SVA88 on my vanu but it doesnt seem to be doing me any favours, are there better alternatives for general use? what LMGs are you guys using?
  2. Jrv

    As an NC player, nothing quite pisses me off like the Orion. Best LMG hipfire in the game, fantastic at any range, supremely accurate, powerful, and easy to control, very fast TTK, etc. Only downside is clipsize, but it reloads very fast so it's practically irrelevant.

    I'd say it's the best gun in the game, but that's debatable. It's definitely the best Vanu weapon, at least. Certainly kills me more than anything else apart from shotguns.
  3. Loegi

    If I'd actually played VS, I'd probably go for either the Orion or the Flare. Probably the Orion since I like high ROF more than high damage. But those 2 seem to kill the fastest, with one of them probably being better but I can't be bothered to actually calculating that.
  4. Elrobochanco

    Orion or Flare. I prefer the Flare with SPA. It can really shred if you can control the kick/aim properly.
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  5. Mythicrose12

    I hated the Orion. I switched to a Flare once I received the Orion's auraxium medal. I found it to be a pretty solid LMG. It was certainly better at mid to long range combat. Its ok for close range combat against other LMGs and carbines. Shotguns (unless the user is terrible) are uphill battles with the Flare.

    I've switched to the Pulsar now that I have the Flare medals completed. It's pretty much the same as the SV88 stat wise but lacks the compensator and HV ammo. Shorter reload times, though, I think. So far been pretty good for close combat and mid range combat.

    Orion, Flare, SVA88 all are quite good guns
    I prefer the Pulsar LSW
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  7. Izriul


    Love it.

    Love it.

    Loooooooooove it.
  8. WalrusJones

    When I hear the Flare or the Ursa, I flinch.
    Flares are annoying, Ursa's....
    (Seriously.... That gun is not full of miss. That is for sure.)

    I kill a lot of people emitting the Pulsar LSW's sound effect (Its a trap...)
    Its just... Everyone who uses it is full of sillyness.

    There barely is any reason to us an SV-88, from what I see....

    Then we have the Orion (Seems good, but I don't see it used nearly as often as flares.)

    Finally the Polaris.... I see nothing extraordinary from it (Hell... I don't think I have seen it.)
  9. Izriul

    Wow, who'd have thought a stock weapon for the most used class (on ALL factions) kills you the most...wait, it doesn't even kill you the most. But you did say it's debatable, but no to being the best Vanu weapon - I also have them all, cept for 2 of the 3 autoshotties and the equinox burst.

    Also, the Orion being extremely similar to the carv bar a few tiny minute numbers (which work in and against both).

    All the while, the SAW being widely regarded as one of the best LMG's.

    No, I don't use the Orion much, HA being one of the least played classes until the NS15 came out. Also least played on my TR character...strangely, probably second most played on NC.
  10. Kazzah

    Can also be used for all factions so good for alt. characters. I like getting value for money.
  11. Joram

    General use, Pulsar LSW, long range Flare, short range Orion.
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  12. Izriul

    I got the polaris and think I used it for 3-4 minutes, chucked it away and then went and tested it in the VR fully certed...what a shock to the difference it made, usually things like compensators and grips don't effect VS weapons as much as TR's and not even close to the amount NC ones gain, but this weapon had a whole different feel to it.

    You heard it here first! Not that I think you'd thank me if everyone started using it :p
  13. Izriul

    yeah, took me a while to warm to it unlike the NS11-A which was love at first sight, but it just snapped and went from meh to looooooove it after a little play time.
  14. Jrv

    Only people that say the Gauss Saw is the best LMG are VS/TR on forumside with an agenda. The EM6 outclasses the Gauss Saw pretty significantly. I seriously don't see how you can claim that the Gauss Saw, which has no close range viability whatsoever, is the best LMG. It's the best LMG at long range, sure, but that hardly warrants it as the best in the game.
  15. Madmojo

    Everyone plays different. So, whatever fits your niche is the best choice. My personal favorites are Orion (and Solstice SF for LA and Engi). Numerous times my Orion has won against 2 opponents firing at me. No other gun switches to next target so effortlessly. You don't get every attachment but it really doesn't need it. I never hipfire, so I'm only speaking from ADS experience. My second choice would be LSW.
  16. MilitiaMan

    Love my SVA-88.

    HV Ammo, Laser, 2x scope/NV, compensator. Change out the laser for For grip if your targets are going to be down range more.

    I tried them all, I still love it the most. I get some sick kill streaks with it.
  17. Zv1deX

    I use Vanu heavy quite a bit. The only guns I would recommend are:

    Pulsar LSW - really goof for cert cost -- I think a much better all around gun then Orion. The COF on the Orion makes me gag, its shaky and unpredictable. Pulsar recoil and COF is extremely predictable, and thats what I enjoy about it.

    Ursa - I do not own this gun, and have only used it for maybe half an hour total, but I love its range. The COF on range is outstanding, and easily best range LMG for Vanu. I however, think the hipfire COF is unpredictable and unfavorable.

    Unfortunately, I think our best all around LMG is the NS-15. I say unfortunately cause all factions posses this gun. It is very hard hitting compared to the rest. Its hipefire is amazing unaided, and with a grip it is very manageable at range.

    All in all, I think Vanu has the weakest LMG of all three factions. I personally think the MSW-R is the strongest LMG in the game. It absolutely dominates in the medium-long game, and is very learnable COF and recoil in the close quarters game. Guass Saw hits hard, but I dont love its hip fire COF.

    I do however, think Vanu have the strongest rifles and carbines. Put an advanced laser on either the VX6-7 or HV-45 and hipfire away.
  18. Obscura

    Get the ursa or the flare if you're looking for a lower RoF higher damage LMG
  19. Fned

    I think I'm like the only person in PS2 running the Polaris...
  20. DeltaGun

    SVA-88. Good for long range and close range (as far as LMGs go)...

    The Orion has too small magazine and even has less total ammo, which is supremely annoying. The Flare is just a weaker version of the TMG-50 and EM6, so it's a little emasculating to use.

    I stick by the SVA-88.