Best NC light assault primary weapon?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Twign, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Twign

    Is there a general consensus on this?
  2. Ophicuhus

    I was loving the EM9 in beta, but then they removed the grenade launcher attachment. I'm using the Gauss Compact S as a replacement and I don't think its as good.

    The GD-7F is a great weapon as well for close combat. EM9 for sniping.
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  3. FluffyM

    I don't understand why it's not possible (or is it?) to compare the CS weapons with weapons you already own. From where I am sitting, the standard rifle for NC LA at least seems better all-around than most unlockables (at least when considering that it's free).
  4. Purple

    i like the mercinary it is a well rounded gun. but inside i tend to switch to a shotgun.
  5. Ghoest

    unless it has changed since beta ended tha GD-7F is the best gun in actual game play.
    In close and medium distance it lets you put more damage on the head than anything else.
  6. ThoughtfulBee

    If the weapon stats remain the same as the Beta, than the AF19 Mercenary is the top dog for it's versatility and ability at range with Foregrip/Compensator attachments. It hits hard too.

    The GD-7F (CQC Carbine) is a close second. It's rate of fire is extreme, and chews through people up close. It also can be fired in controlled bursts well enough to get a few hit markers at range. It's like using the AEK in Battlefield 3, with more side to side pull.
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  7. warmachine1

  8. Ghoest

    In beta the GD-7F had less recoil spread than Merc. Its had less base accuracy though. So burst fire help the merc more.
  9. Vertoxis.

    I have to agree, i own both the AF19 and Gauss Compact S (for inside fights) .. i plan on grabbing a shotgun soon with certs instead of alpha squad SC... (gotta have some long term goals) lol

    I feel the AF19 is superior when it comes to flanks, 2-4 shots to the head kills almost any class (exception of MAX's) .. the gauss compact S is nice for the Single shot and burst shot modes when you cant seem to pull of that flank.. and if the option opens up to flank you can switch to full auto...

    I havent touched shotguns yet (they where never my flavor in FPS) but i plan to in the long run

    (Beta since day 1)
  10. Minsc

    I loved the EM9 with suppressor, soft point ammo and under barrel grenade launcher during beta. Alas, the last two aren't available for it anymore...

    Any word on the alpha squad carbine/shotgun? They any good?
  11. ackerx

    GD7F with suppressor and forward grip or grenade launcher. IMO

    If you want something that have extreme accuracy. Pick up Gauss Compact Burst. 1 shot 3 bullets and ALMOST no recoil.

    And dont forget pick up Shotgun for CQC. But I only played Mauler. So dont know what about others
  12. GrandpaFlipfox

    GD7F if you plan on raiding rooms. With a laser sight you become a hip fire hero.
  13. Corruptlol

    exactly , x1 scope and i would say better take forward grip over laserpointer , this gun is more thant cqc.

    the GD-7F is in my opinion the only NC gun that is almost even to the much better VS/TR medic/ la / engi weapons in terms of ROF and handling.

    Gaus Burst or Gaus S with burst mode is my 2nd choice
  14. cottonrabbit

    I've been using the NC alpha squad's ACX11 almost exclusively since launch. I really like the high bullet damage. It does well at all ranges with sights, but hip firing isn't good.
  15. HeadshotVictim

    I use GD7F with LaserSight, Reflex1x, Adrenaline Pump... awesome. :D