Best TR Sniper Rifle atm

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Allisrem, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Allisrem

  2. SpruceMoose

    the trap
    is a trap
  3. OldMaster80


    It depends on your style. I play more like as assault soldier so I really enjoy the Trap and the KSR.
  4. MrWolf3

    I would say the SR-7-Its a good combo of reload speed, bolt speed, and distance/accuracy(But I love the M77-B too)
  5. Allisrem

    SR-7 in the vr feels like the rams .50m to me... o_O what's actually the difference?
  6. breeje

    it depends on your play style
    i like the tsar and a other sniper can completely hate it
    ram = less bullet drop, slower reload, more damage
    SR-7 = more bullet drop, faster reload, less damage
    you can compare them in the weapon layout of your character
    both rifles are for long range sniping
  7. MrWolf3

    On my NC main I run Longshot both for cqc and longer range sniping I like the velocity and lack of bullet drop. On my TR main I run m77-b mainly cause i am lazy and dont want to buy a different one but also it is a very fun sniper. There really is no "best" they are all a mix of different styles. you can find me on emerald at dawolfman369.
  8. MajiinBuu

    I'd say the RAMS 50, since I'm in love with the Parallax (VS equivalent to RAMS 50).
    The extreme velocity allows for easy leading and headshots. With the lower teir sniper rifles you have to aim several centimeters above your target to adjust for drop, with the RAMS 50 you simply aim directly at or slightly above the head. Even with a suppressor it is fairly easy to compensate.
  9. Booface


    Rams .50, Parallax, Longshot (TR, VS, NC) for long range.

    TSAR, SAS-R, Ghost (TR, VS, NC) for short.

    Mid range is either of those with an appropriate scope.
  10. Mustarde

    Best? Probably elusive. I'm getting rusty
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  11. Goldmonk

    I love my RAMS. Gave it a 12X scope and the straight pull bolt. I love it!
  12. DatVanuMan

    Do the TR have a FazeShift?
    Didn't think so:p
  13. Joexer

    I have bullet drop on the tsar dialed so I use it for all ranges with a 4x sight. I tried the rams and i would overcompensate. Find what your used to/like in a BASR and roll with it. I prefer fast reload and refire time. I really dont mind bullet drop. Its moving targets that will sap your effectiveness but Ive gotten used to it. Plus the fire rate and reload really can save in cqc.
  14. ahandyman

    I'm probably gonna get slapped for this, but
    I <3 the 99SV.
    Like, to death. Probably my favorite gun in the game right now.
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  15. I play by many names

    I have rax'd the ram, the 77 and I am about 200 kills from raxing the SR-7. I hate it. I would much rather have the 77 or the ram. I doubt I will ever touch the sr-7 again once I rax it.
  16. Nerazim

    My quest for the Bighorn.50 taught me some things.

    99SV Great for killing 2+ guys at medium range. At long range, you just keep shooting until you get them. Double headshot is easy to land on a stationary target for that "insta kill". It's decent even if your aim isn't that great because it's spammable. It's difficult to use up close, but possible. Default scope on this is best scope. Whack a grip on it and it's good to go.

    KSR-35 Identical to the 99 except for scope options. I used this either with the 4x TMS or 2x Reflex/Suppressor. Forward grip always. Very nasty weapon in the right hands. It's perfect for squad support or harvesting kills from "just outside of close quarters". No scope sway, this thing is a scout rifle that counts as a sniper rifle.

    RAMS.50 This is your go to long range weapon. Great for counter sniping, open field farming, sniping from vantage point, taking out mana turret users. Long reload is annoying, you'll miss opportunities sometimes. Bodyshot+Sidearm can save you in a pinch if you got the quickscope skills and someone gets too close.

    M77-B A budget RAMS.50, nothing wrong with this weapon. You'll need to learn to account for bullet drop and lead your targets more, making this arguably more fun to use. Very satisfying to scope headshots with this, and the faster reload time will give you more opportunities. In hands of a "perfect" player, this is probably a better weapon than the RAMS.

    TSAR-42 The most fun of them all, in my opinion. Whack a 4x scope on this and enjoy sniping with no scope sway. This thing is frighteningly effective at closer ranges (can "insta kill" in a head on duel situation! Use battle hardened). Will do the job at long range too, but you'll miss the magnification of the other rifles if you push it too much.

    Every single one of the rifles I tried out had it's own niche and play style, and they were all very fun to explore.

    The Bighorn is pretty much identical to the RAMS with an extra 30ms bullet velocity. I think it's hip fire is slightly worse and it reveals you on the minimap from further away. I love it though.

    I don't think there is a "best" TR sniper rifle. RAMS for long range, KSR-35 for close range, and the others fall somewhere in the middle. It depends entirely on the fight. If I had to pick, I'd say the TSAR-42 was the best all round weapon.
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  17. QuantumSerpent

    I haven't used all of them, but between the TSAR-42, the M77-B, the 99SV and the RAMS .50M, definitely the RAMS. That velocity is just... amazing. The M77 feels more or less like a cheaper, weaker RAMS to me.

    For context, though, I would never use a sniper rifle for close-range. In my view, if you're not going to use it for long-range, single-headshot kills, don't use it. So that means all I care about is velocity and damage, making the RAMS the obvious choice. (I mean... you can just put the crosshair straight over their face out to 180m or more... how the hell is that not the best?)
  18. Goldmonk

    Nothing wrong with that. It's whatever gun you feel most comfortable with.
  19. Thaorn

    I personnally run with:
    Close range : KSR-35
    Mid Range : TSAR-42
    Long Range : SR-7

    RAMS .50 is way too slow for me and it's a big no.

    I'm actually running with the auraxium one, Bighorn .50, and it's a mix between RAMS .50 and SR-7, and is my goto weapon for long range atm.
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  20. tornflags

    SR-7. Better velocity that m77, without the stupid 6 seconds reload penalty. Although, TSAR-42 is slowly becoming my favorite weapon.