[Suggestion] Bayonets!

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  1. Colonelveers12

    So myself and a lot of my friends have been chatting around this idea for a while now. And we think that bayonets should be added to the game.

    How To use: The bayonet would take up the melee so you wouldn't get a chance to quick knife someone if you have it equipped and I think it would make sense if it occupied the rail slot. How you would use it is simple, just in range, whatever the length of the bayonet is, then press your melee weapon, and tada you are reliving military history.
    What guns would I use this on?: Well this obviously would not be available for every gun, I was think battle rifles, since now three of the five classes can use them, scout rifles, and maybe some slow firing LMG's, Carbines, and Assault Rifles. But the last three are just so every class could use a Bayonet.
    Why would I want this?: Well considering modern militaries still use Bayonets today I think it makes sense that us Auraxians should get them as well. Think about having your squad mount up with warden, and then giving the order to charge, be like the Bayonet charges of the civil war!
    Some Options: If Sony actually does try Bayonets they can try two different concepts, Ring and Plug.
    Plug: Plug Bayonets work by swapping primary fire for stabbing, this would by pressing B on battle rifles if you have the Bayonets equipped because they don't have an alternative fire mode. Now once you equip the Bayonet your primary fire is stuck until you respawn or resupply at a terminal.
    Ring: Ring Bayonets would work by the bayonet always being there but adding more weight to one side of the gun because well there's a metal rod on it, so it would affect your performance.

    I think this would be something that a lot of the playerbase would support as content that continues to make PlanetSide2 different from other First Person Shooters.:D

    Oh and have to credit my friend Schrider with originally coming up with the idea.
  2. DeadliestMoon

    This is an old, already established idea that's been shot down many times before.
  3. =ADK= Turrican13

    Screw that, wheres my lightsaber?
  4. DeusExForever

    Let's fix the clipping first, then add other features.

    Planetside 2 seriously needs more testing of it's core features, so bullets and missiles aren't being clipped, or reduced to ridiculous amounts.

    There's also no reason why one missile can't kill any target regardless of launcher, too. That's too many single purpose weapons, that defy physics, let alone what explosives can do in reality. Ask those sailors on the USS Forrestal how ONE stray rocket killed over 100 sailors and nearly destroyed an aircraft carrier (which my uncle survived from) about what rockets can do, and the amount of splash damage.

    In reality, one missile will bring down a gunship. One missile can bring down a tank and kill everyone inside at once, too (my brother was a calvary scout and his main fear was being burned alive in the infernal [worse, when the military went with 50/50 uniforms that could melt on the skin]).

    One missile = 1 vehicle down. Not 7 missiles. That's showing the features can't be supported in a game, and if features can't be supported don't waste development time on it. That's time away from polishing the game.
  5. CrazyCanadian24

    Sorry, but I really wouldn't trade a foregrip or laser sight for a bayonet, even if it does make quick mêlée faster, and I don't think many other people would. What I would like to see, however, is for most primary weapons to come stock with a bayonet, or perhaps as a cosmetic option (which also changes the quick mêlée animation, of course). That'd be cool.
  6. Einar Amund

    Here's an idea:

    Quick-knife could be replaced with a rifle butt, and carbines, assault rifles, scout rifles, LMGs, and battle rifles. Because, think about it: if you're in the middle of a fight that suddenly turns melee, are you going to lower your gun, reach for your knife, unsheathe it, and then attack, when you could just club your attacker? And players could cert into a (cheap) bayonet attachment to be able to hit twice as fast.

    Then, they can have a separate slot for the knife which you could switch to, and it would be OHK, or at least nearly so, at the expense that switching weapons takes time, thus leaving the knifer vulnerable to attack by guns.

    anyways, just an idea, and could probably use some work. I think its already been suggested somewhere...