Bastion Fleet Carrier and metagame

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by elkikko92, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. elkikko92

    Bastion fleet carriers are incoming with the february update.
    I think is a good new, the game really needs air metagame!
    How this update can improve the entire metagame?
    My suggestion is that every faction (maybe platoon leader) can spawn from the warpgate a B.F.Carrier and move on the map (supporting the ground battle).
    The B.F.Carrier can spawn air veichles, maybe it has a life (like a veichle) and it can be destroyed from enemies veichles: its important that allies defend with air veichles the faction B.F.Carrier.

    (In a future update I have another idea: there are bases that launch missiles again enemy bastion flat carrier)

    Your suggestion to improve the air metagame?
  2. Blam320

    My suggestion to improve the air metagame? Rework ESFs so they actually operate like aircraft. No reverse maneuver exploit. No being able to hover in place and repeatedly spray infantry with rockets and nosegun fire until someone decides to inconvenience you with one of the game's lackluster AA options. Right now, the air game is overly punishing to try and get into, and it's not worth it to try and achieve air superiority with your own fighters.
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  3. JibbaJabba

    Long overdue: Add mouse yaw.

    It will lower the bar of entry for new pilots.
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  4. TR5L4Y3R

    allow strafing/banking
    more/better sensitivity options for keybordkeys ..

    i went to confic my gamepad cause the controls cause me wristpain with keyboard/mouse but the sensitivity on buttonpresses is also messed up there ...

    and there needs to be (although i personaly don´t use any) propper joysticksupport ...
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  5. Gooyoung

    Get rid of hover, lower max health, and increase top speed to be like a fighter plane instead of helicopter? So it's a hit and run not a camp and gun? Prolly this balances the A2G spam

    I have no idea how it's so hard to fly here compared to battlefield or star wars battlefront 2 (old one)

    Entry bar is so high tbh

    For the BFC, I do hope it's not easilly spammable and actually needs crew of 2 squads to man all components? Only able to be spawned one at a time with long cooldown per faction (so only one can spawn per 15 min or smth and people actually need to spawn fighters to protect it) and have maybe 50k or more hp? Killing enemy's BFC grants huge bonus to the killing faction?

    Something like a mothership, strong enough to break off a 48-96 zerg push (not by itself of course) unless the enemy BFC comes too, but super slow so it is actually a commitment not something to just run when AA came to ground

    Else, bet that the BFC is just gonna be countered by dalton libs and skyguards as big target for free exp

    And in the teaser, it does get escorted by 4 reaver so hope its actually required lol
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  6. Liewec123

    imho it should be an airborn base that flies in a circle around the map, hard to cap, i'm thinking crown difficulty,
    several points within the Fleet Carrier. the team that hold it get to use A2G turrets on it.
    and also spawn air from there
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  7. pnkdth

    Give ESFs ES abilities, multiple ES abilities.
  8. Demigan

    To improve the airgame we need to look at the roles aircraft play.

    Galaxy: durable infantry transport. Light AA and AV ability. AA is very hard due to the weapons.

    Liberator: mostly A2G gunship.

    Valkyrie: somewhat durable transport. Sometimes A2G gunship.

    ESF: Helicopter gunship, A2A superiority fighter, divebomber, multi-role air duties.

    Gee might one aircraft have a bit many roles to play? We need to solve this as part of the meta. All aircraft need to be able to perform A2A and A2G but in a unique way so that there are unique reasons to pick them and fight with them.

    For starters learning the basics of the airgame should be as easy to learn as the rest of the game. Mouse yaw should be a minimum choice people should be able to make. The physics of flying should also get updates so that maneuvers other than hover and reverse maneuver are both capable and useful rather than a death sentence versus a hover/reverse maneuver user.

    For ESF the differences should be more pronounced depending on loadout. Non-hoverframe aircraft should have a lot more difficulty getting into hovermode and have slower maneuverability while hovering. Hover frame users would have current maneuverability when in hover but have a lot more trouble getting out of it (remains in hover mode at higher speeds and has slower acceleration) and have slower maneuverability while going out of hover mode.

    As always, having better G2A and A2G relations is mandatory. Aircraft should never feel they couldnt really do anything except fly away when engaged by G2A. In return a ground unit shouldnt be unable to defend himself regardless of his loadout. Currently your best bet is that the aircraft pilot is bad or doesnt have a good loadout, there's no outrunning and cover is either scarce or not feasible to use continuously. Shields, effective smoke or other visual disruptors, ways to nerf airceaft maneuverability to reduce their effectiveness should all be standard protection methods.
  9. JibbaJabba

    I'm just gonna say I've seen it. The Bastion Fleet carrier. Dev has been hosting private tests recently on PTS. Seen some other stuff they have cooking too.

    You guys are gonna be blown away. Huge, Huge stuff coming. NOT a dead game. Alive and well, and getting lots of dev cycles.

    Can't say more, sorry. :D
  10. Mr_Cheese

    I absolutely can't wait for this update!!!

    My favourite Online FPS of all time - Battlefield 2142 (Titan Mode). This update is literally bringing titan mode to Planetside!

    I hope Bastions are executed as well as they were in Battlefield 2142.
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  11. elkikko92

    I loved too titan mode, btf 2142 is my favourite game.
    No, the bastions have no internal consoles, and there are no bases with missiles silos.
  12. OpolE

    They just won't make it like Planetside 1 metagame will they. MORONS
  13. GaReef

    I agree 100%, let the Valkyries be like helicopters, and ESF's be like Jets.

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  14. JanScr

    O come on, the flying mechanics and physics are so unique in this game,
    there are people out there who devoted hundreds of hours to figure out the best way to fly.

    The reverse manueuver is no exploit, its just changing from jet mode into hover mode.
    Its a very interesting mechanic that should not be reworked.

    I would have partly understood your point that it is not worth it to gain air superiority before escalation, but the Bastions gave a whole new meaning to this.

    The ESFs how they are are part of the reason why I love flying in this game so much.
    Its feels very dynamic and unique.
  15. JanScr

    Yes please, totally agree.

    I thought about this for a long time.
    Rolling with the A and D keys and yawing with the mouse would make you way more accurate.

    I think it wouldn`t lower the skill cap, but it would still make it easier for new pilots because it would be more intuitive and natural.
    Also most other games have the controls like that.
  16. JanScr

    Ok, I agree that the G2A and A2G relations could be improved.
    But regarding the airframe:

    Non-hoverframe users do already have a more difficult time to get into hover mode, because hover airframe improves your breaks.
    Also hoverframe users do already have a better maneuverability when in hover mode, because they have way more vertical thrust.

    The difference is already very big between say a racer airframe ESF and and hover stability airframe ESF.

    I can pretty much garantee that every experienced ESF player runs hover stability if the loadout is for dogfighting/dueling/1v1
  17. Demigan

    Completely missing the point. Key words there were things like "current" and "more", which indicated where these frames would be the same as currently or where they would be more than currently.
    The problem is that Hover Frame has the advantages it needs and too little disadvantages, which means that exactly as you say there is little choice and most people are simply forced to take hover frame.

    My idea is to increase the differences. Not only does Hover frame have an advantage while hovering, it gains penalties for maneuvering when not hovering. This makes it possible for dogfighting frame and racer frame to be equal options to pick compared to hover frame. It would also open up the air-game to a larger amount of maneuvers than hover and reverse. That last bit scares you probably, but it is for the best.
  18. TRspy007

    Before adding air metagame, at least rework them to make air more friendly to players, who currently have no chance of flying longer than 2 seconds without an esf tryhard master pilot obliterating them instantly. Honeslty, people who haven't practiced air in the first few years of the game have no hope of learning it. I have no clue why the devs decided to make all the commands so different than vehicles, and why air is so powerful against everything.

    I would like decent AA buffs to effectively kill air. This "air deterrence" crap is so toxic and dehumanizing, it's ridiculous the devs have left AA to be such garbage for years. If you're not at point blank range shooting at a parked esf, you're not getting that air kill.

    Finally, since the only effective counter is spamming air, make air discounts for the defending factions when a faction owns a bastion. Simply to help balance out a bit. Already a few outfits pull their bastions during low pop, and simply dominate the only fight on the map. Really toxic, needs to stop.
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