Before you call for an NC Max nerf...

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  1. JibbaJabba

    Calm down.

    It is day 1. Lots of people, myself included, switched over to our NC toons for a bit to try the Max out.

    Servers are seeing roving hordes of blue maxes now and even if completely underpowered they would still seem like too much right now.

    Let the dust settle. We can't even tell what impact they are having now.

    And *as always*
    Play the other factions. Use whatever class / gun / item / vehicle that you are asking to nerf. Get good at it to find it's shortcomings.
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  2. Bonemiser

    Messed with Mattock, Mercy and Blueshift in VR Training. At first I was bugged by it, but in terms of output they all get essentially the same TTK; it's just that Mattock chunks people for 800 at ~25m then finishes them with the second salvo. You get even less warning than Mercy gave you.

    I definitely see the patch leaving a sour taste in every Bio Lab fighter's mouth. The layout is ideal for Mattocks, and ClientSide + MAX spam only exacerbate that. The problem isn't so much that NC MAXes are broken, just that the game isn't built in a way for shotgun MAXes with on-demand shields to feel balanced. IMO they've gone from clearly the worst to arguably the best -- not because of the weapons themselves, but because of base design, netcode issues and NC-exclusive Aegis Shield. It will be interesting to see how they go forward from here.
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  3. Towie

    ...and this hasn't gone unnoticed ! NC managed to hold a completely cut-off Biolab for quite some time last night - much to the detriment of their overall territory (and the overall alert), they were just having a bit of fun.

    However the NC MAX has been bad for a long time. I remember when the Mjolnir was 'buffed' from absolutely dreadful to half decent and we had a TR Harasser driver come moaning on the forum that they couldn't win a 1v1 point blank exchange any more with a Mjolnir Harasser ! We need to let the dust settle a bit...
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  4. OneShadowWarrior

    They should have never nerfed them in the first place, just removed slugs and work from there, but of course they went overboard and the NC got to feel a small sliver of pain.

    You should try TR, where everything you used got nerfed and whatever was new was subpar compared to the other factions, then once NS/NSX weapons arrived and large bulk of TR stuff became obsolete.
  5. Toppestofkeks

    TR havent received anything since 2013 I believe, when we got fractures. Those were nerfed into the state of uselessness within like a week lmao. The only reason why I switched from maining VS to TR, is because I am apparently a masochist. NC have been the most OP faction since day one, and VS have a couple of fun toys to play with as wel. TR just have nothing....
  6. Liewec123

    I thought you were just mentally impaired on the subject of NC max, nice to see you're consistent.
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  7. Toppestofkeks

    I am afraid you are right. I probably am mentally impaired. Because if I wasn't, I too would be playing the faction that currently has 41% of the population. All the overpowered tools that would instantly be at my disposal.... I mean... u-underpowered, b-buff the NC, what the hell are you guys doing, make it a one faction game already.
  8. TR5L4Y3R

    funny: on cobalt i played NC for 3 weeks (i rotate between factions) and whenever i play them NC is on avarage losing alarms compared to TR and VS .. and it´s often TR who have most pop were NC and VS are mostly even in pop.. ...

    ok currently nc is on 38% pop ... on average they are 32% to 34% .... i wonder why they are so many now ... maybe like .. MAYBE cause of the max buff ... give it another week .. and and tr will be toppop again
  9. Money

    This is the third time in these forums that someone has refered to Alerts as "Alarms". Did I miss a memo?
  10. TR5L4Y3R

    alerts, alarm ... same thing

    alerts are alarming, alarms are alerting .. i don´t know

    in german alert is translated to Alarm so i may mix them up ...
  11. JibbaJabba

    The only way in the English language to spell incorrectly correctly is when you spell it incorrectly.
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  12. Peebuddy

    It's mainly the aegis shield, you can't kill them unless you completely over-run them. When you can't kill them they snowball until half the population's a scatt max.

    They need to move really slowly when their shields activated like Reinharts shield, the current downside of not being able to fire isn't enough because as I said they're snowballing the longer the fight goes on because they really tanky.
  13. That_One_Kane_Guy

    If you're talking about vehicles I can't comment, but there is nothing at all wrong with the TR's infantry arsenal.

    You believe incorrectly. All three factions have been receiving new content as recently as 2019 which if my math is correct is slightly more recent than 2013. Your masochism apparently extends into the realm of making rectal extraction comments in lieu of spending 5 seconds to fact-check yourself with Google. Commendable.

    ...Except some of the best infantry weapons in any given category, but you're right, nothing...
  14. Atorum

    HAHAHAHA Which moron decided that NC MAX needs a buff. I just got 2 shoted from 50 meters by an NC MAX. ****, are developers that ******** or that biased? Jesus Christ, seriously, are they brain damaged?
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  15. Toppestofkeks

    Not sure if you are intentionally trying to derail the discussion or if you are the type who struggled in High school with math. Obviously I am talking about items worth mentioning. "fact check" lmao. You spend too much time on twitter kid.
    Really then name even a single one of such mythical TR weapons that outclass the other factions? If I wanna play infantry I usually relog to VS...
  16. InexoraVC

    Indeed. 30-50m is OK for a buffed NC MAX shotguns. NC MAXes are game breakers now
  17. OldSchoolD

    People are shocked because they're so used to getting tickled by Gorgons when seeing a blue Max. It will pass.
    I'd call for a return to their former glory for all 3 factions Maxes, they cost big certs but they're glass tigers, make them great again instead.
  18. Thalestr

    Doesn't seem any different from the usual MAX bullcrap. I don't care what the colour of the MAX is - they're all infantry farmers and cert printers as far as I'm concerned. Total fun-ruiners for fights.

    I'd honestly rather see them all blanket nerfed or just removed, but that can't happen because people have real money invested in their MAXes.
  19. That_One_Kane_Guy

    You, little man, are the one who came crashing into the discussion at Mach Stupid with a fist full of ignorance and poorly crafted snark. All I did was respond to it. If that is derailment perhaps consider it an indictment of your own failure to contribute.
    Obviously. Backpedal harder, please.
    Are you serious? TORQ-9, MSW-R, Armistice, Jaguar, T1 Cylcer, Watchman, the freaking Kindred? The best sidearm options of any faction by far? I will kindly assume your ignorance stems from the majority of your experience on the TR perhaps coming from the inside of a vehicle, or maybe a MAX suit, rather than the utter lack of FPS skill such opinions would ordinarily imply.
  20. Demigan

    Well that's odd.

    Mattocks deal 300 damage per shot per arm at 50m, so 600 per salvo. 2 salvo's deal 1200 damage, which would just kill your average nanoweave wearing person.
    Assuming all pellets hit.
    Now at 50m no MAX worth his salt will be standing still at any point, although standing still would already generate a 1.5 pellet spread. You can't fire your arms simultaneously, so the first salvo will consist of one arm having 0.5 COF and 1.5 pellet spread with the second arm having 1 COF and 1.5 pellet spread. The second volley will have 1 arm with 1,5 COF+1.5 pellet spread and the last arm dealing the killing blow has a whopping 2 COF+1.5 pellet spread.
    Yes that is a total of 3.5 COF (made worse because first the 2 COF is caluculated and then the pelletspread is centered around where the "bullet" was supposed to go). That's like walking forwards with the Archer, hipfiring it and expecting it to hit at 50m. Oh no wait the Archer is more accurate than that, on top of the fact that the game has to land all 4 pellets of the last shot into the target. Not to mention that it has to also land the other 12 pellets despite the RNG involved. It's in fact so bad that both shots of the last salvo have less accuracy than the archer while hipfiring it on the move.

    Let's compare it to the Mercy.
    The Mercy has a starting COF of 1.75 while moving. It has 0.05 bloom per shot rather than 0.5, so it can fire 5 shots before it reaches the baseline of the NC MAX Mattocks.
    Ofcourse the Mercy deals 125 damage at 50m. You would have to hold the trigger and fire 25 shots before you would reach the total COF+pelletspread of the NC Mattocks, which is 25% of the two magazines combined. So the question is: Do you feel that at 50m the Mercy is still accurate?
    Ofcourse it doesn't really matter, because the Mercy is more accurate than the Mattocks.

    At 426RPM the Mercy fires 7 shots per second, or 14 shots with 2 arms.
    It takes 10 shots to kill a single nanoweave players with no headshots for a TTK of 0,56 (I'm taking 2 shots off there because the first shots are "free". Just like you don't count the first shots on the shotguns).

    Let's put this into perspective:
    The Mercy has more ammo per magazine, way more accuracy, more consistency (shotguns have double COF due to first calculating COF then adding the pellet spread to that), better ROF, an actual chance to aim for headshots which reduces the TTK to about the same level as the Mattocks but the single fact that the Mattocks can potentially score a faster kill than them if the RNG gods are extremely favorable is what makes Mattocks OP?

    Oh wait no you guys are claiming that all shotguns on the NC MAX are now OP. You aren't specifying anything because guess what? I bet this is just a made up story. You were probably already damaged or even just outright invented it, which is why you aren't actually specifying what shotgun killed you or just randomly saying "it was 50m I'm sure!".

    You guys are truly amazing at throwing crap aren't you? I understand that this kind of whining is what got the NC MAX nerfed in the first place, but the devs seem to have caught on that you guys were full of it from the beginning now that they finally started correcting their mistake.