Battle rifles need some love

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  1. Xebov

    All Semi-Auto weapons need some love, especially Battle Rifles are asked to be worked on for ages now. So far they dont want to work on them for reasons. All slow firing weapons rely heavy on a good connection and a good Nettick rate to work well. The servers dont have both of it. The connectivity is realy bad for a shoote rmost of the time and the Nettick rate is only 5/s making it realy hard to hit moving objects as some tend to use ADAD warping or simply warp due to bad connectivity. The other reason is that players with good aim would dominate the battles if the Semi-Autos where good and the majority of spray and pray players would start leaving the game as they constantly loose.

    After nearly 2 years asking for reworks on Semi-Auto weapons i came to the conclusion that SOE doesnt care about Feedback.
  2. Pikachu

    Just raise damage to 334 and extend damage falloff range.
  3. Ixidron

    There is not much difference between 334 and 350, still i'm gonna stick with 350 because I like round numbers.
  4. Klypto

    Is it weird that I was thinking the exact opposite?

    Higher TTK makes any disparity between weapon performance absolutely glaring. High TTK is also why shotguns feel horrible on the receiving end in this game.

    Lower TTK and you will see the BR perform more in line with the other weapons.
  5. OldMaster80

    Personally I think the biggest problem with BR is lack of versatility. They perform very well in long range combat but they are not competitive in close quarter, not even with laser sight.
  6. Ixidron

    They perform really bad all around, their biggest problem is their performance from medium to long range, where most people can fight back and still kill you easily.

    They also don't shine from long to very long range, where you need 5-6 consecutive shots to kill someone, and at those ranges people will be long gone before you can do that.
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  7. Axehilt

    Suggesting mid-range infantry play was invalidated by wraiths (a vehicle which very rarely shows up in fights) and not by every other combat vehicle (which show up in nearly every fight) is sort of amusing.

    Long before Wraiths were implemented, even past PS2 into PS1's long history, infantry were crap outdoors because vehicles dominate them.
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  8. Tuco

    That's exactly what I'm suggesting, and that is exactly what happened.
  9. Ixidron

    WTF, wraith flashes were never a threat to anything, not even when they had the OHK fury, even when it became incredibly popular to use fury+wraith I got killed once or twice in a 2 month period.

    An underperforming vehicle didn't displace battle rifles, they were always terrible.
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  10. OldMaster80

    BR imho could use a recoil reduction and crosshair narrowed further when equipping the laser sight. Damage is ok imho.
  11. Schwiizer

    Yes, but thats almost in every game. It starts with the damage drop. A rifle is at 300m exactly as deadly as at 10m.

    For buffing the battlerifles, taking out the damge drop would already help a lot. (for every weapon of course)

    I have about 5000 killswith the eidolon, so I think I played it long enough to know what I'm talking about. And I have the Vandal on Auraxium. And the Vandal is that, what a Battlerifle should be.
    The biggest problem of the Eidolon (don't know about the other BR) is the recoil to the right. U could fire faster than the Vandal, but you have to wait till the crosshair is down again.

    The Vandal has almost no recoil, not up and none to the side. So it's ridiculous.

    Make the recoil of the Battlerifles like the Vandal, or the Vandal available for medic, engi and HA, and we're good.

    (and btw, take out the damage drop completely)
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  12. consciousvillan

    yeah i love my amr but most kills at medium to long range are on player who have already been hurt, i have to use it to support fire fights, pick off enemys as they find cover or get a couple hits on several players and make em fall back.. to get a kill on a full health player even at medium range in a 1 v1 is very hard if you get the upper hand they just run for cover..
    needs higher dmg per shot..
    although i will say i feel im fairly decent wit it now and can rack up the kills.. at times but only cause ive persisted with it and i use it with HA
  13. OldMaster80

    I also feel recoil is the main issue. But also effectiveness from the hip is quite poor.
    Personally I feel this also important as in close quarter BRs feel a little poor compared to other weapons (in particular full auto rifles).
  14. William Petersen

    Giving the Flash a weapon was one of the worst changes they've ever done. They made this even worse when they gave the flash cloak. Flashes should be for transportation between bases (instead of redeploy over an over), and I get them wanting to let infiltrators use them to infiltrate, that's fine. But for the love of God, that's not how the cloak is being used since Flashes can equip weapons. Make weapon and cloak mutually exclusive, IMO. since they're not going to be removing Flash weapons any time soon.
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  15. Nintyuk

    Err Flash'es could cert in to weapons since early beta.
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  16. William Petersen

  17. cruczi

    350 isn't any more round a number than 334. Both have three significant figures (because we know 350 is exactly 350.00, not 350.49 for instance).

    Also, 334 * 3 = 1002 = as exact of a three round kill on a 1000 hp target as you can get with rounds that do integer damage. 1000 / 334 = 2.994 is very close to being exactly three rounds to kill. Meanwhile, 1000 / 350 = 2.857, which is much further away from being exactly 3 rounds to kill.

    So if anything, 334 is more round of a number than 350 in the context of shots to kill a 1000 hp target.
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  18. Ixidron

    A round number is informally know as a number that ends in 0.
  19. cruczi

    Then that's a completely dumb and irrational way to prefer some numbers over others
  20. Ixidron

    Irrational yes, that's human nature, but why would it be dumb? people like lots of stuff at random and that doesn't make them dumb, why do people like color blue? or red?

    Same happens with numbers, some people like even numbers, others like prime numbers, some people like palindromes, others like numbers that can be divided by 5, some people are obsessed with Pi.

    If you pay close attention to your life, to the tiny details, you'll find some random stuff you like or dislike for no apparent reason.