Best Long Range Medic Gun for Vanu

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by edward130603, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. edward130603

    What is the best long range assault rifle for Vanu? I generally play medic in long range engagements, and I want something that can utilize a 3.4x scope effectively.
  2. Serafan

    A couple of options here.

    1) Corvus. Slower rate of fire, higher damage per bullet. Total Damage per second is on the low side but its a good bet with controlled fire at longer range.
    2) V45. Great accuracy and rate of fire. This requires good control in order to kill people at range, but it can be very effective.
    3) Shotgun with slugs. Works surprisingly well with a 3.4 or 4x scope. Not an AR as per thread, but it is available to medics.

    All the ARs can work with a 3.4 with controlled fire. If you just hold the mouse button down you will empty entire clips without killing.
  3. Ocaml

    I suggest to try NS-11A assault rifle. It has all good attachments for long range engagements, one of the fastest bullet speed and no damage drop past 65 meters. Just fire single shots or bursts of two bullets.
  4. Exolus

    I personally have the H-V45, but I trailed a Corvus yesterday, and it is hands down, better then the H-V45 at long range, even without any attachments.

    The slower rate of fire is a god send at longer ranges, and you can hold down the fire button for a lot longer on a Corvus with all your shots connecting then you ever could with an H-V45.

    However, the Corvus is very outclassed in CQB, it just fires way to slow to be effective in that department.
  5. Soylent

    I've got the CME and I'm quite happy with it :D Scope goes up to x6 and it's still decent in CQC.
  6. yama

    H-v45 close range and the Corvus for long range.
    The first is better all around tough.
  7. DemoEvolved

    Corvus is for long range, but NS11 is fantastic at mid and may be adequate without totally screwing yourself at close
  8. perspicacious

    All of them. They'll all outclass the competition easily.
  9. Trysaeder

    The Corvus is suitable for long ranged engagements. It's got the exact same stats as the NC Gauss rifle, but lower RPM and velocity. It has 167 damage, 0.3 recoil, 2x first shot, same accuracy stats, and the above two modifications.

    Unfortunately, a gimped Gauss rifle is the most specialised VS long ranged AR. A fully tricked out CME costs ~400 certs and comes close though.

    Funny you say that when the default NC AR is flat out superior to a near identical one of another race.
  10. Angelus359

    Nova, slugs, csz scope because shotgun Scopes are bugged. Works at any range, even 700m
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  11. MrLee.NO

    This, so much this.
  12. Loziak

    I have the NS11-A with HV ammo and a 3.4 scope mounted on it, excellent for long range combat if you can fire single shots at a time and have cover to hide behind incase you get spotted, but it is deadly accurate. I feel your pain though, been looking for a sniper-like gun for the medic, people here are mentioning the corvus so might have to try that one out!

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