Best players ever , or just cheters :P

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  1. vsae

    First, the death screen isnt exactly accurate at all.
    Second, the fact that you're from Russia doesnt mean anything. You can still play with high ping and gameplay will be smooth, the only difference will be how far are you going to be shot behind the walls, HOWEVER, if your ping is unstable and its magnitude of swings is high enough you may get such things like you describe with emptying entire magazine into poor light assault and he didnt even give a ****. Though, most likely that is the person laggin himself, not you.
    I'm actually playing from Russiam myself and I've never encountered such lags, period.
  2. Dis

    99.99% of the suspicious deaths in this game are a result of derpy netocde or random luck. Seems like every time I say lowlevelBRwtfheadshothaxxorz and look at the person's killboard, I'm reminded that even a broken clock is right twice a day.
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  3. Prudentia

    you b*tthurt?
    sorry couldn't resist :(
  4. Earthman

    I still remember how sharply "skill" levels would go down the minute after a GM would show up on Connery. The "skill" level would remain at that low point until about an hour afterward. :rolleyes:
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  5. Latrodectus

    I'm number 58 on the list. I thought I had slid under the radar but it looks like I got sloppy.
  6. faykid

    yesterday when EU servers were down i made a Connery char just to kill time
    i measured my ping to Connery and it was 160 ms (vs. 60 ms to EU servers). what baffled me was faster TTK :eek:
    i mean, it doesn't prove anything except that longer ping is not the reason for the mysterious kills and deaths
    i bet if i played longer i'd encounter an almost immortal player who takes entire clip to put down, but that wouldn't be due to longer ping
    i guess we all just need to learn to ingore it and keep playinng like it doesn't matter. and if we end up in a situation like i described, well, its just bad luck, that's all. you can't blame weather for being bad, right?
  7. vsae

    I do sometimes play on Mattherson. Ping is fine, you just die behind the walls more often.
  8. Axehilt

    Eh, don't try to chase him away. I like having a big playerbase so there are great fights at all times of the day.

    But personally I've only seen a very minimal amount of cheating. I guess I've seen maybe 1 cheater a month, and I put a ridiculous amount of hours into this game on a daily basis. Maybe there are some very subtle players out there, but seldom do I see others doing things I couldn't do myself.
  9. Earthman

    It's fine if you don't see it very often, and presumably that's a good thing.

    Forumside seems to have a red alert mindset when someone mentions cheating. It mobilizes the Ad Hominem squad to look up the stats of the speaker and bomb them with chest beating and schoolyard insults. It can be quite overkill too, such as when I made a thread where I said "There seems to be a lot less cheating and suspicious behavior on this server I just tried, I like it here", and the eventual lock on it speaks for itself.

    Denying things loudly and constantly with knee-jerk reactions and insulting people and questioning their integrity and sense of reality (you didn't do this at all, mind you. You are fine) only makes me wonder why they're so invested in denying even the possibility of cheating.