Best gun for Vanu Light Assault?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Pickleman44, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. Pickleman44

    Hey guys, I'm saving up for a new gun for my Vanu Light Assault but don't know which one to get. Any suggestions?
  2. Iridar51

    If you're interested in specific guns, I can explain their strengths/weaknesses.
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  3. vanu123

    Zeinith is good for all round use.
    Serpent and VX6-7 are good for in close with the VX being slightly more forgiving.
    Thanatos is awesomesauce
    Pulsar C is great for mid-long range due to the high damage.
  4. Pickleman44

    I'm looking for something that I can use at mid-long range, but wont be absolutly useless in close combat.
  5. Iridar51

    All carbines are not absolutely useless in close combat, since they get increased hip fire accuracy by default.
    I'd recommend Pulsar C, it is not much behind Solstice in terms of DPS, but has much better accuracy; its recoil patter is one of the best in the game. It has a bit stronger vertical recoil than Solstice, but it's not really a problem.
    Pulsar C also has more damage per magazine while reloading really fast - not as fast as Solstice, but pretty close.

    Among VS carbines Pulsar C has the farthest reach.

    I've got a video featuring Pulsar C, though you don't see long range fights there.

    You can also check out my Gunplay Guide's section about carbines, see if anything catches your eye.
  6. Corezer

    eclipse... infinite ammo!
  7. nehylen

    I view the Pulsar C as the best VS carbine as it's a quasi-AR at range (it has milder damage fall-off than CQC ARs) and while not fantastic, remains decent in close quarters, contrary to its AR (Corvus) and LMG counterparts (Ursa) which are crippled by an inferior RoF.

    But honestly you can't go wrong with the VS carbines, except the Solstice SF.
  8. Matti

    Why would you ever look at anything else than the Pulsar C?

  9. Stormsinger

    Pulsar C is amazing at long / mid range, it's delightfully destructive, but I find it suffers in close combat due to the extremely slow fire rate. It's still acceptable, but you won't often win fights vs Spray'n pray given equal skill / lag / etc.

    I find that the Zenith is generally acceptable at all ranges, but it's easy to feel outgunned - granted, I havent used this one much yet.

    VX67 is pretty dang good as well, but I find it to be less controllable at long range then some of the other close-mid range options. It's serviceable. Some swear by it, I recommend you play around with it in the VR before making a final choice.

    My personal choice at virtually all ranges is the Serpent (Pulsar C for extreme ranges) It takes some getting used to due to it's blazing fire rate, being slightly off target can cost you half your ammo. Firing in short, controlled bursts - the only thing I find myself outgunned by, infantry-wise, are pump actions at < 7 meters.
  10. Arkenbrien

    Beamer. 'Nuff said.
  11. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    My favourite nowadays is the zenith.
    The recoil is a *****, but at 5m you can still hipfire it even with a compensator, and 0.75 ADS (needs grip) makes the weapon feel better than most alternatives. One of the very rare weapons to combine good ADS speed with good ADS accuracy.
    It's a Jack of all trades, though, there's generally something better for every range.
  12. Petti The Yeti

    I'm having the best luck with NS7 PDW. Not specifically a VS weapon, but it works really well.

    For VS Specific, Sirius SX12 or Thanatos are good. I can't stand any of our carbines, though.
  13. ATRA_Wampa-One

    OP wants the Pulsar C... maybe the
    As Iridar said get the Pulsar C, not only is it exactly what you're looking for it's also tied with the Lynx as the best carbine in the game. It's 167/30 round magazine means it doesn't have gimped DPM like all of the other VS carbines, it's one of the most controllable and accurate 167 guns in the game, and it has the perfect complement of attachments in adv. grip and HVA if you're having trouble leading targets.

    After that I would recommend the VX6-7. Probably the most controllable 143/800 gun in the game, but more setup for close range with the ability to fire ranged without too much difficulty.

    The Zenith is very much a love it or hate it gun, but it's also 1000 certs as opposed to the 250 cost of the Pulsar C (or free with the survey) The VX6-7 is also 1000 certs but it's been a dream to use and I've effortlessly got it 1/2 way to auraxed without really trying.
  14. Tycon

    After using the default solstice and Pulsar C the Pulsar is pretty awesome but the rate of fire and lack of versatility (it excels at certain medium ranges) made the Pulsar C feel like it was almost an assault rifle to me. Personally I highly Recommend the Solstice SF specialty rifle for LA especially if you're accustom to the default weapon.

    While having slightly less RoF and A longer reload time I find the very slight RoF cut to make the weapon still very manageable at long range shooting since bursting is what you'll be using any ways and makes up for it in the customization department having both High Velocity ammo and an under barrel attachment. A smoke grenade launcher is always helpful prior to be spotted for forward movement and covering your advance if you prefer a tactical advantage. While the under barrel grenade launcher is great on the engi class for spamming door ways, the light assault thrives with the under barrel shotgun!!

    The under barrel shotgun is probably one of the best utilities I've ever experienced for the light assault. I've used the Phobos a bit and always have this gripe with pump shotguns on the light assault, your role is very specialized and you are always at the mercy of strong close range and very weak long range. I always wished I had some decent mid range while still being able to use a shot gun and the solstice sf delivers here. With high velocity ammo you have what is essentially a great mid range carbine (its not pulsar C but its fairly good at medium ranges) and the capability to one shot people in very close ranges with a high alpha burst that has no enemy reaction time involved. For battling heavies up close among other classes you always have a fighting chance or advantage assuming you can hit your one shot all or nothing burst. IF you wound them at 10-15 m range you'll almost kill them where you can swap fire modes in a few tenths of a second to finish them off before they can kill you. Having 4 shots also helps conserve ammo greatly in close quarters. The insane alpha damage shouldn't be over looked. Also worth noting is that your accuracy loss on flight is hardly a factor when your at close range using a shot gun

    Lastly the advantage of the under barrel shot gun is your ability to always have a quick weapon swap alternative when you run out of your magazine allowing you to equip a hunter bow as a secondary without losing on an extra secondary fire slot when you drop a side arm to cover your close range. As a carbine equipped light assault no one expects a swift shotgun blast to the chest when they try rush you before you can reposition to a better location.
  15. Saool

    Free guns? Surveys? Tell me more.

    EDIT: Never mind. You mean the opening character survey don't you.
  16. Corezer

    Pulsar c, because everything else has gimpgimpy damage per mag, and that is bad for LA...

    Afterwards, save up for serpent, it's good for pushing a point,but pulsar c is the mainstay.
  17. St NickelStew

    What do you (or others here) think of the underbarrel grenade launcher now, after it was significantly nerfed many months back?
  18. Iridar51

    It's still a useful tool, especially when flanking crowds of clumped up infantry. But lining up that magical OHK direct hit is much harder now, because projectile is slow and has strong gravity.

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