Best Planetside 2 Moment?

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  1. Morsong

    I've been playing since release and I've had many great moments in this game, but I just had to share the one I experienced today that took the cake. It was in the morning and I was on Amerish rolling with a public but well-run platoon. I could tell a lot of the platoon played together on a regular basis as well. Also, prepare yourselves for a long, unplanned rant.

    There was an intense, large fight at Crux Headquarters (I believe it was crux, I can't remember the name) between NC and TR, and a little VS mixed in. NC had 3-4 sundys and troops just kept pouring out from behind this hill and we just could not get near them. I parked a sundy nearby them and we had a little bit of a push towards their sundys, almost taking them, but they pushed us back finally and we were starting to lose ground.

    I get in a mosi and start to strafe their rows of tanks and sundys but eventually get shot down by their air support. I have been in this beautiful, chaotic fight for about 30-40 minutes now and finally the platoon leader says "We need to take their sundys out quickly, so lets all go back to warpgate and everyone get anti-armor MAXs and some engineers and medics. Load up now."

    So we do and have around 2 full battle galaxies and make way from warpgate towards our destination, anticipation just gripping everyone the whole time. I'm scared of us getting shot down and we're about to descend upon 50-60 NC troops just pouring out of their sundys. In the galaxy I'm manning the dalton and we finally approach our target. There is NC infantry just everywhere on this hill and fighting our ground forces all over it so the 2 battle gals start firing the daltons at them, killing some along the way. Our platoon leader yells "drop, drop, drop, take our their sundys!"

    Everyone drops and we all just focus fire on their sundys, taking all 3-4 out, whilst of course losing some of our troops, and then mopping up their troops. I was in this massive fight for a full 30-40 minutes and we could not gain any ground on the NC forces and then I take part in the most epic gal drop I've ever been in and we changed the tide of battle. Well, at least for the next hour because NC kept coming at us, and damn they did a fantastic job putting up a fight.

    I eventually had to log off after two hours of fighting between two bases on Amerish, and I'm pretty sure there's still an epic fight still happening there right now, but I just had to share this epic experience with everyone. No matter how many bugs or glitches or cons that Planetside 2 contains, no game, and I repeat, no game can match the experience of what I just had.

    So thank you to the TR, VS, and NC that took part in easily the most incredible gaming experience I ever had, and I'm glad it was in this game. People will always bash this game and I just wanted to say that every single game I know and have played has had their problems, Planetside 2 being no different. The scale of the experience I just had however, just cannot be replicated in any other game that I know of or play. I also apologize for my long, not well-thought out ramble, but I just had to.

    So what is your best, most amazing, Planetside 2 experience?
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  2. SpruceMoose

    killing a prowler from 100% with my flash

    _I_ tanks
  3. Alarox


    Shooting down a Liberator (filled with BR100s) with my Vanguard from 500m away for my BR100 moment. Was pretty damn good.
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  4. IamDH

    Downloading Battlefield 3

  5. DrPapaPenguin

    The 3 hour long defence on Jaeger's crossing on Esamir, with 5+ zones of enemy territory between it and our faction. Basically, TR just had a small patch of ground around it's warpgate in North-East, they took this time to fight their way to Eisa Tech Plant, build an armada of prowlersw and come relieve us. It was epic.
  6. Tentakewls

    Lame...I wanted to say that... :(
  7. ronjahn

    That chat box is...interesting.

    I'd have to say that my favorite moment in ps2 was on Esamir during the Snowman event.

    Was just driving along the frozen riverbed in my wraith fury flash looking for the golden Snobro , when suddenly three damaged Scythes landed about 20 meters away from me. Took out all three in less then 2 magazines :). Never found a golden snowman though :(
  8. IamDH

    Yeah but im actually downloading it 64% complete. ITS FR33!
  9. NyaR

    Look down.
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  10. cruczi

    Like a boss. :cool:
  11. Danath

    Best battles were pre-lattice. Ah, 1 hour of battle BETWEEN bases, not around them.
  12. eldarfalcongravtank

    i actually am not particularly into these moments when i have a high k/d, when i killed lots of people or when i got an enemy with a very impressive kill

    no, the reason i am playing this game is to experience those OMGWTFBBQISHAPPENIN moments. like in a 48vs48 battle where you approach the enemy base under suppressive fire and heavy shelling, where projectiles and rockets whiz past you, aircraft doing bombing runs above you, and you just sit in cover, a br13 ally crouched next to you and you just think to yourself "dafuq i am doing here in this mess". those moments of total chaos and helplessness, but also moments where you go "whoaa! so THIS is planetside". no other game can give you that imo
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  13. Paragon Exile


    I'm reminded of the opening level of Medal of Honor: Frontline (D-Day landing) if any of you know that game. It was so epic when it came out.
  14. Yuki10

    Endless supply of bugs. By far my favorite, you just don't know what kind of bug will hit you next.
  15. Takoita

    Hmm... Throwing down tank mines down from that one bridge above Fieldspar Canyon base several times in a row to score ~7 tank kills in one life was a good contender.
  16. Tentakewls

    I know, I'm getting it too. It's only free if you get it before the 3rd tho
  17. z1967

    Going through several NC heavies using Jackhammers, with a PA shotgun. Felt like there should be a "shotgun superiority" bonus lol.
  18. Divinorium

    Back in the Beta and before Soe tried to fix something.
  19. IamDH

    If im still downloading on the 3rd, will i lose the deal? I'll PM you with another question so we dont derail the thread
  20. DragonOps

    That moment when I un-cloacked behind a squad of 3 and sharp-shooted each of them in the head twice with my engraved revolver.(Special commisonor)