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  1. Estinhorto

    So, what with the double SC weekend, I was wondering what the best NC weapons to grab were. I already have the blitz and... well, that's it. So then any recommendations? I primarily play HA, but I'm thinking of grabbing a carbine for my engie and LA.
  2. Sgtjoeyk

    I prefer the EM6 for my Heavy, the GD7F for Engie, GR-22 for Medic, Blitz or cyclone for infiltrator. I also have the Piston Shotgun for Light assault and all my other classes. Check them out in VR and see how they feel. Might wanna grab a pump shotgun if your into the CQC
  3. Jaes

    The GD7F is a MUST HAVE for any NC player. The thing is just absolute beast and your jaw till drop with the amount of kills you'll be racking in with it. GR-22 for medic is also a must have! As far as shotguns go, definitely the Piston or the Claw depending on your play style. As far LMGs, EM6 is the most versatile in the NC arsenal, but the Anchor dominates CQC fighting hands down. A lot of NC players don't like it because it burns through ammo quickly, but once you get used to it, it is an absolute kill farm with it.
  4. Aegie

    If you want one of the most iconic NC weapons you could go for the ACX-11 carbine- just use it for a little in VR because you pay for the 200 max damage through the nose with all the other values- HIP COF, COF bloom, recoil, mag ammo capacity, etc.

    Personally, I do not play very much HA and stick with the SAW when I do- although a lot of other NC talk about the EM1 being superior to the SAW.

    As for LA, I know this class very well for NC. If you like to idea of being able to shoot back while jetpacking then go for the Blitz- with an advanced laser sight and compensator the Blitz becomes perhaps the best weapon for airborn assaults because it has plenty of ammo and good hipfire capabilities in CQC. If you want raw power then take a look at the GD-7F because it is capable of putting out more DPS than any other LA automatic- there are significant downsides, however, as it behaves more like a TR weapon in terms of recoil so it may be awkward to get used to at first. The GD-7F struggles in various scenarios, however, because with such a high ROF you will loose a lot of accuract at mid-long range and with only 30 rounds per mag you may find it somewhat difficult to drop multiple targets in one reload- that being said, in CQC and the start of mid range combat the GD-7F will be advantageous in most 1v1 duels (buyer beware, however, no 2x scopes). If you do not already have it, the NS-11C is a very nice all around carbine in that it is somewhat like Mario; very well balanced all around but does not really standout in any way. The advantage with the NS-11C is that it is very controllable and respectable at mid-long range as, at least IMO, it is easier to get consistent headshots at mid range with this carbine than many of the others (plus, if you unlock with SC then you will have it for all your characters).

    Unless you already have one, you may also want to take a look at some of the shotguns available since any class (except infiltrator) can carry them and it is a relatively unique weapon class in terms of strengths/weaknesses and playstyle. You mention carbines so I will not go into too much detail but personally I would choose between the two PASs- lean towards the Bruiser if the OHK buckshot is what you find most worthwhile, lean towards the Claw if you think you may use sluggos because it has a faster refire rate and # slugs to kill does not really vary between the two.
  5. ladiesop

    In terms of shotguns, I favour the Mauler (I have the Sweeper, but I don't think the extra ammo capacity has helped me much, and the Mauler with Extended Mags has almost as much, reloads much faster and has a tighter spread). I don't get along with the Piston, and I think the Semi-Autos are more all-round useful weapons than the Pumps (there are cases where I've switched to the Mag shot as in places where framerate is bad it was better to spam out bullets than try and line up a shot in a slideshow).

    If you play heavy the most, pick up the Phoenix if you don't have it, it's the most fun launcher.

    In terms of Carbines, the Gauss Compact S is the only way to get the underbarrel launcher. It's the only one I'd actually get separately, as I prefer the Mercenary to the others you can buy.
  6. Fenrys

    When VR first came out, I made a text file with the 'best' weapons for each empire. You can read my definition of "best" as "the most accurate at long range when firing 5-7 shot bursts". Here's a copy/paste for NC:

    LMG: Gauss SAW, Compensator, Advanced Foregrip

    Sniper: EM4 Longshot, 12x optics, or 6x optics + suppressor

    Carbine: Gauss Compact S, Compensator, Foregrip

    AR: Gauss Rifle S, Compensator, Advanced Foregrip
  7. Chiss

    LA Carbine: GD7F is the only carbine worth using on LA, in my opinion.
    Engy Carbine: Gauss Compact S - this is much better at range, and has a grenade launcher (which you can restock ammo on!)
  8. MasonSTL

    I like the K7 Avenger. It has a small mag size but its powerful and the sights point out proxy mines.
  9. DashRendar

    For Heavy:
    EM1 with adv laser/softpoint for closeup, use it like an SMG
    EM6 - Haven't used (maybe I'll buy it myself) but lots of people rave for it.

    AC-X11 with adv grip/compensator/high velocity
    GD-7F with adv laser/softpoint (suppressor optional)

    You didn't mention the Medic class, but I would recommend the Reaper DMR.
  10. Turiel =RL=

    There are no "good" NC weapons. In fact there no "good" weapons for anyone. Every weapon in this game sucks and it is your task is to pick one that sucks least.
  11. DashRendar

    Side note, the EM6 is on sale for 350SC today! I'm buying it.
  12. Estinhorto

    Thanks for the replies everyone! You've all been helpful, even you Turiel. ;) I'm thinking I'll grab the starter weapon bundle and the EM6, the weapons have been recommended by people in the thread, and I've enjoyed the guns in the VR room. Aside from the sniper, but I hate sniping anyway, so no biggie there.

    I'll probably grab a shotgun if one goes on sale, and I might buy the GD-7F when that's on sale as well.

    Cheers everyone :)
  13. Laraso

    Razor GD-23

    The Razor GD-23 isn't the most powerful or fast firing carbine, but it's extremely reliable and performs well at any range. It has the fastest reload speed of any weapon in the entire game (faster than pistols) of which the TR and VS lack any faction equivalent. It has easily controllable recoil and can hit targets at range while using full-auto better than other carbines. It lacks the RPM of the GD-7F and the stopping power of the AC-X11, but it more than makes up for it by being easy to use and reliable. The laser sight on it works very well and can turn the weapon into a powerful CQC hipfire weapon. The short reload is its main advantage in CQC, allowing you to keep firing when faced with multiple enemies.

    It's probably the most underrated weapon in the NC arsenal, and it's my favorite carbine.
  14. Nocturnal7x

    GD22 medic, GD7f engie and LA, EM6 for HA (anchor is nice for med-close battles) and of course the claw. Also Phoenix and deci are great to have, phoenix for long range armor killing and deci is great for killing maxes.
  15. Laraso

    Take notes everyone. This is proof that the NC doesn't even know how their own weapons work.

  16. ColdCheezePizza

    Razors ROF is too slow to be effective at CQC, GD7F is the only carbine that gives you a standing chance against shotguns at close ranges. But at LMG range, I've found the Razor shines and the reload speed defiantly helps to finish off heavies and those times when your caught with your pants down in between clips. I agree its a very underrated weapon and most people choose to go with the Gauss Compact S for its underbarrel attachments instead, but your setting yourself up for failure if you attach a laser to such a slow rof carbine, get a grip for it instead and ads for best results imo.
  17. Nocturnal7x

    have you used them? As you can see anchor has better hipfire accuracy (hipfire is good in closer ranges). Also, if you ever fired an anchor you would know it has an atrocious recoil pattern. EM6 is all vertical recoil, much like the saw. Also stats can say what they want (either gun is glitched or stats are wrong) but the anchor fires faster (rpms)than the EM6. Also 50 rounds sucks range, thats a lot more reloading (damage degradation)

    When im talkin bout recoil, im talking about with forgrip and compensator.

    Thank you.
  18. Laraso

    Personally, I've had fantastic results with the laser sight. Whenever I'm fighting in CQC, I'm usually fighting people who are using carbines, so shotguns aren't all that big of a threat. When I do see someone with a shotgun, I don't take them head on, but instead I either flank them and kill them by surprise, or I kite them and use the superior range of the carbine to my advantage.
  19. Laraso

    As you can see in the screenshot, I have an Auraxium medal with the EM6. I've recently been using the Anchor, and I feel it outperforms the EM6 at everything but magazine size. The only real advantage the EM6 has over the Anchor is 2x Reflex and High Velocity ammo.
  20. Hisenburg

    If you play HA, you don't need anything other than the Gauss SAW.

    However, EM6 is passable if you must buy another one.
    For Carbines, the GD-7F/AC-X11 are also quite good.
    The Commissar pistol.
    The GD6 Claw. The pump action shotgun is amazing. If you HAVE to buy something, I would prioritize that one.

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