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  1. xthezerohunter

    Here's a list of what to do before you call something OP. Following this list will allow both parties, calling for change and constant, to better understand where you are coming from.

    1.Make a video demonstrating how it is OP.
    You think heavy shields are OP? Show us some evidence. You think the VS have it easy with "no bullet drop" prove it. You think the NC Ravens are overpowered? Prove it. Instead of just saying "it's op pls nerth" give people something to work with. It will allow you to seem like you know what you are talking about. This will also separate the bad from the good. If someone uploads a video of them playing infiltrator using a crossbow with only detect bolts and trying to kill a MAX, we laugh at them for being dumb and bad. If someone uploads a video with them playing infiltrator and dying from a HA, but they don't see why they were killed, help them. Point out all the flaws, show them step by step how they messed up and why they messed up and how they can get better, teach them their mistakes. If people choose to learn from their mistakes then we help them, if they continue to whine and complain and refuse to learn and adapt, we call them out for it. This will separate those who actually want a nerf and have the logic of why it needs to happen, and those who are just misinformed and want to "be fair" in this war-simulation game.

    2.If someone tells you why it's a bad idea using evidence and logic, respond the same way. If you are the first to get belligerent in an argument on the internet then no one will respect what you have to say. Calm down, take a breath, and explain. This goes for both parties.

    3. Man up you Justin Bieber looking otter. You call yourself a soldier? Back in my day if we wanted change we had to see a plane on fire using nothing but bubblegum and bodily fluids, and that was on a good day. You need to man up maggot. If you want us to put dispenser here, then you need to put teleport there.

    5. 4 went on a walk.

    6. I'm scared of 7 because he ate 8 and 9. He's a sick Higby, if you see him turn the other way immediately.

    7. Heard you talking Nanites bruh.

    10. Make the video have as much evidence as you need. Don't upload a 5 minute video and then demand a nerf, upload an entire play session if possible that way we can see what your style of play is, how you react in situations, and how you advance on the enemy. I would prefer at least 30m, but you do what you gotta do.

    11. Understand that you are not in a hugbox nor are you in an echo chamber. Every persons opinion is as valid as they make it. If someone makes a well-thought opinion, treat it as such; if someone makes a tenth-*** babble after taking 5 pounds of heroin, treat it as such.

    12. I don't like lists. So it's really only 4 things, I'm just still going cause I'm bored.

    13. Don't act like you will play the game to infinity and beyond. Understand that whatever change you make, will effect future players as well. A nerf today could become a buff tomorrow.

    14. Just realized that Nerf Calls are actually against forum rules lol
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  2. Goldmonk

    I like this list. It's a good ****ing list.
  3. FBVanu

    This list is totally overpowered.. I call for an immediate nerf to this list..
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  4. NoobStylerIGERI

  5. Weterman

    Nerf calls are not allowed, but you can say something is overpowered and say why it should be changed. Which is exactly what a nerf call is.

    But I'd like to add a number: If someone says something is op, and they give a reason, don't ignore the reason. If you think it is not op, say why the reason he gave is not right. Don't just give another reason that it isn't op.

    If you look at this, most of the replies are bs.
    the first one just says I'm a troll.

    And don't just say that it isn't op because it's not. Ex. OP: "Magrider is op."
    Person that thinks is not op: "The lightning can easily kill the magrider. If anything, it's under powered."

    In this case, the person that thinks it's not op must tell why it is not op. A better response would be:

    "The lightning python does more damage than the magrider stock weapon, and just a little less than the magrider anti vehicle weapon. The lightning with turning ability upgraded all the way can simply drive under the mag, turn around and shoot him from the back. The mag won't be able to turn quickly enough, and when the mag does eventually turn, the lightning can just go under the mag again, then shoot him from behind again, and the mag will likely be killed by now"
  6. Badname707

  7. Silkensmooth

    You do know that you can bind the look left and right buttons and use those to turn your maggy? You dont have to rotate with the mouse.

    Combine that with the abilty to move laterally and no one should ever be able to just drive under you and shoot you in the butt.
  8. Weterman

    No, changing the keys doesnt make it easier to play, and thats just an example
  9. DrPapaPenguin

    Sounds like too much work to make devs do something they totally owe us to do. I mean, we play the game, we spend money, we own it, right?
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  10. Liewec123

    to be fair, much of what people call OP is just obvious and doesn't require a list.

    for example my main is NC and i wouldn't even bother trying to claim that Ravens aren't OP because they just are,
    sure i use them and love them, but sometimes you have to face facts, they're OP :)
  11. Taemien

    Just report them for Nerf Calling. That's what I did to that other 'Nerf Vanguard's' thread and RadarX got right on it.

    Seriously all the nerf threads and this or that is OP stuff is getting old. Its time to let the CM's handle it, otherwise the board will get clogged up.
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  12. Goldmonk

    I just did a spit take. Thanks for the laugh.
  13. xthezerohunter

    That's number 1...
  14. Weterman

    No. Number 1 is telling to give reasons something is op.

    My number is telling to give reasons against the original poster that the thing is not op.
  15. Ronin Oni

    True, and binding tank turn to fwd/back mouse buttons was the best thing I ever did for my mag piloting....

    that doesn't change the fact EVERY day I roll lightning against VS I'm able to pull this move off.

    "Bads will be bads" as they say ;)

    Also, in a head on 1v1 (as in, no secondary gunner) a lightning will generally beat an equal skilled Mag pilot.
  16. Anonymous Qwop

    I seriously doubt that. Not to be cocky or anything...actually, I am going to be cocky. I will seriously f**k up any dumb lightning that dares try to kill me. That's right, I am calling out every single one of you lighting pilots on this game! I will even tell you my strategy!

    Close up: Magburn behind you and use my main gun to take you down half health, and switch to my secondary seat to finish the job.

    Long range: I will strafe and shoot you to death.

    Mid range: I will play a three-way rock/paper/scissors match within my head to decide if I should rush you, go long range, or stay at mid-range.

    I might get too cocky and try to kill you with a walker on top.

    Seriously though, I can't even fathom any MBT pilot, even solo, losing to an equally skilled lightning pilot. Each MBT could use both guns between reload to out dps the lightning.The lightning is simply the worst tank in the game. If a MBT pilot loses to a single lightning, the lightning pilot simply played better.