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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by D3V4, Oct 5, 2020.

  1. D3V4

    The only mention I've found of this bug on the forums is in 2 multi bug posts from 2017 with little traction (I am new to the forums so I apologize if there is something more recent that I somehow missed).

    In the first step of the social directive you are supposed to join an outfit, add 10 friends, and unlock your outfit armor decal. The first 2 steps worked correctly but I purchased the decal with Merit, and based on everything I've now read you are supposed to unlock it with certs, and it has seemingly broken the progress for the social directive preventing it from moving to the next step. I'm just getting into the game and I really love completing directives/achievements and this is a very small thing but it's a real bummer especially in such an introductory directive. Would love to see this fixed or would love to hear if anyone has a fix for it.

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  2. D3V4

    The picture I posted originally looks like it broke so I'm reposting the screenshot here since the edit button has disappeared on me for the original post.
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  3. Greeno

    Can confirm, being a new player, this is still a Bug. I however noticed this directive and didn't unlock the decal on my own and planned to complete this. It does indeed complete and give you access to the decal but remains bugged "Complete" but not and bugs to NULL. I joined an outfit quickly so maybe joining the outfit before the 10 friends did it? Just from a holistic new player experience approach... if one of the first directives they do is bugged.. it doesn't really provide good optics for the game and probably should just be pulled if I can't be fixed... and the outfit decal given at a set outfit standing level.
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  4. NotziMad

    same for me

    edit -> except mine hasn't dissapeared, it's there, I but it won't complete even though I am in an outfit.
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  5. Agrojagg

    I have the same issue Came back after seven years and these directives will not Auto complete or update despite the fact that I have been in an outfit since release, I've attempted doing things that have worked for others in the past (2015) to no avail.
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  6. Oxydim

    Same problem for me. It may be a small thing but I think many people can relate, that it is annoying if this basic training directive is uncomplete.
  7. Oxydim

    Still not working, still no statement.
  8. Mithril Community Relations

    Thanks for the report folks! We'll share more info on a possible fix as it becomes available.
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  9. Oxydim

    Thank you very much for your response! @Mithril
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  10. JustGotSuspended

    Yeah it's very nice to actually get replies, really feels like we're helping out and haven't been ignored. Keep it up!
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  11. Greeno

    Key is do it in order and I think be a certain battlerank. Additionally if you join the outfit yourself (not via/excepting an invite) it works. So that might one of the issues.