Best server to play as non-VS on? Need recommendation.

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  1. Redzy

    So as the time passes and my VS character keeps levelling up fairly quickly and my experience becomes rather repetitive (partly due to server imbalance issues, partly due to directionless gameplay but mostly due to boredom), I keep considering making a TR or NC character and playing on it regularly for a change. I used to have a TR on Woodman, but then I deleted it due to the apparent lack of organization. I currently have a TR on Mattherson, but I mainly play there with a friend of mine and I know VS absolutely destroys during prime time.

    So here I am wondering: what is the best server to play as either TR or NC on? Bearing in mind I play as VS on Miller and I would much rather try other factions elsewhere if I am to be dedicated (with much due respect to the excellent Miller TR and NC outfits). I'm not interested in steamrolling, not interested in being an active part of imbalance and population issues. I am interested in a server where either NC or TR can keep up a good fight against at least one of the other two factions and has a decent success rate due to a good level of organization of outfits in the server.

    Can anybody from another server give me recommendations? I am an EU player and would prefer an EU server for reasons connected to prime time play, but as the post time suggests, my schedule sometimes allows me to stay up late. However, that's not a guarantee.

    I apologize if I made this in the wrong section.
  2. Blarg20011

    I dunno, Connery is pretty balanced, some great outfits too.
  3. ThePowerofLava

    Waterson has some pretty skilled NC on it, and although the TR have some overpop there during primetime alerts, it isn't nearly as bad as Mattherson VS.

    I don't know much about EU servers, other than there is almost as many complaint threads about them as there are about Mattherson.

    Other than that, I really don't know. I guess the best thing to do is to try a server, and if you don't like it after a couple of days, delete the character and start on another server until you find one you like.
  4. Swoo

    I wouldn't recommend Waterson to anyone looking to play NC. Having an alt there, that could be the worst collection of NC Planetside can call it's own. Unless the Euro's are on, NC usually has the numbers, and either tunnel-visions or just flat-out shoots itself in the foot time and time again allowing TR to roll to a win, or grind TR to a second place finish letting Vanu mop up with very little resistance.

    NC has the numbers there but none of the coordination to constantly be a factor.
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  5. Redzy

    Those are some contrasting opinions..

    But anyway, I tried many servers and apparently playing just a few days doesn't really allow me to make the right judgement. So I'm resorting to asking people what server they believe is the most balanced.

    Connery could constitute a problem when it comes to prime time play. Although I'll check it out.

    I would make characters on Miller because I am cool with many NC and TR players, but the balance problem there kind of spoils the fun on both ends, to the point we have TR people asking for the character lock to be implemented and noting the 4th faction problem. I want to get out of that, if possible.
  6. Swoo

    I may have been overly harsh, but I've seen a lot of noise lately about NC Waterson and people are not going to go into the situation that's being described to them. They have some good players, they have some great players who can kick my a, and it's not like every Outfit is a lame duck (they have some damn solid ones), but they just don't have the cohesion that you would expect and it really screws them and their players and leads to a lot of grumbling and quitting from newer NC.

    Take Waterson's TR and VS. The VS used to coordinate together the best because they were so outnumbered they had to be all on the same page to compete. With the influx of the recommended newbies, and the transfers, they don't seem to be at the level they used to be but they are still damn good at not stepping on each others toes and finding a common point to go blow the s out of. Coupled with the fact the NC and TR are constantly going at each other, the Vanu have become very adept at stealing areas when nobody is looking or can't get away from the grind and taking the alert with very little actual fighting needed, and are very quick at swapping points to defend their stuff in the late-game if needed. The TR coordinate multiple attacks, and singular gigantic waves, incredibly well. Many people hate on the TR Zerg, but it says something when every single outfit participating in an alert can group up and both gal drop and infantry rush an objective at the same time. They've taken Amp Stations and Bio Domes in no time at all that were under heavy guard and made it look easy.

    I just haven't seen that from Waterson NC with the consistency of the other two, but I hope I will.
  7. Redzy

    Thanks for all the information as I'm interested in knowing about the other servers. It seems I should give Waterson a go for my TR character, especially if they have organized and tactical outfits.
  8. LowTechKiller

    LOTS more targets to shoot at.
    More people playing TR or NC means less playing VS.