Best ESF Dogfighters

Discussion in 'Waterson (US East)' started by PureSalad, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. PureSalad

    Robotchicken is almost a new character on TR. I've actually killed him quite a few times, he's only like Battle rank 8 or something. I'm not sure who the other guy is.
  2. ltcol

    Eh my bad, rocketchicken not robotchicken. he is vs and all he does is bomb infrantry when no enemy air is around from what I can gather.
  3. TheArchetype

    Operac on NC here. Only use A2AM because I can't afford the rotary... I don't use A2A on my main TR because the stock primary is actually reliable...

    Hey devs! Mustang sucks!
  4. PureSalad

    Even the Stock primary on the Reaver can do more damage than A2AMissles can.
  5. SpaceMilk

    Cajual and Codeak?

    Pfft. All they do is stay in Liberators. I met them once. I saw Codeak randomly teamkilling and TEABAGGING THEIR BODIES. Then he kills a ourfit member so I kill him.his friend Cajual then comes and they spawn kill me for several minutes. Cajual thinks I team kill. Cajual keeps sending midly threatening messages to me and I ask are they 12. Cajual says yes and Codeak says he is 11. (No wonder he has **** spelling and a bad understanding of the game) they then stop andget in a lib.
    The end.
    Both of them are idiots and douchebags. They team kill who ever is in their way. Their age means they shouldn't even be playing. They are probably from CoD.
  6. PureSalad

    This post made me laugh a little bit. Lol.
  7. LT.Col

    You guys need to get on my level.

    - LTCOL
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  8. Codeak

    i never did that
  9. LT.Col

    You call yourself a soldier?
  10. RodKimble

    I've spoken with both Cajual and Codeak on mumble once or twice and I can confirm that they are both 11 or 12. I can also comfirm that there from CoD witch means that their stupid. Cajual also eats poop. Codeak sings to butterflys. Dolla dolla bill yall.
  11. SoyaBeanXD

    I nominate

    yeah the best VS guy i ever faced is MittRackObama
    Shooting him is like using a revolver to shoot at a Fly in a room full of explosives
    TR is Miss somethin also a really good pilot haven't seen him/her around that much these days though
    and finally
    i'd like to nominate BATMAN as best suicide flyer ever
  12. SoyaBeanXD

    Nevesnet is a exploiter he's been doing it for weeks now and i'm not surprised SOE hasn't banned them i have videoed him doing auto repair exploit
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  13. SoyaBeanXD

    yeah he talks too much that i could dominate him lol
    i was sniping when i noticed him and i typed him a msg
    then he stood still and i head shot him
    until he didn't reply to me anymore XD
  14. LT.Col

    Soy remeber that time i destoryed you? Sorry rephrase

    Remeber all those times i wrecked u like a Tonka truck?
  15. LT.Col

    Lol ya nev sucks and exploits like crazy. He even sent me a tell begging me not to narc him out to higby.

    P.s. etf is preys and why should i care he has 8 kd with only 12 hours played. Talk about scrub.
  16. PureSalad

    My Thread got hi-jacked by trolls and whiners. Well it was good while it lasted.

    Almost every VS has been using the Repair exploit in the last week. I'd hardly call it exploiting when 80% of 1 team does it, that's just VS superior technology. On another note, Nevesnet from what I've seen doesnt exploit as much as some people like Tinman77.
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  17. LT.Col

  18. PureSalad

    Your in Jaeger United right? Suprised to see such a immature player from a good group of people.

    Troll away buddy.
  19. SoyaBeanXD

    nah thats cuz i have so much fun wreckin others like a tonka truck i forget about gettin wrecked XD
  20. SoyaBeanXD

    actually practically everyone in nevesnets platoon is an exploiter i been in it i've seen it
    and i've got videos of it
    unfortunately i'm workin on my Youtube vid intro so i'm not postin this stuff yet :/
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