[Suggestion] Battle Rifle Overhaul

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Joexer, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. OldMaster80

    I do not consider stats nor KDR or KPU. I just consider how the weapon performs for me. And with BR in cqc I've done far better than evey other rifle so far :)
  2. Daithm

    I would love a powerful NS BR for my Vanu Engineer. I love not having bullet drop on my Eidolon but it just does not hit hard enough in my opinion. Find myself getting far more long ranged assists than kills even as it being my most used weapon.
  3. Joexer

    Hold up. Make Scout rifles and Battle rifles overlap to Medic and Engineer and you have got a clean setup that cannot be OP. Toss a burst mode on the defaults and there ya go. Certainly an easy way out but better than nothing. Right?
  4. IberianHusky

    They should just give engineers Scout Rifles instead. I would kill to use a Vandal on my Engi.
  5. Joexer

    Kinda the point. I will do an informal tally/thoughts thread on overall gameplay.
  6. desktop

    Battle rifles are somewhat versatile. They can at least hit a target and do ok damage at any range. They may not be ideal for CQC but they are allot more reliable than scout rifles or slug shotguns up close. I see them as average all round rifles for use outside of bases and away from roads. Id kill to use a battle rifle as a light assault.
  7. TR5L4Y3R


    imo battle rifles should gain a slight dmgbuff to only require 4 bodyshots from range against non nano/shield
    so i say give it 275 within 15m and 255 till 75m
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  8. Skooma Lord

    Agree, either that or a ROF increase/burst fire mode.
  9. Rhello

    Do you realize giving it 275 within 15m and 255 till 75m results in a constant 2HS kill, right ? If this happens, the headshot multiplier has to be lowered, so all the semi autos aren't obsolete after that change.
  10. TR5L4Y3R

    yea i would take that if it´s needed to me it matters that i´m capable to do dmg from range but i´m not a good shot so i´m not focusing on HS´s entirely (otherwise i might have played BA infil)

    RoF feels fine imo .. if burst then better only two burst ... otherwise it would need a damagenerf then
  11. NubCannon

    I like where the AMR-66 and such are at right now. i usually run it with grenade launcher, compensator, HVA, and a 3.4x red dot.
    Its more of an annoyance weapon than a quick kill weapon. in cqc its terrible, but at around 50 meters its fantastic. ive even gotten a few kills at 350 meters (i was landing bodyshots on infiltrators on towers.) However i do think that the empire specific battle rifles could use a damage buff, except the VS one because of that no drop...
  12. SlugSniper

    I'd rather have something like a real-life, modern Battle Rifle with select-fire; semi-auto and very slow full-auto.

    A burst-fire BR would be more along the lines of a Scout Rifle.
  13. Xebov

    I dont see the issue. Scout Rifles can do it and they are rarely used either. The idea of putting both groups together was also rejected long time ago.

    Another way to improve BRs could be to drastically reduce the effect of flinching when you get hit while using it. The semi auto - auto gameplay is broken in general.
  14. DemonicTreerat

    Semi-auto snipers wouldn't be obsolete anyway if they were left completely alone. They have this little advantage called a x8/x10/x12 scope so you can see what and where you're shooting at that range instead of having to guesstimate the mills with a x6 past 150m.

    Whiny little infil *****.
  15. OldMaster80

    That's the real problem with the BRs: they can fit close quarter attachments like laser sight and 2x scopes, but they are ******* awful from that distance. I know because I auraxiumed the AMR-66 with laser sight and no scope, firing from the hip. It's terrible.

    Imo the only thing these weapons need to become slightly more viable is simple: Soft Point Ammo.
  16. Erendil

    I agree that Battle Rifles still need a slight buff to their maximum damage in order to "maintain appropriate lethality" up close against players using the Aux Shield.

    They've already opened the door for this when they gave the BlackHand and a few other weapons (knives, mines, HE shells) a similar buff for this reason::https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/game-update-eu-10-18.243170/

    A small damage increase to 280 per shot will do the following:
    • Increase the 2-headshot kill distance from 15m to ~40m
    • Increase the 5-bodyshot kill distance against Nano5 from 15m to ~40m
    • Reduce the bodyshot STK against HA-shielded targets (Resist, or Nano5+Adren/NMG) from 7 to 6 at <15m
    • Reduce the headshot STK against HA-shielded targets (Resist, or Nano5+Adren/NMG) from 4 to 3 a <15m
    • Allow Battle Rifles to "Maintaint appropriate lethality" against Aux Shield users by retaining their 2-headshot/4-bodyshot kill at maximum damage (15m). See similar damage buffs given to other weapons like the Blackhand for the same reason here
    • It still gives the SA Scout Rifles their 2-headshot-kill-at-all-ranges advantage over Battle Rifles

    It needs to be 280 instead of 275 though, in order to reduce the STKs against HA Overshields.

    Me either. Scout Rifles would still do +53 dmg per shot, have 0 recoil bias, and retain a body STK advantage.

    I think I'd prefer they drastically increase the amount of flinch Battle Rifles inflict on their targets rather than decrease the flinch I receive when using one. :D That'd let you force your opponents to keep missing if you're a good shot. That'd be esp useful when countersniping or going up against Shielded HAs.

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