Best TR shotgun for quick kills?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Village, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Village

    Before i start spending money, which shotgun out of the available ones do you consider the best for Terrain republic? I want one that will quickly kill a player assuming all shots hit and enough rounds left over to kill another before requiring a reload. Haymaker?
  2. SideOfBeef

    Click on the unlock button for each, and you'll be given the option to trial them for 30 minutes.

    Also, Shotguns are 1-2 hit kills at close range depending on your target, with TTK shorter than most people's network response times. As far as the person you're shooting is concerned, they all have instantaneous TTK. You'll probably want to look at other stats to make your choice.
  3. Tenzek

    Go for clip size.
  4. MarlboroMan-E

    Personal preference ... Barrage over Nighthawk (or whatever.) Haven't tried haymaker.
  5. Village

    Just tried the Barrage, it does nice damage will easily dispatch someone in close quarters with 1-2 shots, the reload is fast but 6 rounds to a clip really hurts and extended magazine would really help it. Have yet to try the Haymaker but Briggs server is having major issues so cannot test it yet. Having 8 rounds per mag would help considerably i would say.

    Does anyone know if aiming down the sights tightens the pellet spread also?
  6. Flukeman62

    tip: shoot knife shoot knife
    1 shell takes down shields knife kills
  7. DrTeeth

    The Nighthawk has the highest dps, slowest reload.

    The Haymaker has about 10% lower dps but 2 more rounds per magazine and .6 sec faster reload.

    The Barrage has about 25% lower dps but has 1.5 sec faster reload.

    I'd go for Haymaker overall, assuming the attachments are the same for each weapon (I haven't checked, but extended mag is a must have for any shotgun).
  8. Bandicoot

    I like the haymaker.
  9. Witchkrapht

    I bought the Nighthawk and am having a blast with it! Automatic Shotgun w/Ext. Mag (10 rounds)'s fun to come around a corner and start blasting!