Best secondary to use with shotgun?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Maxence822, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Maxence822

    Hello everyone!
    I'm looking for a secondary to go well with a close-range shotgun, and also I was wondering what shotgun is good for what, should I use semi-auto, full-auto or pump action???????????? I could not really find any good info on this. Or should I maybe just try to auraxium enough carbines to get the auraxium variant of the carbines? Or what do I do???? I have not really used shotguns enough to say whether I'm good at them or not although I did trial them, my trial with the claw I got 8 kills in a row and with the piston I got 9 but it seemed to be quite situational. Should I maybe wait for the Backhand pistol to use as a viable sidearm??
    Please help!
  2. Onhil

    A sidearm that is good at longer ranges is something you usually want to have with a loadout with a shotgun. Meaning that the Comissioner and the Backhand (when it comes out) will be great choices to use.

    Overall the shotgun you get for free is pretty good so you should use that one first.

    Personally I only use pumps in tower fights as they are a only cqc style weapon and uselss at ranges further than 8 m.

    The problem with the full auto shotguns is that you will for the most part use an entire magasine to down someone even with slugs and extended mag.
  3. Iridar51

    Doesn't really matter which pistol to use.

    Sidearms are not important for "enemy too far for my shotgun" situations. If target is too far, it's better to:
    • close the distance yourself
    • bait the enemy into closing distance
    • run away

    Depending on the situation. Sidearms are not great at range, especially when going against primaries.
    Shotguns can take out several enemies before reloading, so sidearm is not important as a backup weapon either.

    Use default pistol, or use any other pistol. Doesn't matter. Get Rebel or Commissioner if you're eager to spend money/certs, but they won't do anything for you that Mag Shot can't. Same goes for shotguns. New ones won't give you anything the default one doesn't already.

    "Which shotgun good for what" - all shotguns are good for one thing and one thing only - taking out enemies at extremely close range. Differences between them are minuscule. The only important one is ease of use. Full auto is the easiest to use, pump actions are the hardest, semi auto are in between.

    Both pump actions are so similar to each other that if they didn't have different models, nobody would be able to tell them apart.
    Same goes for both semi-auto shotguns.
    Baron has tightest spread, meaning it has about 1-2m more of effective range at the cost of many downsides.

    You're suffering from the condition known as "must-get-new-gear-to-be-strong-itus". Well gear doesn't work that way in PS2, not in this case.
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  4. Iridar51

    I wish people would stop saying Commissioner is good at range, because it isn't. It requires 4 shots to kill a no-nanoweave target at 25m+, and a full nano target at 14m+. Not even talking about HA overshield.

    Commissioner degrades from 450 damage up to 8m to 225 damage at 42m already. That's a lot of damage degradation.

    Same is true for Black Hand. At 29m+ it will take 5 rounds to kill a full nano target without headshots, while the gun only holds four. Incredibly underpowered.

    If one would really want a ranged sidearm, Rebel is the best bet, but don't kid yourself about the chances of actually killing someone with it without massive surprise advantage and some headshots with the first shots.
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  5. Maxence822

    Ya the commish really sucks at range, I was trying to pair it with a SMG a few weeks ago and putting a 2x scope on it and it was so bad I immediately grabbed my crossbow again :p
  6. Maxence822

    From what I understand the blackhand will be almost exactly like the commish except different look and 4x scope? That sounds like it would suck quite a lot especially with 4 bullets per mag...
  7. _itg

    Well, the Black Hand is going to have much better damage dropoff, reaching its minimum at 125m. It is pretty much intended to be a pocket sniper rifle, relying on headshots to get quick kills at range. I wouldn't expect anyone but stalker infiltrators and maybe perching light-assaults to want to use it.
  8. Maxence822

    So I think my loadout will eventually be drifter jump jets (I tried them, they're so cool for moving around with the shotguns!), pump action shotgun with special ammo (forget the name at the moment) to use on special occasions, black hand pistol (once it comes out and is good) or crossbow (if the black hand is bad), smoke grenades (to cover my approach with the shotgun), grenade belt (to get more grenades) and there you go! :)
  9. Maxence822

    what do you guys think about all that?
  10. Iridar51

    Frankly, I think you intend on grabbing a lot of situational gear only a very experienced player would be able to take advantage of.

    Black Hand, as Crossbow, pretty much leaves you without a fall-back weapon, while not being terribly effective at its intended role. If it gets released without changes, it will be a waste of certs.

    Smoke Grenades are not worth sacrificing suit slot for them. As a rule, you shouldn't use smoke grenades to "cover your approach". You're LA, flank. Frontal assault is always a bad idea. Only do it if it's the only option. Smokes are better thrown into a clump of enemies or into a guarded doorway, so you can enter the building a bit safer, and shoot people inside.

    Drifters are pointless, they don't do anything that regular Jump Jets don't, except for aerial time that you don't need.
  11. Maxence822

    Well what would you reccomend then? I wanted to try something completely different with my LA so I thought that particular loadout would suit my needs. And the changes to the drifter jump jets are amazing, although they are a little slow to rise up but offer really fast speed when entering a room or something to take enemies completely by surprise.
  12. Maxence822

    Could you please give me a specific loadout to use with either a pump action or a semi-auto shotgun?
  13. Iridar51

    Decide what you want from your loadout. If you want combat effectiveness, then go with conventional Jump Jets / Nanoweave / Regen Implant / C4 setup.

    Sidearm choice doesn't really matter. Normally, sidearm is used when you run out of ammo in your primary before you run out of targets, and you can't disengage to reload. With semi auto / pump action shotgun this is unlikely, unless you spam shots, which you shouldn't. Any conventional sidearm will do for this purpose (i.e. not crossbow).

    With shotguns in general, a sidearm can sometimes be used to engage a target outside of shotgun's effective range, but these situations are rare. If certs/SC burn a hole in your pocket you can get Rebel for this purpose. Or just use Mag Shot. Commissioner and Underboss work for this purpose too, but they're much harder to use for an inexperienced player.

    If you want to try something new, then go try something new, you don't need advice for that.
    You might have needed advice for something new and more effective than what you already have, but PS2 doesn't work that way. You already have everything you need for combat effectiveness.
  14. Maxence822

    Hey thanks for the help I really apprciate it! I just don't get why you always say I am inexperienced, I've been playing for about a year and a half now and although I am still not so good I don't think I'm inexperienced. Thanks for all the help Iridar, and by the way I've watched a ton of your videos they helped me a ton!!!
    Thanks for the help and advice!
  15. Skiptrace

    Commissioner is my preferred sidearm for any loadout, though the new Black Hand may be a good choice also, it comes with a 4x optic on it and a 4 round mag, which while small, is lethal if you can land headshots. it's pretty much designed for Long Range Stalker, or Shotgun loadouts.
  16. Maxence822

    So I tried my loadout idea with the claw and Holy F***!!!! It's so good!!!! By the way, has anyone else noticed that the trial timers don't count down 30 days anymore after you trial a weapon to retrial it??? :D They now only count down 7 hours! Well anyways, the loadout I had in mind worked amazingly! The drifter jets provide enough speed so that the enemy's shooting is offset and allow me to either get right above them or just land in their face and shoot them. I had to use my secondary only once to attract an enemy from farway using Iridar51's proposed strategy! I kept getting 3+ kills nearly every life (it felt like that at least) and in my 1 hour session I got about 80 certs and around 60 kills (40 with the claw, one with the secondary and the rest with c4 :p )
  17. CrimsonEpsilon

    Commissioner is probably your best bet at getting range on a secondary. Or, if you are like me and play NC the mag-shot is a great all around pistol that outperforms the shotty at range. Also the Black Hand will be coming out soon so you can expect to see getting some range out of that!
  18. TheMercator

    Get the Desperado. It is quite decent at range, good at finishing targets and it makes many people think the get shot by a primary xD
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  19. Maxence822

    Ok I'll do that and since I already have it that makes it better than having to grind 1000 certs for it lol :p Thanks!
  20. Leivve

    You either cover your weaknesses with one of the NS revolvers (I like underboss but that's preference). Or you double down with the CQC intent (TX1 is practically a pocket shotgun.). Don't use the magscatter though, even CQC pistols have 'some' range on them so you want to whip them out when your shotgun is empty and you're backing away.