Best shotgun to have?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by icufos, May 20, 2019.

  1. icufos

    I bought all the guns except the shotguns.

    Would like to get some.

    I'm TS btw.:mad:

    Have one shotgun and it seems completely underpowered.
    Is this my rubbish skills or are they generally underpowered?

    The stats look fine for them but I do very poorly using the one I've got.

    Yes, there are guides and wotnot. But I want some personal experience stories and maybe some tricks to use.

    Advice would be appreciated from some pro killers outthere.;)[IMG]
  2. VeryCoolMiller

    buy the nightthing one... is the full auto for tr... and is the only decent for normal user.

    Shotgun used to be OP and have been ultranerfed after some complains. Stay away from pump action shotgun... they have the range of a melee weapon...
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  3. TRspy007

    Full auto shotguns are probably the most new user friendly as they are more flexible, usually just walk into a room and clear 5-6 guys before they even have time to react.

    Otherwise pump actions are really good also, I'd go with the ones with shortest refire time (uppercut, phobos, claw) as sometimes one shot may not be enough to kill someone with overshield or since pellet spread is random some shots will be more accurate than others, and these shotguns will allow you to save the day with the second shot against poor players. For pump actions, make sure you are as close as possible to the target before shooting, they are extremely unforgiving. I recommend using sensor shield implant to mask your movements to a certain extent.

    Pistol with suppressor (or smg if you have ASP) such as emissary or repeater will work well with shotguns, it is often easier to finish off targets with a pistol if your first shot fails to kill them.

    The best way to use shotguns is on a light assault with ambusher jets, (safe fall implant s required) and then for the second implant (sensor shield, nightmare, aerial combatant, vampire) basically experiment with the second implant to see what matches your playstyle best.

    When going for attachments, make sure you have a nice flashy camo on it, also use1x reflex, and extended mags for any shotgun type. STAY AWAY FROM SLUGS, ESPECIALLY ON PUMP ACTIONS, SLUGS DEFEAT THE PURPOSE OF SHOTGUNS.

    Another pro tip, try to ads when you can, it will limit your pellet spread to make your shotgun more accurate, its less important with full auto, but definitely useful to do when using pumps.

    Finally, have fun, try to ambush in and out of rooms, nade, c4 and then shotguns to finish off people is a good combo. I got the most rage tells doings this, don't bother engaging targets at range unless u have a pistol (like the blackhand) to do so.
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  4. Campagne

    Full-auto shotguns, no question.

    Only pump-actions can kill faster with their OHK, but they often fail to do so. Auto-shotguns just rip and tear through the enemy.
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  5. Demigan

    And so, bullcrap is formed.

    Auto shotguns are the least capable of clearing a room, they are excellent 1v1 weapons if you can get close, but can often struggle to kill a second person with one clip due to the amount of overkill and wasted shots before you sto firing.

    Shotguns have few advantages. Their most attractive feature is basically the amount of damage per magazine they carry, which is much higher than most non-LMG weapons. Otherwise they struggle to out-DPS most weapons unless you hit 100% of all your pellets within +/-6m distance and shotguns also suffer from double randomness (COF and pelletspread) and high damage degredation.
    Shotguns, similar to SMG's, are primarily designed for hipfire. If you are at a distance where ADS'ing will help you, you are too far from your opponent. There are very few situations where ADS'ing is useful with shotguns so dont do it.
    Many people who dont use shotguns will also suggest using ambusher jumpjets. I have yet to see an ambusher shotgun user (or C4 user) who benefitted more from his ambusher jumpjet than it ruined his COF before landing and allowed the enemy time to blow his brains out. Stick to the regular or drifter jets so that you can traverse terrain and land in the middle of the enemy from an unexpected position, rather than use ambushers to launch at an enemy who has already seen you (irony here is that ambushers are the least used jumpjets for ambushes).

    Auto shotgun is as said the easiest to use for newbs, but best for fighting in lower populations such as the edges of a base where you can kill someone and reload before fighting the next.

    Pump-actions require more skill and can be frustrating as some RNG can ruin a seemingly perfect shot and allow your enemy to escape or retaliate. With skill they are wonderful weapons, capable of murdering multiple enemies quickly, and because you reload bullets one at a time you are quickly ready for another shot.
    Just realize that this is like a close range sniper. You need picture-perfect aim on the enemy torso when pulling the trigger and you need to be in spitting distance of your enemy.

    Semi-auto's are either the best of both worlds or the worst. They have the most ammo per magazine, and can truly clear a room in one go... Assuming you live long enough because rhe enemy is busy. They are the most consistent and allow for extended engagements so you are less caught reloading. Problem is that it again requires picture-perfect aim. Aside from the auto shotgun none of the shotguns are easy-mode "spray in general area and you get kills" weapons.

    The Baron is an odd duck. I think its the worst shotgun of them all, sacrificing damage per magazine and damage per shot for accuracy, meaning it sacrifices all the reasons you want to pick a shotgun for sub-par abilities of "normal" weapons. The fact that it has a small magazine and ia tube-fed instead of magazine-fed mean you'll be caught reloading almost as you step out of the spawnroom.
    Still, most of the people will swear by this shotgun, which only goes to show how aweful the advantages of shotguns really are. And yet people still complain about shotguns being OP...
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  6. TRspy007

    *People with skill are able to clear rooms using these, my bad
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  7. Demigan

    Funny joke. I score better with auto shotguns than you (assuming the character with the same name is you). I also acore above average, so your solidly bad remark does not apply.

    It has a maximum of 10 shells per magazine and 750 damage per volley maximum, meaning at best ignoring headshots you can score a 2 hit kill and kill 5 people in one magazine. But you would do it with a weapon that has worse recoil, worse damage degradation and worse pelletspread than its semi-auto counterparts.

    So with you average of 9.8 shots per kill and 4 hits per kill, you are full of it.
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  8. Eternaloptimist

    I am certainly not a heavy shotgun user or an expert but I like the default semi auto for "crowd control" (thinking of getting the semi auto with the bigger mag) and the Baron for slightly longer range ADS and for "pop-up" shots with tighter hipfire spread when guys appear momentarily - like LAs hopping over balconies.
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  9. Badman76

    Personally, I like to put a x3.4 scope and slug on my Pump shotty and quickscope headshot people. Very fun.
    Auto shotty are great with ambusher jetpack and aerial combatant implant. Again very fun
    Semi auto shotties are probably the most reliable shotgun tbh.
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  10. vonRichtschuetz

    My experience:
    Pump Action: 1shot if all pellets hit, needs relatively precise positioning and aim compared to the others.
    Semi-Auto: Usually need 2 shots, better than Pump Action if you need more than 1 shot anyway.
    Full Auto: Kill reliable by holding down the trigger, feel like magazine is always too small. Hard to get used to the others after this.

    Also there are differences in reloading. For example the Barrage (Semi-Auto, TR default) reloads whole magazines, while the Baron (Semi-Auto, NS) reloads one shell after another.
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  11. Pacster3

    Stay away from pump-action. Way too unreliable or you can as well knife the target. On arm distance you got one shot to kill the target cause you will be dead before you can shoot twice. On a bit longer distances you got 2-3 shots but you will most likely need at least 2...but often 4 shots due to pellet spread.
    If you kill the target in one shot it feels like cheating cause the target never had a chance...and if you die you always have the feeling that you just gambled and lost cause the pellet RNG is really crap. Anything that throws your aim off...bad fps, lag...whatever...and you are toast. Reload times are darn long on top of that. Currently trying to auraxium my 5th shotgun(and so I only have pump-actions left to choose from), halfway through and hating every minute of it.

    Auto or semi-auto are all fine. Semi-auto(especially Baron) got some range. Auto is the room cleaner. RNG etc. is not THAT much of a problem cause you can make up for that by actually having way more shots before the enemy gets you.
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  12. icufos

    Great help/tips.

    I'm in for the long haul and will get all the guns eventually..

    I'm using the 'nighthawk' every now and then when required. Very Satisfying.:D
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  13. TRspy007

    Really? I enjoyed playing with pump actions also, though you need higher fps to be effective. I felt like the 1 sk is extremely satisfying. I auraxed all the shotguns, gotta say that semi auto were my least favorite

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