BattleEye is Embarrassing

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Skraggz, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. Skraggz

    This nonsense is happening with an anti cheat program in place. When they get my video that yes I submitted, all that will happen is the account will be banned, and the LOVELY individual that wants to ruin your players play time will just make a new account. Worried about that New player experience? Just imagine what they will think of when they run across ppl like this.

  2. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I really miss the old days when GM's would actively announce they were on the lookout for cheats.
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  3. Zizoubaba

    The biggest issue for me, is the one most people don't see, and I know most people on this forum have discussed this back and forth a million times so I'll try and keep it simple (and short) :

    All the cheaters who don't shoot hundreds of players through walls, who don't cheat in such an obvious "suicidal" way (cause they know that obviously that account will be banned). All the guys and gals who cheat, but that you probably won't notice, because in the heat of the action, it really isn't always easy to tell a cheater from a normal player

    All the cheaters who cheat but do so in a way that isn't so obvious, that never get banned, or rarely and then, only because they were too dumb about it.

    You get what I'm saying right? I mean just to take the statistics example, if a player has 99% head shots and crazy KD then yeh, its obvious, but if that were me, if I were cheating, I'd be careful about those stats, I'd miss a whole bunch of times on purpose, I'd let people kill me a few times. I mean, it's just an illustration..

    It's my personal opinion, that amongst all the "legit" players who never get banned, there's a **** ton of cheaters. They are the issue for me, cause the obvious ones never make it passed BR40 or whatever until they get banned.
  4. Villanuk

  5. Skraggz

    I get where you are coming from, but it is these obvious ones that demonstrate a huge issue. A cheater is a cheater, but the obvious ones are the ones showing that it exists. They all need to be banned, but if the ones flying around on a heavy can make it on the server then what the hell is Battle eye even good for? With me just reporting this guy all that's gonna happen is he will make a new account and continue. DBG probably has a contract with these clowns that run Battle eye, and yet they can't maintain a good anti cheat environment.

    I need to post this video over on their social media.
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  6. Towie

    Agreed with everything so far in this thread - the hack in the video is the same one I saw the other day that also had additional functions like aimbot, I feel they just do this to make a mockery of DBG and PS2 and the cheat prevention (or lack thereof). Oh and check reddit for another function, being able to move freely in any direction (Mole Man). We have seen this before too and can be used to place beacons underground - that can't be destroyed.

    I totally agree that people have been cheating and bypassing Battleye for a very long time. There have been a fair few players who have tried to 'out' the other cheats by cheating themselves but it hasn't made any difference.

    The guy with the 222+ k/d and 3.5k SPM had 4 sessions last night and played for about an hour and a half. How on earth can DBG ban someone for stat padding when they let people achieve things like this ? Mind boggling.

    How does a game with a reputation for cheats continue to attract so many new players who just happen to be a 'bit too good' ? Simple - they come just to cheat.

    Alas - PS2 is in 'cash cow' mode, it's dying, the cheats smell it and just come to feast on the carcass.Crying shame but it did have a good innings...
  7. Liewec123

    In before Beerbeerbeer comes to try to encourage everyone to be cheating Aholes.
    Because obviously what this game needs is more script-kid Aholes.

    Don't call them hackers, when I think of hackers I think of cool computer-savi vigilantes,
    these Scriptkids are morons who fail so bad at games that they download cheats off the internet,
    there is nothing cool or impressive about how pathetic they are.
    Yes I could easily go and download some virus-riddled cheat like you did,
    But I don't need too, Git gud scriptkids.
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  8. Beerbeerbeer

    This game is dead. Just like PS1, it’s in its final death throws where hackers rule supreme. Too bad, tough luck and nothing will ever be done to fix it. People still playing PS1 at the same stage also complained and you know what happened? NOTHING.

    There’s more coming and there are a ton of people hacking right now that aren’t being stupidly obvious about. All the easy game-file modifications, that BE can’t detect, can allow you do pretty much anything.
  9. TRspy007

    man has a 222 kdr ;)

    That for once is a cheater that should've been banned by the battleye.
    How depressing.
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  10. DocLorria

    What is really sad is ZERO dev response on their own forums.

    I love the game, I’m a life member. The cheating is out of control.

    It would be nice if they could at least say they’re working on it or we could see that there are some results against the cheaters. However all we hear is silence or form letter responses. I have reported.
  11. Beerbeerbeer

    There’s some irony in Skragg complaining.

    Good. I’m glad these hackers are bothering you. Prepare for more...
  12. Skraggz

    My dude, you still don't understand the mental gymnastics of your last thread. You claim if we give DBG money the cheating wouldn't happen. I have hundreds on my accounts, yet I am still subjected to cheaters. There is no irony, just your pure unadulterated ignorance.
  13. Beerbeerbeer

    Let me ask you this, why are you even complaining? What mental gymnastics is involved in you thinking DBG will or even can do anything about hackers after what will be remembered as Bloody October?

    Do you honestly think they’ll do something? Even when they were fully staffed, did they do much? Were they successful back then in stemming the hacking tide?

    And now, today, with as many people working this game as there are people staffing a typical gas station, you honestly think they care about hackers?

    Take a hike if you don’t like it. Hacking and hackers aren’t going anywhere.
  14. Skraggz

    You're some sorta dense, BattlEye is ran by a 3rd party. DBG either leases or rents rights to it. They are spending money on a program that's not entirely properly working. It would be in their favor to either tell the 3rd party to get it together (which requires ONE person no less, not a staff) or just pull the plug on the contract as there are already cheaters and no sense in wasting money on an anti cheat.

    I don't even know why I acknowledge your existence.
  15. Beerbeerbeer

    I’m not dense, you are.

    You’re only now realizing how inept BE really is? All these years of hacking hasn’t sunk that thought into your head? You think they never saw what we saw when it came to BE’s deficiencies and you think they didn’t say anything back then?

    And last but definitely not least, you do realize that BE cannot detect game-file modifications?

    More hacks are coming oh dense one. Tough luck.
  16. Skraggz

    You sir, need to find the nearest tree, and apologize for wasting it's hard work. It worked hard to produce that oxygen you continuously waste.
  17. Beerbeerbeer

    Whatever, that was a really lame come back.

    Like I said, it’s funny watching you complain about this. Really, this is what internet irony is all about.
  18. then00b

    Automated anti hacks are just a tiny bandage, don't quite get why some games that aren't particularly expansive don't have some sort of moderator that will go in on occasion and ban active cheaters. Dedicated servers in the past made more sense, you just report and an admin could sign in quickly, see hacks and ban them. For a game as strangely lowly populated as this I don't know why there can't be someone that can pop in when a mass report comes in to remove the offender and destroy their account.
    There are literally only a handful of servers, and I don't think any has had more than one continent active in the past few months. It cannot be an issue of "there are too many cheaters to keep track of" just seems like a lot of game companies don't even care. Not even saying it's planetside exclusive.
  19. WarEagle1

  20. gunnner10

    From talking to programmers, DBG cant do anything about the hacks anyway. That's why you don't see any other examples of client side shooters on the market. I always hoped they would crack down on hackers more, but I don't think they can