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  1. Maljas23

    I'm surprised we don't have this already, but a bayonet could be an additional rail attachment for most weapons. Since "knifing" with the melee button is technically instant currently, having a bayonet attached to your weapon could reduce the "cooldown" between melee attacks. Or, the bayonet could simply increase the frequency in which you are allowed to use melee.

    The downside to using the Bayonet on your weapon could be a whole list of things. Obviously if you are using a bayonet, you won't get your Laser/Foregrip/Flashlight on your weapon. Besides that, however, the Bayonet should slightly increase bloom speed for continuous fire. The disadvantage for having an increased bloom rate is that your weapon will be less accurate over sustained fire.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Concerns?
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  2. Neo3602

    I think that a bayonet could be interesting, perhaps along with what you suggested the bayonet could also increase the range of your melee attack a bit?
  3. Exalted Exile

    If it increases range have it decrease 'spread' since bayonets are usually more stab oriented. Don't need to make the COF bloom too huge since I believe the advantages of this compared to other options is minimal at best.
  4. Maljas23

    I think both the range increase and reduced "spread" is a great idea in combination.
  5. Demigan

    Sounds like a nice weapon. Go for it!
  6. DorianOmega

    I dont even think you need to make the gun less powerful if they added bayonets as an attachment, just make it a viable attachment potentially be used over laser and grip so you could feel the difference in not using them when equipping the bayonet.
  7. Maljas23

    I just based it on the fact that most attachments have downsides associated with them. Maybe the only downside this needs is the obvious one of not having access to a Laser or Foregrip.
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  8. Plunutsud pls

    I doubt anyone would use a bayonet when anyone can instantly melee.

    If they make melee weapons dedicated, then a bayonet might be useful.
  9. Maljas23

    The point is to be able to melee faster/more quickly than normal, with a longer range. The downsides should be minimal to the weapon itself, if there even needs to be one at all. Finally, as with most things in this game, it would be better in certain situations and worse in others.

    I don't see any of this as a bad thing.
  10. Plunutsud pls

    There would definitely be a downside to it like increased recoil, bloom or whatever.