Best Player on Miller = Mylittleponynya

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Turiel =RL=, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. Devilllike

    90% headshots NICE wtf
  2. stalkish

    That tears of a hacker vid was funny.
  3. Turiel =RL=

    The hacker in question produced a score/minute of 1931 which adds up to an hourly rate of 115860. For comparison: As premium with Alpha Boost on 2xp weekend playing medic in a huge battle, you can get such a score, but other than that it is pretty close to - if not - impossible.

    Filtering for a massive exp-gain could be the way to go for an automated detection, which works even without GMs having to monitor the game 24/7.
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  4. Nody

    Beyond the fact it's only addressing the symptom it an easy "fix" to get around that is simply changing alts 30 min to avoid keeping the exp to get to high only an hourly rate (keeping in mind someone shelling a base with a MBT/Lib can score significant bursts of exp means you need to have a certain time frame of assumed innocence). What they should go after is the location (i.e. if below earth = auto death) and travel speed (teleporting should show up relatively quickly outside of the once every 3 min respawn on beacon etc.) as those are things that you can't really achieve as a normal player and hence flag up faster than exp.
  5. Peebuddy

    I love how when you go onto his killboard the last thing he did was get killed by RadarExxxxxxxx


    I hope his corpse is rotting at the bottom of a swamp in Hossin.
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  6. Devrailis

  7. tf2hero

    wow after coming back to the forums i can see ps2 is starting to become as bad as ps1 (in terms of hackers that is)
  8. RadarX

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  9. FBVanu

    For all of the forumsiders that keep saying that DBG is never listening.. well.. now you know that they do read our posts, pay attention, and they even take action, when needed.

    One would think that we are actually communicating.

    Thx. Radar X
  10. boey

  11. Mongychops

    Right, but by the time action is taken, the hacker has thousands of kills (in the OP's case over 3000) and ruined fights on a continent for over an hour and dozens of players have logged off in disgust, reducing and unbalancing populations.

    If hardware bans aren't working, there needs to be some sort of probation for new players for suspicious statistics with bullet type weapons.
  12. Hammerlock

    infinite K/D ? :eek:
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  13. Ballto21

    good thing he didnt have sensor shield.
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  14. toast2250

    That tittle was misleading imo. I thought I was going to see how those 5 got banned again. I want my 5 min of life back again!

    PS2's team, at least for the screen play were a lot better. Higby's hair was pure Hollywood quality.
  15. Turiel =RL=

  16. Goretzu

    The thing that depresses me is that if these guys last as long as they do, then the chances of the subtle cheaters (and we all know who the suspicious ones are on Miller) ever being caught must be exceedingly low. :(
  17. Atorum

  18. FieldMarshall

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  19. Eyeklops

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  20. Bekar

    Well, what can i say... After being killed by this person i wrote him - why? Why you do this? Your char will be baned 100% . And he told me, that the deal is not in game, characters, and kills. Deal is in MONEY. He making money by cheating in this game. And as he said - very good money. I donno how though. I think that he write a programs and sell them. Testing with this char, and Kolober and many other his chars. And RadarX said that all what this guy using is 32 bit and after getting rid of 32 bit support all this stuff would not work. And what? Today i saw 3 cheaters in the same time! Sitting underground, warping from 1 wall to other and killing ppl exactly in this guy's way! Not 1, but 3 different guys in 1 time - in VS, in NC and in TR. DBG whats going on?
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