Best shotgun?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Dead soldier, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Dead soldier

    I want an all round good shotgun, pump, semi-auto or auto. I just want one to be able to actually have something good in CQ fights. Of course, I'm Vanu. Please son't troll and plz actually give a good answer.

    I might get the Thantos or the phobos. I don't really like the Diemos though.
  2. Giggily

    I'm pretty sure all of the VS shotguns are actually hit scan and also blow up tanks in a single shot so you should just use any of them in my opinion.

    But really, get the second pump or the auto shotgun.
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  3. Chiss

    Use the automatic shotgun, its the best. Pumps are for losers.
  4. }{ellKnight

    The Phobos.
  5. zedfonsie

    Nova, it's the 8 round semi-automatic shotgun and in my opinion it's the best. The pump actions are just too BS for me, and the automatic shotguns shoot too fast and waste ammo, and is also BS.
  6. Shinrah

    There´s no best. All shotguns are very capable of quickly killing anything in CQC.

    The PA´s:
    They have the smallest clips, the worst effective range and lowest firerate. They also have the best stopping Power, and if you don´t go in all guns blazing but make your shots count they are devastating. Missing 1 or 2 shots will get you killed. Best used for LA´s imho. If you can accurately hit all shots in CQC you can easily dispatch multiple targets --this is especially true if you´re LA and get the jump on your targets.

    Pretty much as devastating as the PA´s, allows you to miss some shots without getting punished as hard, thanks to an outstanding firerate. Waste´s the little ammo you have fast. Works semi decent with Slug´s, overall it´s probably the easiest to use Shotgun. Only way to really lose in CQC with it is to meet a PA user that hits his first shot before you can respond.

    If you want a semi auto I suggest the Nova, it has no quantifyable disadvantage to its peer the Thanatos, while having a bigger clip. Works decent as a medium range SlugSniper, and can dispatch targets in CQC effectively, 12 shots per clip with extended mag. Less stopping power than PA´s or Autoshotguns, usually requires at least 2 shots to kill -- this gives your opponent enough opportunity to kill you first, especially if you miss some shots.

    If you know you can accurately hit take a PA, if you want some more room for error take the Autoshotgun.
  7. S0LAR15!/5428013610391601489/weapons

    AS you can see, I've got 3/5 Auraxium and the second pump is on it's way nicely.

    The nova is the worst.

    It has worse spread for a larger mag, this is a VERY bad trade off.

    The pandora is good for the highest DPS, i.e if you want to enter a room and hold the trigger down vs a MAX or a *perfect* clump of enemies.


    It is also pretty fail tbh, and I've got a boat load of kills with it, and I haven't used it in months. The truth is once you're good with it you only fire semi auto with it, rendering the full auto somewhat useless.

    This brings you the Thanatos with extended clip, or the pumps.

    It's between Thanatos and Phobos for me, the Deimos is nice but probably not the optimum shotgun statwise compared to the Phobos. The Phobos and Deimos can OHK, but if you miss a shot you'll probably die given it's much slower refire rate. The Deimos more reliably OHKs things at slightly further out. The Thanatos fires much faster and is in this regard much more forgiving on less experienced shotgunners. Both are probably equal in terms of room clearing potential vs multiple enemies, that comes down to your bunny hopping/boba fett jumping skill.

    so tl;dr (I hope you did read it or you fail):
    1. Thanatos
    2. Phobos
    3. Deimos
    4. Pandora
    5. Nova.

    Also, ignore the above about pumps having the worst effective range, all shotgun pellets have no drop off, it becomes a factor of pellet count (the pumps have the highest), pellet spread (which the pumps have the best or second best spread), AND RoF to kill someone at longer range. Since the pumps have a lower RoF that equalises their ability to kill things at 20 - 30 m relative to the other shotguns which fire faster, although firing less pellets per shot.

    Also the Nova DOES have a worse spread compared to the Thanatos AND a longer reload for 2 more shells, which is massively off set by the Thanatos extended clip (+ 4 shells), and the reload time is the major factor in shotgun use if you get good, i.e you actually get to reload because you've killed 3 to 5 guys already. Avoid the Nova if you have any analytical capacity, if you're an BA kinda guy then take it "bond" with the bloody thing but thats all its going to offer you over the other shotguns.

    Also never use a laser, they stealth introduced laser sights being useable for one patch, with the laser actually to reducing the pellet spread, however they stealth removed it with the introduction of the Deimos/second pump action. Now the laser does nothing again, but reduce the tiny bloom per shot or w/e the second laser effect is.
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  8. MarlboroMan-E

    The best shotgun? The one in the hands of a dead VS.
  9. Llaf

    Pumps are for baddies, if you must join the horde of shotgun spammers, take the automatic. I've used mine extensively and never had anything bad to say about it, although now I really only use it to put down pump-action noobs.

    Also, a couple tips if you take the automatic

    CQB - within 10 meters -
    - Default ammo
    - Extended mags
    - 1x optics or NV if you like it that way

    With the automatic it takes 2-3 shots to kill most, 4-5 for heavies depending on nanoweave rank and shield, 1-2 for headshots(again, depends on nanoweave rank)

    Ranged - 50 meters +(battle rifle mode)
    - Slugs
    - Long range optics of your preference
    - Extended mags

    With the automatic it takes 3 shots to kill, 4 for heavies w/ shield, 2 shots for a headshot kill. Slugs have a lot of drop and are slow, takes some getting used to, but once you get it, its devastating. Also if you use this setup with the automatic be very careful in CQB, you can still win but your CoF is screwy and if you miss you die, and when firing from range don't fire full auto.
  10. Wintermaulz

    Best shotgun? Air hammer
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  11. Sturmwaffles


    Nova, no doubt. Great in CQC, and you don't have to be one of...those people.


    Note: they really are effective battle rifles for Vanu, make sure to get use out of that. It is really fun taking out infils at great range, it's a fantastic gun. Yes, the Pandora and others can do very similar things...but you don't have to be one of those people.


  12. LowTechKiller

    The pre-nerf Phobos.

    2 reasons...
    It has killed me a lot more than the TR's Uppercut (or any other VS shotgun),
    It's named after the son of the Greek god of war, Ares (but then again, so is the Deimos). case you were wondering...
    Thánatos was the daemon personification of death. He is a son of Nyx (Night) and Erebos (Darkness) and twin of Hypnos (Sleep).
  13. Flaeb

    As a TR who plays in CQC very often, I get killed by the Nova the most. Hope that helps.
  14. The King

    Nova then the Phobos..
    Or Phobos then the Nova.

    Both are great.
    Do not listen to the guy who said the Nova sucks... He obviously doesn't know what he's talking about, even though he typed out or copied a bunch of shiz.
  15. Dead soldier

    I heard that the Nova has a piss poor reload. I think I'll go with the Thantos because i don't want to one shot my teamates especially if I'm medic. Plus they are SO BS
  16. Eclipson

    Auto Shotgun.
  17. Zaik

    first pump is king atm. that'd be the Phobos/Uppercut/Claw
  18. FoeAngel

    Start with a semi auto, it'll help with control on the automatics when you Auraxiam and move on
  19. Syphers

  20. pada0

    Nova is good in CQC as it is.

    But the Nova shines with slugs, HS/NV and extended mag away from CQC range. I got the auraxium medal with the Nova on this setup.

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