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Discussion in 'Waterson (US East)' started by PureSalad, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. SoyaBeanXD

    ouch get well soon :D
    if yr ears get blocked (like in an airplane) inhale steam, it would clear it again what meds are u takin? u got that phlegm?
  2. PureSalad

    I was told Rocketchicken isn't that good, and some say he's really good. Hard to judge most of the time. Nominating your buddies is noble indeed. I think the list right now sums up Jaeger Air at the moment with a few possibilities of future additions from a few people.
  3. PureSalad

    Right now, I think I've beaten the sickness at this point. Just need to get 75% of my voice back and get rid of some of this phlegm and I'll be fine. Although I still can only talk for about 10 minutes then I need to whisper.
  4. RobotNixon

    Just by looking at most of these posts, and judging by how air battles go on jaeger, there should be no more than 3 names from NC on that list. TR and VS have the best pilots, that's why NC always gets demolished when either one of the go heavy air.
  5. SoyaBeanXD

    awww come on NC demolishes any airforce once we get our act up i was just on and i danced with 10 mozzies and 4 reavers at a bio lab all i got where assists LOL :/
    now i've shot down rocket n neves a few times i don't think they are skilled anymore without the exploit XD
  6. rocketchicken

    Each and every one of you has an opinion about who they think is the best ESF pilot. When someone calls someone else "bad" their own personal skill at the game should be taken into account before weighing the "bad" judgement. So when I see someone like Soyabean call people bad or brag about their skill I take a quick look at their stats to see if they know what they're even talking about.

    Hmm, I see you are BR:37 with a 0.81 kdr. 'nuff said. :rolleyes:
  7. PureSalad

    Why do you think my list does not get updated everytime a name is said. I take everything into consideration. Although kdr does not tell the lwhole story.
  8. SoyaBeanXD

    yeah cuz i have a knack for stepping on claymores and proxy mines -.-
    and i mainly do assits thats why my BR is low i play support like engi, medic, infil and AA rocket heavy.
    i rarely go head on wif enemies but i'll be in a tank or max suit when i do XD
  9. SoyaBeanXD

    take cough syrup or flumacil if yr pharmacy has it
    i don't recommend you buying stuff that the pharmacist promotes though :/
    get a prescription from a doc flumacil literally keeps phlegm away for a day
  10. Crazy Airborne

    Hey dudes. Just found this thread. (damn no server forums) !

    I appreciate my name being added to the list, gives me the warm and fuzzies.
    I do have a lot of time in the air, but lately Ive been putting my hand in the cookie jar elsewhere. (ie infantry)
    I also play on "off time" as I live in the UK right now.

    I will definitely say RocketChicken is a great pilot, as well As Nevesnet with his Lib, its really too bad tho, that both felt the need to exploit THE CRAP out of the repair tool glitch. Lost a lot of respect for Rocket. Nevesnet is one of those pilots that will decon his lib when getting shot down, so Ive never had any respect for him, (none at all)
    Nerhesi is awesome but havent flown against him in a long time.

    Mauze? Mause? is a good NC pilot (tho sent me hate tells for no reason i could think of, when i shot him down)
    Corruptor is also a good NC pilot, but both these guys stick to rocketpods alot (tho they still have skills, I dont know if Ive really dogfought with them multiple times)
    CommanderV is an awesome lib pilot, and I can confirm his quote of me is truth. I usually engage any Lib quite freely and without hesitation, but when I see him in a 3/3 , I slow down and think more tactically. If im not running A2AM, (which i rarely use) then Its practically impossible to take him down.
    PureSalad, you are a new name to my personal list of "pilots to spot" but I remember you, and you've been on my revenge list. so well done and welcome :)

    Well TBH, I dont fly with many guys, but I know RegimeTR is a good pilot.

    I have no respect for pilots that bail or decon in the middle of a fight, and I like to think there are a few with a sense of sportsmanship about it. Ive had some great chats with fellow rival pilots, and I think its for the good of the game and our skill if we do make some friendly competition, as well as constructive critisism to eachother.

    A good VS friend of mine, Shahz, is a pretty good pilot too, and we enjoy doing some 1v1 dogfights over some deserted base in the desert. To make the best of our time, we break off when one person becomes on fire. You can learn alot when on comms with a rival pilot and hear about what he sees as you fight him.

    anyone here feel free to hit me up in game, add me to friends :)

    edit* and im sure there are some other names im not thinking of right now.
  11. Error-G37

    Where do you guys find each other? I feel like I hardly run into any pilots that make me realize how badly I just got outplayed. I suppose if I was less careless I would be out and about looking for safer areas where the dogfighting happens more often
  12. rocketchicken

    Indar is where all the fun action is at. :)
  13. Error-G37

    I guess I'll start to pay more attention when I fly there
  14. PureSalad

    I have yet to actually run into you on a regular basis, although my work schedule puts me on at off peak times. I've been around for awhile now, just mostly on Amerish. I have in the past weeks moved myself to Indar and find way more action in terms of people flying alone or in small groups.

    Oh and to everyone, remember the title of the thread "Best ESF Dogfighters" This is why my posted list rarely changes. "Good pilot" does not mean the Best Dogfighter. I take the names people throw at me, look at the facts, take into account how many times the name has been said or i've seen it around. Look at their scores which gives me a small idea on how they perform, then I try to find them in-game. The list posted right now, is about as accurate as it's going to get because the opinions from most the people In the list are that it's basically finished.

    If the best dogfighters say the list is accurate, it's most likely accurate.
  15. Crazy Airborne

    yeah sorry I derailed the thread a little, I just wanted to mention those guys that give me a run for my money every so often, hope they might catch this and chime in. this is the only Jaeger pilot thread around so :p
  16. PureSalad

    No no, don't get me wrong I appreciate all information thrown at me. Keeps the thread going. That wasn't specifically for you, but for everyone rather since I keep getting names of a bunch of people, I've never heard of before from any of the top pilots. Almost all the top pilots know who the other top pilots are and communicate between each other.

    I keep in touch with Nerhesi, and Missfrenzy almost everytime each is on and vise versa, but haven't seen them since the patch.
    How are you liking the new changes? Personally I disagree with them, the lock on bug along with fps issues, and rotary change have broken air combat for me atm. I'd like to hear more opinions on this from someone like you.

    Especially if you enjoy the changes, I'd love to hear anything good about the patch in terms of ESF flying.
  17. SpaceMilk

    For ESF pilots I cannot say, there are good and bad, I barely remember names, but nobody has stood out to me. There are Lib and Gal pilots that have however, unfortunatly I do not remember them.
    As for Codeak, we both know you did that immature thing. People like you shouldn't be playing PS2.
  18. Khainin

    Hey there just saw this thread. Great idea in the absence of actual server forums! I don't have much because I seem to always forget names.

    It's hard to judge people that I don't fly against. Sorry guys and gals if I can't give you the proper acknowledgement you deserve.

    The only pilot I remember is rocketchicken (haven't seen him in game for awhile). I've never seen him exploit even though it was mentioned and I don't think he does. It may just seem that way because he is great at disengaging and ducking behind something to repair fast lol. He is very hard to fight and I remember getting him a couple times, but I believe he has shot me down more than I have him. He is a great pilot and is prolly the sneakiest pilot I've seen in a ESF for any faction lol.

    In the heat of the moment, sometimes I don't catch the names. One of the only ones I remember is PureSalad, because I thought he had a great name which is pretty funny. I remember shooting you down once and getting shot down by you once, and one time in the last couple weeks I believe we both did the reverse maneuver and flew at each other guns blazing, in which we ended up crashing into one another lol. So he is the best I've seen for NC and I probably got lucky the one time I remember getting him.

    Theres a couple more for NC and VS, but I don't remember their names, sorry. I'll pay more attention to names from now on and give you guys some props.
  19. PureSalad

    I had my Magnetic Cert active, seems everytime someone tries to sneak up on me and rocket pod or full clip me at close distance they end up smashing into me. Either me doing it or them, it almost always happens.....I Don't like getting ******* rocket podded or 1 clipped.

    I've run into you when I first started flying. You used to rip me apart and I thought you was a beast. I can't believe I forgot your name but that was like 2 months ago? Anyways I was pretty scrub back then so you seem'd like a aimbot,not sure now days though. I learnt quick and keep learning new things each week. Well until this unfortunate patch broke the Flying.
  20. Khainin

    No aimbot for me, my conscious would never allow it lol. But as I said, I ran into you within the last 2 weeks, we made a head on pass, both turned around to engage one another and ended up colliding lol. I saw you a couple of other times ,recently ,in the distance engaging other ESFs and working them over good. I don't remember ripping you apart a couple months ago but we must have met again when you got better because from what I remember, it wasn't that long ago, and you were a beast. Plus based on recognition that you have received from other pilots, your skills have undoubtedly surpassed mine by now! I don't fly as often as I used too but I will prolly start doing it more soon so maybe I'll see you more. Good thing you mentioned flying after the patch! I was wondering why flying felt weird! I found my flying sloppy and was crashing. I thought I was going crazy!

    I hate being one clipped or podded too but if you don't get them in one pass, you get locked on by 4 different people lol now a days. Good thing Reavers are so easy to hear! I have a racer 3 mossie and I use afterburners 99% of the time, dive on targets, and punch out before I get swarmed and missled to death so If I am doing it right, I shouldn't be seen for long, if at all. I usually target liberators since I'm still sour at them for killing my tanks all the time before AA got better. I can't even stand to be in one lol.
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