Battle rifles need some love

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ixidron, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Ixidron

    Well, the Rebel has slower rpm, is less accurate, has less ammo, battle rifles look a bit more like the VS Cerberus pistol.
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  2. Erendil

    Well, Battle Rifles have an effective range of 200-250m w/ the right attachments. Rebels........don't. :p

    That said you also have the SAW, SAW S, Reaper, and AC-X11, which can fulfill a Battle Rifle's role 90% of the time just fine but with significantly better CQC/close range performance, so it's hard to justify using the Warden..
  3. SenEvason

    Hmm, I wonder how much of an effect full-auto would have? Think of it as a BAR.
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  4. Erendil

    I'd actually prefer that to a 3-round burst since being able to control the burst length based on range and how accurate you need to be is superior to a set burst length. It would let people reach the max ROF easily and would help it in CQC/short range fights. Even so it'd still have the slowest TTK overall of any primary weapon.
  5. Nintyuk

    You can't say anything added in production was a change. It was planned and just uncompleted as of the time you had access to the game for testing. It's like saying you didn't like the 'change' were they added textures to the maps or the 'change' were they added the depot.

    I personally use 3.4x Red Dot, Laser Sight, HVA and Flash hider. Flash hider is perfect as it has no downside on this type of weapon.
  6. Tatwi

    Was playing with the TR BR the other day. Man... I could throw the bullets faster. I've pulled the trigger aiming a person standing still and they have just randomly moved before the bullet got to them. That's the hardest part about using it - you can't "lead" random.