Best and Worst 3 things about the factions

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  1. Fellhermit

    Best 3 worst 3

    List 'em. Feel free to copy my format.

    Be as general or specific as you'd like. Leave out factions you don't play if you like. Include balance related issues or things that are quality of life related(there's some overlap).

    Here, in my opinion of course, are the best and worst things about the factions currently -


    Best -
    • Anti-vehicle options - Ravens, Phoenix, Vanguard add up to the strongest AV capability of all factions.
    • Variety - Overall it just seems they have a larger number of useful and significantly different weapons.
    • CQC - Jackhammer / shotgun MAX dominate, plus NC's SMG options are the best.
    Worst -
    • Armor/Color Scheme - I find the blue/yellow colors to be ugly and oversatured/bright and terrible for camos
    • ESF - Slow base speed, large hitbox, hardest to use AI nosegun, just not user friendly
    • Starter LMG - Giving the SAW with no attachments to new players is just plain mean

    Best -
    • Assault Rifles - Just a great variety of solid AR options, including the best burst fire primary in PS2.
    • Solo Tank - For super lazy infantry farming/camping, hard to beat the Prowler.
    • Armor/Color Scheme - TR just look better than VS and NC IMO. More professional, less..cartoonish/ugly.
    Worst -
    • Accuracy - Horizontal recoil is a widespread(cwidt) issue, and TR has lackluster mid-long guns(except SABR).
    • AV options - Worst ESRL, worst AV MAX weapons, and the Prowler is weak in direct vehicle combat.
    • Infiltrator - Weak SMGs, worst AP mines for no reason, and a pretty terrible ES "sniper rifle".

    Best -
    • LMG. Note, I'm not using plural "LMGs" here. Orion is the best LMG.
    • Tank - Magrider has good AI or AV, and can be used effectively at more bases due to hover. And it's fun.
    • Iron Sights - While NC has some good ones, VS is the faction I have the least trouble with here. TR's suck.
    Worst -
    • Variety - VS has less varied damage/RoF options overall, many bland NS-ish weapons, no good pistols, etc.
    • Tracers - VS tracers blind me most when firing, and are easiest to see when on TR/NC. Is it just me?
    • Gun Aesthetics - Many seriously ugly and copy/pasted models, the carbines especially bother me.
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  2. T0x1s


    Nice list. This should be pinned for new players to see so they easier can see what fits them the most.

    Add bad ironsights to TR list.

    I have started playing VS for a little bit mainly for the ironsights.
    It is easier to use those instead for reflex.
    Soe plz rewamp TR ironsights. The last one on the AMP was amazing.
    They are not only ugly but some is off centered(AMR, TAR etc..)
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  3. Camycamera

    you wot m8?

    the hailstorm is by far one of my favourite guns in the entire game, i enjoyed every second of it before i arauxium'd it and moved on to another gun, while using it gave me the biggest killstreaks i have ever gotten, and provided me with some of my most enjoyable experiences in this game. it is one of the best SMGs in the game, i haven't tried the other TR SMG though, but i hear its good as well.
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  4. T0x1s

    What loadout did you use and class?
  5. _itg

    I think claymores are the best AP mines, actually. In my experience, they're the only mine that can reliably kill you from outside your LOS (usually just behind the doorframe), so you can't avoid them simply by being aware of your surroundings--you actually have to predict the mine is there and take active measures to avoid/destroy it.. They've got the ability to stick to walls or even vehicles, too. I get killed by claymores 3x more often than proximity mines.

    As for the TRAP, well, at least it's different. The Railjack is basically a worse Longshot, which means it's not terrible, but there's also very little reason to use it. The Phaseshift is my favorite of the bunch. Not because it's excellent, but because it has a niche other rifles don't fill.
  6. Demigan

    ... Seriously?

    The Prowler has the highest DPS of all tanks, it has 21% more DPS than the Vanguard to the front and 17% more DPS to the side, this is after applying armor and weapon modifiers.
    The Magrider and Prowler both have about the same statistics in kills and vehicle kills, but the Vanguard is outperformed by both in kills and vehicle kills.

    As for worst AV MAX weapons on the TR. Against tanks they might not be that good as the other two, but overall... the pounders kick some ***. Great against single or group infantry, pretty good against tanks that got too close.
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  7. DrPapaPenguin

    Ill go ahead and do the 3 for all factions at once:

    * Competent players
    * Good players
    * Great players

    * Blind players
    * Immature players
    * Terribad players

    Everything else is not a big deal.

    Also, dont you talk crap about TRAP, that thing is a beast in cqc.
  8. Allin

    LMG's: ONE top weapon, One very decent (SVA-88). And TONS TONS of mediocre crap. It's not really an advantage if that's the case with every empire.
    Tank - Seriously? It's original, and that's about it. This strafe everyone talks about that is SO beneficial, diminishes a lot becasue we have slowest projectile velocity, giving enemy tank at long range the SAME time to dodge as we have due to better side movement and faster projectile velocity of enemies. Not to mention dodging is terrible becasue of lag, hit detection and other crap (projectile fly past, yet still hits etc)

    Ironsights?... wow, that's a serious benefit...

    Downsides you got right, but there's plenty more thanx to "nerf vanu" campaign that lasted for 2 years already.
  9. Xasapis

    Here are the MBT deaths stats from the last 30 days:


    Some observations going through them:
    • MBTs killed by air was not significant enough to make it to the list. That was a bit of a surprise.
    • Secondaries make it to the list of high threats, though in the case of TR it's the Halberd. Only the Saron percentage is high enough to make it to the combined list.
    • The third largest threat to the Magriders is exploding on their own. The others have a tendency to explode as well, but at a lesser percentage.
    • The biggest threat to MBTs is other MBTs.
    • C4 is the second highest threat to MBTs. Mines is the third highest.
    • Dumpfire missiles is the fourth highest threat to all tanks, though in smaller percentages for Magriders. None of the empire specific launchers are on the list.
    • Engineer turrets kill less vehicles than dumpfires, but are a significant enough threat to make the list.
    • TR is the only faction that seems to die from static base turrets (Phalanx).
    • VS is the only faction that seems to die from Lightning AP cannon.
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  10. Disconsented

    I disagree on the Reaver because:
    Air Hammer & V-Trust/Reverse manovuor
  11. Allin

    That's because of our awesome mobility and dodge!
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  12. Moonheart

  13. Moonheart

    LOLLLL Magrider, the only tank that kills himself more often than a single opposing empire suceed to blow it with C4 !!!!

    And gratz to VS LAs ! Your are the best C4 faeries! :)
  14. Diilicious

    because your MBT should be as fast or maneuverable as a light tank
  15. CNR4806

    Forget all of those, biggest discovery:
    Vehicle suicide is ranked #3 on Magrider destruction!:eek:
  16. MiniSentrygun


    Best -
    • Free Bolt action sniper
    • Coolest MAX model
    Worst -
    • Zerging is boring
    • Gauss SAW sucks *** without 300 certs, might as well buy the GD-22 S

    Best -
    • High ROF makes it easier to play at bad FPS
    • Dual Pounders
    Worst -
    • Ugliest MAX
    • Striker

    Best -
    • Semi auto sniper has no bullet drop
    • Spandex booty
    • Disco weapons ( Lasher, Lancer, PPA, Vortex )
    Worst -
    • Every weapon looks the same, it's disgusting.
    • Magrider cannon drop
    • Every LMG except Orion is crap
  17. z1967


    -40 Rounds of Dakka standard
    -Wide variety of farming tools

    -Inaccurate dakka
    -Tank looks like a lunchbox with a pistol on top
    -AV vehicle secondaries are pretty shabby
  18. cruczi


    • starter sniper rifle, generally all starter loadouts are excellent
    • long range game in general
    • SMG's
    • WG parties
    • camouflage and stealth
    • stupidest looking player models (MAXes look idiotic, females look uncomfortable in their gear, especially HA with composite)
    • the most annoying to fight with

    • cloak sound
    • MBT
    • DAKKA
    • voice acting & music
    • ESF AI weapon
    • long range carbine (T5 AMC)
    • ES weaponry (fractures, vulcan, striker, TRAP, AMP is a repeater downgrade)

    • camouflage and stealth
    • ESF
    • sound effects
    • heavy hitting carbine (Pulsar C)
    • shotguns and LMG's (apart from Orion)
    • pistols
    • announcer voice
    • the most annoying to fight against
  19. CNR4806

    Agreed, the final design for the Prowler is ridiculous, especially compared to the gorgeous concept art.

    The NC got a modern MBT, the Vanu have a cool sci-fi floating tank, and we got a god damn lunch box with a ridiculous turret.

    I mean, even if they REALLY have to have the Prowler get 2 main guns, there's something much nicer to ripoff than the PS1 Prowler, like the M61A5 (itself a refined version of a pre-1980 design):
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  20. DFDelta

    Not surprising actually.
    Have you ever seen how often they randomly explode of you bump your sides on a wall, stair railing, tree or similar placed prop?

    Especially using the turbo makes you about as likely explode as a flash.
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