[Guide] Best Player Ever. Hands down. Check video.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scatterblak, Feb 4, 2021.

  1. Scatterblak

    So, my squadmate and I got spanked by a player named 150shabi tonight. Absolutely amazing. This guy was able to find an amazing hiding spot, and just rain death on all the VS all over the place. He actually did it in a couple of places. Can someone point me to a guide or something, so I can learn this strategy? I can't seem to duck or hide enough to keep from getting shot.

    Obviously, he's not cheating, as some have implied, because there are no cheaters (and I certainly wouldn't have named him). I think he's just incredible!!

    Amazing hiding near/around/etc a rock!

    More amazing hiding!!

    Wooooo!!! I guess we just need to practice up...
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  2. csvfr

    More like a cheat + exploit combo
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  3. JustGotSuspended

    who said this?????
  4. Demigan

    Git gud! He just knows so much of the game mechanics he's just that good!
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  5. Alkasirn

    Like really, has OP even tried looking at the minimap? It tells you where all the enemies are, so nobody can ever truly hide!

    Besides, this poor innocent player being filmed only has a 1.5 KDR with the SAW. Good players can also have a 1.5 KDR so really even in the 0.0000001% chance he's actually cheating it doesn't even matter cause he's not doing any better than a good player would anyway.
  6. ican'taim

    There are some chinese dudes from Soltech who are using their cheats on other servers as well. Hopefully devs update battleye (or better yet remove that trashy software and get something else along with a stat based antocheat) to block these exploits.
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  7. Johannes Kaiser

    Quite good indeed. This player must be so good, Auraxis acknowledges them as one of its own. Even the rocks and trees embrace them warmly.
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  8. DarkQuark

    I am a huge fan of sarcasm. Especially when coupled with great timing.

    But you just waste it here because NO ONE ever said that.
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  9. UberNoob1337101

    See guys, it's all about the gaming chair.

    Pilots on suicide watch.
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  10. Scurge

    LOL. Yeah we noticed.
  11. JustGotSuspended

    game knowledge
  12. Scurge

    Well he didn't follow the Magrider's driver manual that goes back to PS1 that launched in 2003.

    1. If you see a real tank run like hell.
    2. If you take more than 10% damage run like hell.
    3. If a player show's any kind of real skill run like hell.
    4. If you see any real combat call your factions stolen Batplane design to do your job for you.
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  13. Liewec123

    never understood why people cheat.
    they won't get anything out of it, its not like anyone will be impressed that they downloaded cheats off the internet.

    and it will invariably just lead to an account ban, granted they can make another account, but why?

    so i guess it comes down to their need for attention, which is pretty pathetic.
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  14. Towie

    Agreed - I just don't understand it, sometimes I think that I might be in the wrong. When I read that Warzone improved their cheat system and banned 60,000 on a single day this week (granted - with an enormous player base - but still) - I just don't see the attraction.

    We've all been in the situation when the enemy just disengages and you cap base after base with little to no resistance - it's really, really dull and boring. Giving yourself additional 'assistance' is surely just as dull and boring ?
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  15. Scurge

    1. To get to BR 100, Get ASP unlocked and max it again.
    2. They want certs faster.
    3. Even though its a older game undetected high level account still sell for extra cash.
    4. People are just mental and don't care.
    5. To unlock the special weapons in directives.
  16. Demigan

    There is a certain player that doesn't play for the game, but against their opponents. The way they think they've "won" is not by scoring the most points, but by making their opponent leave the game. They'll grief you, insult you, use cheap tricks to prevent you from playing the game normally and be generally dickheads about everything.
    These are the same type of players that say "if it's possible in the game, it's fair game", no matter how much it breaks the game. If you gave them a button that instantly won you the continent they would work as hard as they could to just go to the next continent and press it ASAP, because that's what the game is to them. These are also the players that will advocate certain playstyles the most, and will create honor systems that favor them by telling players that the things that might counter them are dishonorable.

    It's not a far step from that kind of behaviour to using cheats. After all what happens to the character is irrelevant, as long as you "win" by making the others leave.

    You know, "some men just want to watch the world burn" and all that.

    As a reference, I had a friend like that. Wonderful friend until it got competitive. He quite literally bruised the bones in my hand and his own in order to win a childrens game, he was unable to write and failed some exams because of that. But when asked he said he couldn't have stopped beforehand because he had to win right?
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  17. Demigan

    Ah yes, the Magrider doesn't have any advantages whatsoever! No siree! No lenient hitbox shape, no strafing ability that pairs well with the hitbox to make a much harder target compared to the more stationary other vehicles, no advantage is being able to use the front armor even when playing the staple peek-a-boo fights around cover that 90% of the vehicle combat is since the game launched, no advantage in being able to use multiple magriders on the same cover where the other vehicles can only use one or two vehicles at a time.
    And ofcourse the Magrider is the absolute worst in all performance metrics! Let's ignore that it's either the best or second best when you filter for the average amount of murder and mayhem a single Magrider life does! Who cares about that! That's all because the VS is more competent and skilled! But only with our faction-specific weapons ofcourse, we aren't more competent and skilled with our pure NS weapons for some reason.

    We also don't have the superheavy tanks in WW2 anymore for some mysterious reason, maybe that mobility that our new MBT's have is a key factor in their operation and the Magrider plays heavily into that? Huh that's weird, well let's just get back to screaming about how our Magrider isn't a "real" tank, whatever that means.
  18. OldSchoolD

    I wonder how the devs find and ban this people, besides crowdsourcing via reports, whatever anti cheat system they are using doesn't seem to be doing it's job very well. Seems easy to think (and gives ammo to the paranoid band) that a less obvious case wouldn't ping their radar at all. Shame.
  19. JustGotSuspended

    It can take a bit of time for the anti-cheat to kick-in. Sometimes 20-30 minutes.

    But it's super easy to identify these guys (those who are "hacking", not exploiting) and these players are quickly dealt with.

    Obviously people who get mass reported or whatever will likely be prioritized.
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  20. Demigan

    So easy that even the sources you posted in the previous thread were constantly talking about the fact that they could eventually find and shut down cheats, but that actually banning the perpetrators was much harder? This is why Valve according to your own sources uses a delayed ban system, in order to first find out more information about the cheat itself so it has an easier time finding other cheaters before they throw the ban hammer and attempted fix for the cheat. Sound familiar? Because that's pretty close to what BattleEye does.
    Similarly another game developer's most effective method for finding and stopping cheats (not cheaters!) was to use snitches. People who spend extraordinary amounts of (paid!) time trying to get accepted into circles where cheats circulated, some being extremely large with hundreds to thousands of participants and others tiny circles of a mere dozen people with their own cheats. Then when the cheat is aquired they could reverse-engineer it and stop it (but again not having a guaranteed chance of finding and banning the people who use it!).

    So your claims that it's super-easy aren't even exaggerated, but wrong.

    Here subtle cheating is ofcourse a bigger problem. It's easier to pay more attention to a player who gets reported by dozens if not hundreds of players because he's clipping through terrain and using his AV turret as an auto-canon. It's much harder to find a player who can feign skill and get multiple times more kills than he would on his own skill alone. Which is why most cheats aren't the obvious kind anymore, but the subtle kind.
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