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  1. Cozert

  2. goneLinkdead

    I've been trying both, they are about the same to be honest. I give the edge to the Blitz because of the mag size.
  3. Ghoest

    They are more alike than they are different.

    If you are the type of player who ADS 90% of the time you can fit the extended mag on the cyclone then they are even more alike.
  4. Timeraider

    Unlike the other 2 empires, NC is the only one which has 2 SMGs that are sidegrades to eachother.
    In my opinion, Blitz is better if you fight face-to-face, right in the front.
    Cyclone is better in surprise attacks, charging peoples backs.. simply anything that involves sneakyness and getting behind enemy lines.
  5. klor

    I prefer the Cyclone personally. I haven't put in enough time with the Blitz to make a completely informed decision but it's not really my style. One thing I have noticed is that it doesn't give the high damage hit indicator when you land a head shot (the X with the circle around it). For me this is a huge drawback, I want to know when I've scored a head shot. I don't like high rate of fire weapons because a symptom of high fire rate is lower accuracy. The faster a weapon shoots the faster the cone of fire blooms. The longer you sustain fire the more you will miss, you can burst but that negates the advantages.

    So far I can't say I like the Blitz but I will use it until I have a gold medal so I can fully form my opinion.
  6. Phrygen

    which one is more accurate at medium range?
  7. IntergalacticYoghurt

    Blitz GD-10, no question.

    Gun is fantastic.
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  8. StormFrog

    The Cyclone.
  9. Phrygen

    explain why.
  10. IntergalacticYoghurt

    The Blitz GD-10 gives you 50 bullets stock, firing at 845 rpm, with each bullet hitting for 125 damage. The AF-4 Cyclone gives 25 bullets stock, firing at 652 rpm with each bullet hitting for 167 damage.

    IF I was going to ADS, then I would consider the AF-4 Cyclone. But even then, SMG's are inherently weak at ADS, with terrible bullet velocity and some of the highest horizontal recoil in the game. Meanwhile, they EXCEL at hip fire, destroying every other weapon class at this function.

    25 bullets is seriously limiting. Luckily, the AF-4 Cyclone comes with a magazine extender attachment which bumps it up to 35 - a very popular choice amongst Cyclone users. Unfortunately, this means you are not able to use the advanced laser attachment. Now let me tell you, as someone who has the advanced laser pointer on his Blitz GD-10, this attachment practically doubles your engagement distance when hip firing, and when coupled with the extremely low bloom SMG's receive when firing from the hip, means I almost never need to bother with ADS.

    In all honesty, it is such a powerful attachment on the SMG, that I would still recommend the advanced laser for the AF-4 Cyclone. But you had better be a damn good shot with only 25 bullets in your magazine. And best hope you don't come across too many enemies.

    I have both SMG's. I have almost all the Carbines. I have all the high RPM assault rifles. I have ALL the LMG's, and I have every one of these weapons certed out to play to their strengths. I can honestly say that the Blitz GD-10 is one of the strongest weapons in our entire arsenal. The weapon literally transformed my infiltrator from a curiosity into a killing machine.
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  11. Soylent

    Blitz because of the higher mag size and not having to use extended mag to up it. Simple as that.
  12. Zinus

    For me its Cyclone. Faster reload, slighly faster TTK and greater punch per bullet suits my inf playstyle better. The greater versatility is also nice as you can engage at mid range more easily than with the blitz.
    I find lazors redundant on SMG's especially on the ranges i fight, and on mid range i scope anyway.

    Now that said, blitz still has that imba mag size and a better potential for 1vmultiple fights, so it really depends on the players play-stile and what he wants from the weapon. As i main inf, blitz simply isn't for me, but i can see myself going for it on any class other than inf
  13. Phrygen

    Yea, i have to pick one to use with infiltrator and Engi and its difficult choice, but i am always the type to use ADS with, even though i know i shouldn't at times. Seems like a hard choice.

    blitz seems better, but i love ads
  14. SmileyBomb

    The Blitz is my SMG choice. I use it on my Engie, HA, LA, and hacker infil. I never run into just ONE enemy, so the massive mag size is amazing. The mag size also helps when bursting out to medium ranges (across roads and such). It shoots very straight with such velocity that it feels like I am playing TR or VS. Infact, consider it a faster, compacted NS-11A.

    I personally prefer the IRNV scope for those dark areas, smoke spammers, and looking through the rubble of destroyed vehicles. But it could certainly work effectively with a 2x. I have NOT tried the effects of muzzle attachments on ranged engagements.

    I do believe ALL SMGs are currently over-powered, however. I replaced LMGs and shotguns for this one weapon. It's wicked. Whether they will be adjusted in the future is always a guess.
  15. Metal Insomniac

    This isn't the most valid of opinions, but I trialed the Blitz and wasn't very impressed. It might just be me, but the damage feels too low for my taste. I have yet to try the Cyclone, but I'm assuming I'll probably like it more.
  16. Astraka

    The Cyclone is definitely more of an 'NC weapon' compared to the Blitz & might be more up your alley. The second round of SMGs are pretty close to being the TR's Armistice with 20-30 more rounds in the magazine. It is an odd design choice to be sure.
  17. EViLMinD

    I have both, but the Cyclone is the best choice for Inf and 1v1 situations. Due to its better accuracy and damage-per-shot, it's a better gun for quick take-downs.

    For Inf, I use a suppressor, NV, SPA and ext mag. Great setup.

    The Blitz is better for the other classes if they are engaged in a chaotic biolab fight where there are multiple enemies running around. It's range is shorter than the Cyclone, so it's a true short-mid range sprayer. I tend to hip-fire the Blitz more than the Cyclone.
  18. Bluetalon

    Cyclone if you are using the weapon from a superior position regularly. Such as when you infiltrator a base or gen room and camp from a flanking position. From here you can land a lot more head shots leading to a better TTK with the Cyclones higher base damage. For this a x1 reflex scope and extnded mag is best.

    If you are using the Infiltrator as a more 'run and gun' then the blitz with slugs, adv laser and suppressor is amazing in close range. Just dont forget to use your knife if you are within touching range, its takes a massive chunk of health.

    For pure ease of use, then the Bltz requires little effort and 430 certs to max out completely giving you the best extreme CQC weapon in the game for the NC.
  19. tenzenator

    blitz if you know how to aim, with blitz i can kill 4 enemies at once, with cyclone you barely kill one good opponent
  20. r3bornbs

    I just got my member**** and farmed for the first gun. Was choosing between these two. Looked at all the stats and decided that it would be blitz. It is almost as good as the new vanu smg. I've tested both cyclone and blits at vr - cyclone felt better, i just decided to stick with the stats. As far as i am playing with blitz i am very happy with this gun. 50 ammo is enough to kill 3 opponents if you hit like 70% of your shots. Advanced laser sight makes hipfire pretty much the only way you would ever use this gun. Cyclone is still a bit better at range BUT 25 ammo almost guarantees that you reload afrer every kill. If you flank 2-3 opponents you might want to have blitz there. Dont take me wrong, i am still getting cyclone even after having blitz - cyclone was simply more satisfying to use.

    tl;dr: cyclone 47% blitz 53%. cyclone hits harder and sometimes feels like you kill stuff faster, but blitz is more forgiving to mistakes and you can kill more with one mag. really, test both in vr and see what each gun feels like, they are equal.

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