Best armor?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Bronze Centipede, Feb 15, 2023.

  1. Bronze Centipede

    I'm pretty new to the game. Articles online said I should get Nanoweave for my engineer, but I heard lately that Nano has been nerfed.

    I mostly just supply ammo and repair vehicles. What armor should I be investing in for my engineer. (I'm also interested in hearing about the best armor for other professions).
  2. Liewec123

    Yeah nanoweave was needed a long time ago and is pretty bad now unfortunately,
    Advanced Shield Capacitor works really well with engi, since it stacks with engines faster shield regen :)
  3. ohmikkie

    I stock flak armour on every build. Seems the most useful in general especially in large standoff fights.
    Helps with grenade spam and AI mines.
  4. Obtusa

    Don't use armor because Grenade Bandolier is the way to go. So, get that and upgrade your Ammunition Package range to become a walking ammo/repair god.
  5. Shatteredstar

    Grenade bando unless you're going into tight quarters firefight and expect to need to survive, then flak. Can make a case for either really but especially if you're gonna be like riding a mana turret flak.
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  6. placeholder22

    Flak is the way to go until you are very advanced.
    The advanced stuff is Bionics + Advanced Shield Capacitor