Become a Viking

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  1. riasonechan

    Outfit Name : [JOMS] JomsVikingsVanu
    Faction : Vanu Sovereignty
    Specialization : Combined Arms | Tactical play
    Contact : ingame: Riasoniichan (If i'm not online, join a"JOMS" Platoon in game.Those are up nearly every day in the evening.)
    Description :
    A group of warriors, faithful to their belief, fighting with a fire in their heart and conquering their enemies.
    The Jomsvikings of old are not the only group to claim this to be their way; the Auraxian JomsVikingsVanu revived this warrior's code and adapted it for their own cause.

    You can expect:
    • Tactical platoons
    • Fun platoons
    • Event participating like Cobalt Clash and so on
    • Trainings

    Requirements to join:
    • Have fun at the game
    • Communication via in game voice chat/text chat in English
    • Follow platoon waypoints. In general: Follow orders