Best NC Max weapons combination

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Ethernalvoid, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Ethernalvoid

    Hi,i have a doubt about which are the best nc max weapons. Can you give me some suggestions?

    Thanks a lot for the answers ^_^
  2. Skurcey

    Hacksaw for infantry
    Falcon for vehicles
    Burster for hovercrafts

    All others are shotgun with various caracteristics
  3. Zhypher

    since we only have 1 weapon choice for either vehicles or AA weapon systems i guess this is about our Scattercannons AI weapons

    I prefer and use Dual Grinders with increased Ammo capacity, nothing clears a room as fast at 14 scatter shots in each arm
    and the reload time is still decent, compared to Hacksaw's
  4. StormFrog

    Keep in mind the Hacksaws are the most close range NC MAX weapon, they have the highest spread.
  5. forumo

    I recommend 4 MAX loadouts:
    a) All purpose ground assault: Hacksaw and Falcon. (You are ready for infantry or ground vehicles.)
    b) Anti air: Dual Burster. (You need 2 bursters to be effective vs air. One is not enough.)
    c) Anti infantry: Dual Hacksaw. (Both with extended magazines, One or both with Slug ammo)
    d) Anti ground vehicle: Dual Falcon (If a Sunderer or Tank is nearby).

    Hacksaw>Grinder because you need slugs for good range, and Grinders with slugs fire really slow.
    Also, with extended magazine on Hacksaw, you already have plenty of ammo per clip to destroy anything.
    And double Hacksaw vs other MAXes will get you a kill, but double Grinders may not, because they fire slow.
  6. Purg

    And another different opinion.. :p

    Scattercannons with slugs unless you do all your fighting in less than 10m. Only have to buy (or cert) one of them since you're already given one. Slugs are 150 each arm. Extended mags down the road are 1000 each arm - and they're worth every cert if you AI MAX often.

    I have Hacksaws, never use them outside of a Bio Lab - and even then I feel the lack of versatility having to sit near choke points waiting for unsuspecting enemy.

    Getting another Falcon and another Burster to compliment the ones you own - definitely worth it.
  7. forumo

    About the poor range of Hacksaws:

    If you use one Hacksaw, you need to pair it with a Falcon to provide a range weapon against range enemies. Its like a powerful shotgun with a grenade launcher, a nice combination.

    If you have double Hacksaws, get slug ammo for one or both of the Hacksaws.

    Hacksaws are better than Scattercannons because you can use slug ammo on them without making them fire so slow.
    And in MAX vs MAX fights, it is really helpful to have the faster TTK to ensure you win.

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