[Vehicle] Best Battle Flash config.?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zica96, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Zica96

    Yeah this is a noobish question to ask but i just bought the Fury, lvl 1 Wraith, lvl 1 composite armor and lvl 1 scrapper combat, so should i just keep upgrading them or use some other combo? And what is the best strategy to go with the selected loadout, go from behind when vehicles are smoking? Or you guys can suggest your'e loadouts.
  2. WetPatch

    Ditch the armor, your going to get 1 shooted either way. Go for max stealth.
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  3. Lucidius134

    Stealth or NAR since you won't be an engineer or have one.
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  4. prodo123

    Wraith Flash are more AI than AV, but with the Fury you can do some serious damage to vehicles.

    I would say yeah, go for the smoking/flaming ones, but wait for the engineer to pop out. Kill him first, then the vehicle.

    Also, kill unmanned/unsuspecting vehicles. Shoot no more than 5-6 shots before cloaking because your target will know where you are otherwise.

    I also see people not using 1st person at all, and I get why. You thought Cloverfield was bad...1st person Flash can get much worse :eek:
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  5. Zica96

    So should i change anything else or is the armor just an issue?
  6. Badname82

    Stealth Stealth Stealth. F*ck anything else in that slot.

    As an aside, it seems they buffed the ever-living hell out of the shotgun attachment. I've been getting one-shot by that thing since I've come back to the game. Obviously fury is more well-rounded, but the shotgun seems pretty sweet now for hunting infantry.
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  7. Paqu

    What good does stealth do on a wraith Flash? You wont show up on a minimap when cloaked and usually when you uncloak you are going to be shooting something so in both cases stealth will not do anything. Only place where I use stealth is when doing some rumble seat stuff and trying to plant some tank mines or C4 from it.

    Autorepair is by far the most usefull option to have since often you do take some damage from small arms fire and splash hits from explosives. Being able to repair on the go without going back to friendlies to find / switch to engineer helps a lot.

    Shotgun got two extra rounds on the magazine and small buff on its spread and damage dropoff if I remember correctly. Nothing big that all of a sudden made it a very good weapon. It has always been great, everybody just thought it sucked.

    For the OP. My suggested build would be autorepair, racer, fury and wraith. Scrapper is good too so I guess its more of a personal preference thing.

    If you are low on certs focus on getting the wraith upgraded first to at least on level 3 and get couple more shots on the Fury and go on from there by upgrading the chassis and maxing out wraith and Fury. Autorepair doesn't need to be on the max level, so you can leave it to the last.
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  8. prodo123

    Vehicles will be auto-spotted if you're close enough to one and the vehicle is not cloaked. I believe without it you can see the Flash on the minimap either 50 or 56 meters out, and max stealth will make the Flash completely autospot-proof. Let's say you're hitting one group of infantry then trying to hit another; if the other group was within 50m of the first one, then they would know you are running around somewhere and prepare something to hit you with.

    I'm not saying the auto-repair is bad (it's actually really, really good) but the stealth upgrade is definitely worth it IMO.
  9. Zica96

    It's great that i could hear some tips from you, so this is your'e go-to build for the battle flash as an all rounder? So no composite, i think Wrel mentioned that it's useful?
  10. Paqu

    The range is 100 meters without stealth. However my point is when you are cloaked you wont be seen on the minimap which makes stealth useless. When you are not cloaked it means two things:
    1. You are shooting someone in which case you will show up on the minimap whether you have stealth or not.
    2. You are trying to get the cloak recharged, but you will do it in a safe spot anyways so its unlikely enemies will be around to see you even without stealth.

    Yes this is my build. Only thing I keep switching is between Renegade and Fury depending on the situation. And stealth for those rumble seat moments.

    Composite only lets Flash take some more rounds from small arms fire and thats it. You are more likely being shot from the Flash than get your Flash destroyed by small arms shots. Composite wont save you from a direct hit from a rocket launcher or tank shell so it doesn't do much good.
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  11. Badname82

    You are not in wraith cloak full time. You need to uncloak and then you a vulnerable to everyone, most especially other stealth vehicles that can kill you without you even knowing they are there, or flying overhead. This is even going to and from the battle zone, or in the battle zone.

    100 Meters auto-spot is friggin' huge and is much larger than the range on getting spotted for shooting.

    The flash is so damn fragile anyway you are better off just pulling another one for 50 nanites, IMO, then worrying about repairing it. Or carry a pocket engy on the back for C4/Tank Mine shenanigans. For pure solo infiltrator play then auto-repair might be nice I guess.
  12. Ronin Oni

    I like NAR on Wraith.

    You don't show up on Radar when cloaked anyways, and the Flash is so loud that the map icon flashing on the screen when you decloak isn't really telling them much their ears aren't already.

    However, if you want to use Afterburner combat/travel Flash, then you want Stealth.

    Composite is pretty lulzy. It's pointless.
  13. Amouris

    Nanite Auto repair, chassis of choice, wraith cloak, & Fury/Renegade.
    NAR is essential for reducing downtime, the other upgrades are either mitigated by wraith or borderline useless as you will often die well before your flash.

    Chassis is preference, however I'd suggest you change them out depending on terrain, open flat ground is racer, hilly terrain go with surger, around bases & buildings go with scrapper.

    Fury & Renegade are both amazing weapons, use the fury when vehicles are present or when the terrain makes for easy splash damage. Renegade allows you to be out of cloak for a minimal amount of time due to its ability to quickly kill at close range.

    Keep your suit slot in mind as well, you're exposed on the flash so being able to reduce damage from explosions, tank shells etc., or take an extra two bullets can make the difference between getting away & being smeared over several meters.

    Implants is really up to either Enhanced targeting or EOD HUD, both have their uses and it really depends on what type of targets you are going for. I typically run EOD unless I'm tank hunting, being able to see AT mines has saved my life many times. You can just swerve, switch seats, toss an EMP and switch back & drive off. Easy explosive kill xp & you saved your big brother MBT from getting killed.

    Lastly find a team mate, preferably a heavy, to accompany you. Having AV grenades, C4 & a rocket launcher available opens up new possibilities with the flash, especially if you're NC and have access to the Phoenix.

    The flash is my favorite pass time in PS2, only slightly ahead of stalker sniping with the Blackhand. As you get more advanced I'd suggest trying for the Flash directive, you will learn how the other rarely used weapons can actually be effective if you use them correctly.
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