Be careful, a bit of false advertising with the anniversary bundle

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by zu2, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. zu2

    Word of caution for those contemplating the anniversary bundle. I am br 100 and a premium subscriber, so I am not very interested in xp boosts. I do, however, purchase a weekly 50 percent resource boost to increase my resources. In the new anniversary bundle is a heroic boost that seems to clearly show both a 50 percent xp boost and a 50 percent resource boost for 6 months. Given the price of the bundle, this is a good deal. Unfortunately, after purchase, I discover that the heroic boost is NOT as advertised, but is an xp boost only. Buyers beware.
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  2. Rohxer

    Yeah, I noticed that on the website. But when I went in-game to purchase, the graphic showed just the xp boost, so I withheld my cash. Sorry they got you on that. A resource boost would have gotten my money.
  3. &erson

    Why isn't this experience and resource? The people buying this would be mostly veterans who are already BR 100 and don't need experience. If you made this 50% experience and resource boost for 6 months, I'll buy it.
  4. Mastachief

    Yeh i was going to get it and now i'm not thanks for letting us know.
  5. Sen7rygun

    Which part of this is false advertising? Does it say 6 month exp and resource boost?

    Edit: Yes it does. False advertising indeed.

    Change the graphic SOE, thats a bit low.
  6. Mastachief

    How about a picture that clearly shows a double 6month boost but yet on purchase it's not....

    Cert reading comprehension
  7. &erson

  8. NNTK

    Good, I was really thinking of buying it for resource boost as well. This and the fact that camos only unlock for the char that purchased really disappoints me with this "special" bundle.
  9. Regpuppy

    In spite of my feelings on resource boosts in general. I hate the false advertising more. Phase it out or don't, SOE. Just be consistent in what you advertise.
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  10. Shadowyc

    Have you sent in a request for a fix to the authorities?
  11. St0mpy

    Yes thats it, I bought it though the website showing this too and it certainly does not have resource part ingame. After checking its just XP boost but the image they showed had both arrows, resource and XP just like that image above. :(
  12. Whet

    SOE you want my $39.99? You'll have it the second the 6 month boost in this package includes resources.