Best and Worst 3 things about the factions

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  1. z1967

    Magrider ran over my Lightning, got stuck on my AP turret and exploded. 10/10 nearly died of debris.
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  2. Moonheart

    Huhu, sounds like a challenge to me!!!
    Let's take 10 flashes and 10 magriders and have them race to see which one get the farther without killing itself !!
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  3. Kunavi

    Best : Solid selection of ARs(If not a bit too similar except the SABR), impressive standard issue Pistol, ~900ROF weapons can potentially be fun to use. So there are some "High-Lights" let's call them but they are few and scarce, like the Pounders for instance. Even then, they're not exactly superior to their competitors from the other 2 Factions. Nerf TR even just a little more and SOE might as well completely remove them.
    Worst : I'll need a roll of toilet paper to list them on, both sides. Main gripes? Boring design, mediocre and bland weapons, terrible Trait/Counter-Trait balance and trait choices, ES stuff look good on paper but don't deliver or are extremely situational. Camo and cosmetics are practical, if a bit "Meh". TR generally feels like the real NS Faction and that's a major disappointment, especially to players who play all Factions. I don't feel good switching from PPA to Marauder, or returning to my TMG or Bull after using the Orion. And after trying the NC's MAX, GL adjusting back to the TR's.

    Best : MAX, WinShield, Phoenix(And best SMG and HA ES weapon- I also consider the Cannister and the Enforcer really, really good at their roles- The prior could have been a bit more unique).
    Worst : I am not sure what NC don't do right, and even if there are a few things I have in mind they aren't exactly the "Worst" in PS2 either. Apart from what I feel they do best, their other stuff is actually viable if not somewhat situational and that is what you'd expect from such a Faction. I suppose I could say I don't like how they look but I totally get why they are designed like that... Since this all is about personal opinions I suppose then, I should list that I do not like how NC look. Great sounds, screeching MAX missiles can deafen you though. Horrid camo options!

    Best : Pass me another toilet paper roll. Their absolute best though? Their MBT, ESF(Saying that in general, it's not really good at one thing but it's generally more than good so it makes the list), best AI turret, best AV turret, best Carbine, best LMG, possibly the best AR. Even their cosmetic stuff are probably the best over all in terms of quality and looks, including having the best camouflage options- Even the standard issue one.
    Worst : The problem with the Vanu is that all these particular toys aside they don't offer much, so viable options are limited(Though let's face it, why'd you want variety when your stuff WORKS?) and while they are well designed they too have ridiculous amounts of CopyPasta models. But when you compare all that against having controllable weapons and the fastest reloading(Cherry on the Top : Some weapons have no drop) it's actually a good deal. Some of their sound and visual effects can be extremely annoying, as Vanu(But then one's targets suffer just as much). Most of their weapons feel like cheap plastic toys, that's more of a problem than one might imagine.

    So I understand this is not really a discussion but sharing opinions so since I did that, I'll not respond to any comments to my opinion. Job done here, so to speak. No offense.
  4. KenDelta

    NC :

    Best :
    1-Vanguard model

    Worse :

    TR :
    Best :
    1-Prowler lockdown.
    3-Superiority(on most servers I play on atleast)

    Worse :
    1-EVERY infantry model.

    VS :
    1-Infiltrator model:eek: (female)
    2-Techno , Rave parties and Dubstep.

    Worse :
    1-HA Male model(default camo-less)
    2-LMGs(inb4 blasphemy)
    3-PPA/Saron nerfs every patch.:eek:
  5. Camycamera

    mostly infiltrator, i used hunter cloak, nanoweave health kits, the dart gun, and the default repeater.
  6. SuperTrooperWaterloo

    Like you said... INFANTRY FARMING. Everything else can do the job.... harrasser with AI gun etc.... well ALL vehicles from every faction can equip an equal infantry farmer. Just pull a mag or vanguard to counter it. The prowler is predicted to lose tankfights. More easy for vanguards than mags because the shield still wins in a 1v1 shoots battle vs a locked down prowler....... what is by the way ridiculous because the prowler needs time to deploy (and un-deploy) and is forced to stay on the position.
  7. a-koo-chee-moya

    I always thought the VS Iron Sights were the worst. I can only see parts of the person I'm shooting at.
  8. a-koo-chee-moya

    Magrider HE: 4
    Magrider HEAT: 7
    Magrider AP: 13
    Magrider AI Secondary: 4
    Margrider AT Secondary: 12
    Magrider Halberd: 15

    Prowler HE: 4
    Prowler HEAT: 7
    Prowler AP: 15
    Prowler AI Secondary: 3
    Prowler AT Secondary: 11
    Prowler Halberd: 11

    Vanguard HE: 4
    Vanguard HEAT: 7
    Vanguard AP: 12
    Vanguard AI Secondary: 3
    Vanguard AT Secondary: 13
    Vanguard Halberd: 12
    What were you saying?

    I will never get TR complaints about having to stay still to increase DPS. Its not like Prowler is the Magrider, which needs its mobility to be competitive. Prowler is never going to be able to dodge tank rounds, so you might as well increase your DPS.
  9. Iridar51

    Worst of TR:
    - no good high-DPS carbine. Lynx does too little damage per shot, and it's too short range to be used without 75% ADS. In real combat it's inferior to Armistice within 15-20m. Jaguar is awesome, but sometimes you need just a bit more oomph than 143 / 750.
    - no good 167-damage weapons at all. TMG-50 and Cougar are serviceable, but worse than NC / VS counterparts, and SABR is a burst weapon, so it's entirely another can of worms.
    - Bland SMGs. I wish Hailstorm would differ from Armistice more.

    Best of TR:
    - Jaguar
    - Armistice is the only ES weapon with 125 damage that I consider truly worth using.
    - Anchored prowler / Burster MAX gives awesome feeling.
  10. Dracorean

    Pro: High damage weapons, Effective at CQC, Durable MBT and MAX units.
    Con: Weapons are difficult to control, Slow rate of fire, some equipment have questionable effectiveness.

    Pro: High rate of fire, Tight cone of fire, High DPS MBT and MAX units.
    Con: Low damage per shot, poor aimed accuracy, flimsy tanks.

    Pro: Controllable weapons, Low projectile drops, Mobile MBT's and MAX units.
    Con: Poor projectile velocities, Poor side arm selection, flimsy MAX units.

    I could add a few more pros, for NC their equipment selection is very synergistic with other player load outs and their projectile velocities are quite high. TR have high ammo pool to compensate for low projectile damage, their weapons are also quite versatile given their fire mode settings. VS have some weapons with a heat mechanic set to them and can reload quite quickly compared to other factions weapons.
  11. Paragon Exile

    For VS:


    1. We have one or two weapons per category which are god-tier. Think Orion/SVA, Terminus/H-V45, Pulsar C/Serpent.
    2. We're the good guys, just us.
    3. Best faction to tryhard in.
    4. Space spandex disco parties.


    1. All our other weapons are terrible versions of other factions' weapons or clear downgrades in certain respects. Think Corvus, Zenith, Flare, Polaris, etc.
    2. Our pistols may as well shoot water beyond 10 metres.
    3. Our faction traits are ill-defined and not unique like the NC's and TR's.
    4.Several of our weapons are flat-out copy & pastes of each other, and visually the faction can get monotonous in this respect.
  12. DatVanuMan

    1. You mean the Polaris.
    3. That really doesn't mean much...
    4. Indeed. Especially the pistol part. Stupid burst pistols:mad:
    5. Meh. Not much of a problem.
    6. Make 'em look like the Lasher!:p
  13. DatVanuMan

  14. Paragon Exile

    You think the Flare and Polaris are not watered-down NC weapons. lel.

  15. FieldMarshall

    If you are fighting a Magrider with anything other than the Vanguard/Prowler AP gun, its actually more likely to kill itself instead :eek:
    Something to think about next time you attack it with your RL.
  16. Ronin Oni

    look back on page 1 at cause of vehicle deaths.

    Prowler AP canon is #1 cause of both Vanguard and Magrider deaths

    Here, I'll even repost it for you
    Hell, Prowler AP has killed more Vanguards than Magrider FPC + saron combined!
  17. Vixxing

    Solo Mag vs AP lightning is a close fight, Solo lightning vs Vanguard or Prowler is slaughter... Check stats for how many planes that gets KILLED by tanks you will see some serious balance issues...
  18. Vixxing

    On Vanu downside i should have said ES-weaponry while Lancer is decent all our pistols especially Spiker, and Phaseshift is just horrible beyond beleive... (id kill for a railjack to auraxium or even a trap) Its a pain to Auraxium ghost for Special sniperrifle since its so short range, but still better than Phaseshift that would take years...
  19. DatVanuMan

    I do, actually. Don't you think the Orion is a TR weapon in disguise?
  20. sagolsun

    The prowler is like a heavy-duty agricultural tool. It's ugly, dirty and without grace, but it plows.

    I imagine some concept artist at SOE was asked to design the prowler, and came up with something similar to the above render. Higby came in and said "no, that's not distinctive enough". The designer got angry, slapped an off-center turret on a lunchbox and came to higby "All tanks look similar for a reason, you know, it's because it works. This is what happens if you..." - before he could finish, Higby exclaimed "PERFECT, I love it, you read my mind, just make it more hamburger and less lunchbox and we're set"
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