Best secondary to use with shotgun?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Maxence822, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Maxence822

    Well although I do have a rank 7 TR character, I do not really see myself grinding to get him to the same lvl as my rank 48 NC guy so I';ll stick with the desperado but thanks for the input!!!
  2. Leivve

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  3. Maxence822

    Lol yes I know I do regret not being TR sometimes (only sometimes though :p )
  4. Demigan

    Ooh, I use Drifters pretty much constantly now. You can climb much steeper hills much faster than with normal Jumpjets if it takes more than 1 rest in between getting to the top. It's also perfect for getting into position without ever having to get on the ground. Amerish, Hossin and Indar have many rock outcrops and tree's that allow you to get above the ground, with drifters you can then stay off the ground. Just today I climbed a rock, then drifted high above the battlefield where no-one could see right into the antenna of the base, where I proceeded to shoot people from there. Then I C4red two groups in one flight that I wouldn't even have been able to reach with normal Jumpjets, and then I flew back to my antenna and got back on top without ever getting anywhere near their view.

    Or, you know, you fly from Red ridge to Tawrich and that kind of stuff. It's the perfect surprise tool now, the only downside that it had, not being able to gain height without proper terrain, is now gone. Sure it's not fast and for some lightning climbs to buildings etc you are with your pants down, but at the same time you can do so much more attacks than before. Circle around a plateau, get on top, fire a few rounds, then fall off. While the enemy is looking for you downstairs, you've gone 50m further and pop up there to shoot them.
    It's also fun when you drop off a ledge and people come looking for you. Just keep just below the ledge until they look down, they expect someone down below, but get to see right into your barrel. At that range you can fire away and still win the battle despite your horrid COF, simply because you've got the surprise on your hands.
    Yesterday I saw a group of enemies I couldn't possibly surprise on my height... until I just did a vertical jet until it was halfway empty, then flew straight for them. Without a proper perch nearby I could just get high enough to escape (most peoples) notice, then C4 a bunch or just land in their middle with a shotgun.

    The only downside to it is it's slow vertical climb. It's got everything else going for it: long fuel capacity, quick recharge, fast horizontal speed, can climb higher on one fuel bar than the other two, great for traversing rough terrain, just go to a slightly higher incline and start drifting forwards from there, you can ignore all the terrain beneath you and unlike the other two jumpjets you don't loose speed while using the jet to get over the terrain. Capability of creating "perch" simply by hovering up to a corner in a building and sticking there until an enemy passes, flying next to bridges or terrain so you can avoid detection and possibly C4 people below or pop up for people on top... The applications are almost limitless!
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  5. Iridar51

    I regularly do all of it with standard Jump Jets. Pay almost all of the vertical climb to get double aerial time and faster recharge is not a worthwhile trade, in my opinion.
  6. Maxence822

    Well I can say I really do love the drifter plus shotgun combo :p I tried out the Icarus jumps and they seem to be more of a screw-around/super fun jet type.
    I think I may take a break from Planetside 2 for the next few updates, I don't know, I'm starting to get a bit bored... Anyone have any suggestions of new things to try out?
  7. 00000000000000000000

    Two thoughts for me.

    A) Go for something to counteract your close range. Main problem is even with the Commissioner (best ranged pistol) its effective range is still under 50 meters, at which point you may as well be getting closer to use the shotgun.


    B) Go for something spammable when you are out of ammo. Shotguns only have 6 rounds (10 with extra magazine) and when you run out you don't want to be reloading, a good secondary can help you put down the guy who took half your pellets but didn't go down.

    but thats just like, my opinion man.
  8. Runegrace

    What's new stuff depends entirely on you. Maybe there's a class you don't play much, a vehicle you don't really use, etc. There's a very broad depth of stuff to do in PS2, limited usually by how willing you are to invest certs in what may be a gimmicky build. Some people start tricking out their ESF, others may get really good at knife hunting and using cloaked flashes. Pick a challenge and see about conquering it. You weren't familiar with the pistols, right? Could try a pistol-primary challenge. I think Klypto ran around with that like it was a primary just to entertain himself. Depends on what's new for you, and how much you want to challenge yourself.
  9. Lucidius134

    I Remember getting in a fight w/ a really good LA in a very small isolated fight once. You could tell they were trying to aruax the rebel b/c it's all they would use and they were very good with it. Mostly head shots.

    Not saying it's op or anything, just that was a really fun memorable fight and when in the right hands it was pretty scary lol.

    Off topic, but I don't really have much to contribute since Iridar posted and has guides on how to play LA, as well as posted in regards to OP.
  10. Bloodwod

    Crossbow + Recon darts can be helpful as secondary. This way you can scout a tricky approach before committing.
  11. venteron123

    comissioner with x1 sight just incase you fall just a bit long, i play vs, spamming beamer is rediculously acurrate and is a headshot machine, if you dont have comy