Best Assault Riffle for TR`s Heavy Assault ?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by wenart, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. wenart

    can anyone give me a suggestion on which Assault riffle are the best for Terran Republic`s heavy assault on the item mall? because every single weapon are looks same to me, I`m preffering something that good in the close, and middle range (using 4x scope maybe).

    Thanks :D
  2. MadcowwithSwineFlu

    I was looking at getting the MSWR I think it is. It has a high ROF and on the graph is as good as the bull which is 1000 certs compared to the 100 of the MSWR (btw not sure if I have its name right).
  3. wenart

    do you mean MSW-R?
  4. MadcowwithSwineFlu

    Yeah that is the one. Use the compare tool, check the boc on the item and then hover over the weapon you want to compare it to.
  5. Canaris

    sorry but I need to point out that Heavies use the LMG variant guns, the Medics have the assault rifles. ;)
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  6. TheBloodEagle

    There is no "best", only tradeoffs to fit your playstyle better. But I'd stick with the CARV for an all rounder, MSW-R for attachments so CQB is easier (same ROF but only 50 bullet per magazine) and T32 if you want accuracy (but you lose some ROF & 75 bullets per magazine).

    But...skip the rest of the LMG's and avoid the Battle Rifle (AMR-66).
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  7. CaptAmazing

    Agreed. TheBloodEagle sums it up pretty nicely.
  8. BuddhiBadugi

    why don't you like the battlerifle? Single-fire doesn't suit anyone, but apart from that?
  9. Talizzar

    The AMR-66 did not impress me. HA is not usually sitting back pecking away at enemies. You have a big shield so get in there and fight.

    I use the MSW. I also like the 50. It has a slow rate of fire but it hits hard. The T32 sounds interesting to try. I might have to trial it.
  10. LameFox

    Battle rifle is decent at being a battle rifle. I prefer it on engineer though for when carbines are too short-ranged. Machineguns can kinda make up for that easier by just being like 'here, have a lot of bullets' so there's less incentive as HA.
  11. Kyutaru

    Although it's been mentioned already, I have to say... assault rifles? I -wish- we had assault rifles, I'd trade our LMGs for the Cycler TRV any day. It surpasses the CARV in every way besides clip size and you do not need 100 bullets to kill people unless you can't aim.
  12. huller

    I use the default CARV with forward gip and NV scope, everything that's out of range for the NV scope is out of range of your gun. everything that does render in NV is dead meat (meaning everything < 50m) The only downsides are the long equip and reload times but this gun just keeps on spitting out bullet after bullet after bullet. I love it.
  13. Kaon1311

    Try out the TMG-50 :)
    I use it with compensator, forward grip, high velocity ammo and 3.4 scope (the laser dot one?)
    great at long range and medium range and not too shabby at cqc.
    But for the biodomes i switch between that and the MSW-R (depending wether im defending or attacking)
    And forgot to mention, is great at single shot sniper sniping :p
  14. OldMaster

    I use tmg50. It's fine
  15. MaxDamage

    Certed out MSW-R for hipfire, at which it is fantastic.
    I'm still refusing to give up on my CARV S, the number of rounds, solid damage at distance with HV ammo and range of attachments still make it a powerful, reliable tool. It just struggles to keep up with light assault's carbines + speed, and medics battle rifles will outsnipe you long range, though the semi auto firemode can be very useful.
    I'd say stick with default CARV and NV.
    Battle rifle has some of the highest damage per shot, and maintains range damage well. Up close it's practically a shotgun. It is by no means a regular gun for me, but it can be one of the most fun.
  16. AngryPlayer

  17. Celebrinborn

    The 100 cert MG is amazing
  18. Talizzar

    I just got the T32 and I like it. I have also used the MSW and the TMG50. At longer ranges the 50 is really nice. I like the MSW as it it is usually pretty easy to handle in mid to close range encounters. I don't have enough time on the T32 to really give a good report.

    I am also curious what the front grip is doing if the gun has no horizontal recoil. Is the description of the grip wrong or what is it doing for them?
  19. Jex =TE=

    I bought the TMG-50 (I think it's called) it has 75 rounds and has a slower ROF than the carv and does more damage (and more recoil) - in theory - in practice after using it quite a lot I went back to my Carv - the stock LMG I can't really fault but like all things, it's down to preference
  20. Ubikuuu

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