Best community ever!

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  1. ZeroErrorz

    u meet stew360 and wisdomcube yet ? its the worst thing happend to me,even more when they start a blame war about who make the nc lost the alert...

    also each time i hear nc command on matherson its like

    nc command (after stew and wisdomcube appeear): THIS IS NC WE ARE GOING ******
  2. ZeroErrorz

    tell me the drama
  3. DevDevBooday

    Not really a bannable offense in that regard as
    1. It has a point cap (you will only get like 2 certs) That cap is specifically in place to stop padding.
    2. People do it for me alot whenever I drop an ammo pack. Are they going to ban me for a complete stranger running up to my ammo pack and firing and reloading? I didnt ask for it.

    Stat padding in this game is using things that can potentially inflate your exp forever and inflate it unrealistically. So this means stuff like using alts to pad and other means that SOE can put caps into place for.

    Otherwise technically a MAX walking outside and getting shot and walking back in for repairs is padding as well. Since this could happen they put in a repair exp cap. Padding cant happen now, at least unrealistically
  4. Levtech

    Are you playing VS? I find most friendly community members play VS for whatever reason. I log into a BR 3 VS and hop into a lib, they're nice and do not kick me out. I was rejected from a few libs, but they at least told me they were expecting someone instead of flaming me in a /tell to <insert the word> off. Also they chat a lot mroe and help newbies. NC and TR are only friendly if you join an outfit or are talking to an outfit recruiter it seems.