Before complaining about the Gauss SAW

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  1. UberBonisseur

    You can unlock the 2x scope
    You can unlock Compensator
    You can unlock Velocity ammo

    It's a crime not to use these.
    As much as you hate it, I would love to have that as a VS on my default LMG
    The CARV doesn't have that either

    The Gauss SAW saves you cert, please appreciate it.
    That is all
  2. Jourmand1r

    I'd love to have a gun that doesnt look like a giant nerf lobster claw.

    :( <3 the NC gun models so much.
  3. Quor

    Is what I just read.

    Also, every NC is laughing at you.

    Oh, I know! Let's give the CARV and Orion extended magazines and high velocity ammo! Then we'll cut their mags in half and decrease bullet speed. You know, so everyone who uses those guns can be happy that they have those certs available.
  4. Achmed20

    while this is true, its way easier just to get the certs with another class. sounds wrong to me.
  5. UberBonisseur

    This makes no sense but go on.
  6. Quor

    What I'm saying is, in order for the SAW to approach the Orion/CARV in power, you need to dump over 200 certs in attachments on it, and then it's only good at mid-to-long range (still **** in CQC).


    You can drop less than half the amount you need to put into the SAW and pick up the GD-22S and actually have an LMG that doesn't need a fairly large cert investment in order to shine.

    In other words, having access to two attachments the other baseline LMG's can't get doesn't make the SAW good. It just means a SAW user can make the SAW suck less.
  7. Gavyne

    If my choice is saving cert vs having a better weapon, I'm going with the better weapon option. Certs are easy to get, attachments & upgrades are cheap. But I'm not really complaining about anything, just trying to say your logic makes no sense.
  8. Bubblewrap2

    OP makes no sense. Why would you spend so much certs on a weapon that is neither competitive with its own faction's "sidegrades" let alone other factions stock class weapon?

    Just get a sidegrade. For CQ, GD-22S, even without a single extra cert in it, is a beast!
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  9. Antivide

    This is even more imbalanced, the fact that the SAW needs 200+ certs in order to even function properly.

    I didn't even bother, I just bought the EM-1 in the weekly sale. EM-1, EM-6, GD, all superior to the idiotically balanced SAW.
  10. Ujelly Trollicus

    so i have to spend 300 certs to get my gun to be even close to as good as the the stock carv? that sounds fair
  11. Mootar

    I like the Gauss Saw, I have an auraxium medal and nearly 1500 kills with it, its awesome.
  12. UberBonisseur

    If you want to stay competitive, TR and VS have to unlock another weapon

    A 300 cert SAW > A 300 cert Carv
  13. Jourmand1r

    I like the Gauss Saw.
  14. Fenom

    The GD-22s is the best NC heavy gun IMO.Tighter round placment,faster fire rate.People need to remember fire rate can make up for damage.

    I to wasted points in the SAW.
  15. ManualReplica

    Fire rate is everything in this game of connectivity and luck, thats why we get the short end of the Auraxia stick.
  16. breezy808

    NC are like fat kids, slow moving. But hit hard that's how their weapons are and vehicles if you get my point. A fat kid who can't hit you can't deal dmg to you. NC's biggest weakness is FPS. If you have low FPS DO NOT PLAY THIS FACTION speaking from experience!!! I have a negative KDA on the NC side and a positive KDA on Vanu/TR side(Vanu and NC are around same level characters) My point being is vanu's weapons are so accurate all I do is put my mouse sensitivity to super low and run around and hip fire everyone with my low fps and it works fine.

    Alt + F is to show your ping(bottom left corner) If you have under 40 FPS I recommend you don't play NC. FPS is huge in FPS type of games. It's everything you can play RTS or strategy games perfectly fine on 15 fps... but not FPS oh no it's illegal and you're butchering your potential game play