[Suggestion] Basic tips for gunners

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  1. Klabauter8

    In the case the devs actually read this here, could you please give some basic tips for gunners?
    Perhaps it's just me, but I find it really frustrating if my gunner doesn't know at all what he is doing.

    I play without a head set, because I think it isn't actually really necessary for the Harrasser or Valkyrie, but it just happens way too often that my gunner doesn't notice anything. Some simple tip like "Pay attention to what is going on in front of the vehicle", or "Often look where the driver/pilot is facing to" on the loading screens or wherever would be nice.

    They just constantly look in totally different directions and I have it happen very often that I face an enemy in front of me and my gunner just doesn't notice it for like half a minute and I just stand there like dumb because they never pay enough attention to the front of the vehicle. They always just look behind the vehicle or to the sites or just in the air, but strangely never in front of it.
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  2. Klabauter8

  3. FateJH

    So, do they listen to you when you inform them of the targets you're interested in?
  4. Klabauter8

    Sometimes, but often also not. It depends. Mostly gunners are ok, but then you also often have people who are not so good.
    I don't really know what you are trying to say with this, but again, I really don't think a head set is necessary. Just looking in front of the vehicle more often would be already a great help.
  5. Selrahc4040

    A headset is always, ALWAYS necessary. Even if you don't speak, just listening to the additional info is useful. It is preferable, however to either speak to your gunner directly over either squad, proximity, or tell chat. If you don't put in the efforts to communicate, you're the only one to blame for their cluelessness.
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  6. Klabauter8

    It's not necessary at all. Sometimes just looking in front of you is neccessary though, but if people lack some common sense, then that's not my fault. And when I am sitting in a Valkyrie or whatever, I do not have the time to just go into chat. Plus the gunner won't notice it probably anyway.

    There is not that much tactic in this game that a headset would be really necessary. Next you probably also say having a personal gunner is necessary to play vehicles. Or lets go even further, you are not allowed to join random squads anymore but only can play the game with personal organized teams who make weekly meetings discussing about team tactics. I think you just take this game a bit too seriously.
  7. Archiadus

    I'd be most pleased if we got some basic driver voice commands such as ''Look left / right / behind us / in-front of us" to let our random gunner buddies know which target we'd like them to shoot at or even ''Hold your fire'' to let them know that right now might not be a good time to start shooting at that MBT that hasn't noticed us yet, they'd have to be muted for the enemy faction to be of use though. :p
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  8. Selrahc4040

    If you disagree, I won't argue. I do ask that you try it, though. See if it helps any with your problem.

    This would be crazy useful, though it may make the voice macro bar a bit hard to navigate.
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  9. Erilis

    Tips in the loading screen wouldn't hurt although I feel like people who don't care enough to know to protect the vehicle they're riding in won't care enough to read the tips during loading.

    Other than the devs adding tips here are some ways you can help prevent clueless gunner syndrome:
    I agree with others that you should be making an effort to communicate especially if you have a problem with what they're doing. I can't understand how you can't understand how this would be helpful.

    Also, try joining a squad or outfit as pubbies or random strangers may have wildly different goals than you in a given play session. Maybe they're newbs, maybe they're sightseeing or just hitching a ride, maybe they're just slow. Point is, you'll have better luck in an outfit--guaranteed.

    This is a great idea.
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  10. haniblecter

    Its a massively multiplayer game. Get a headset and use it. Duuuuuuuuuhh
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  11. Riku

    There's a relatively huge cost associated with creating said feature (at least if you want it to be a voice-callout), which is completely unnecessary imo.
    Instead of saying "Look at the front" you may as well spot what's in front of you until your gunner notices.
    If they are too stupid to look around them when you call out spotted enemies or even too stupid to look at the minimap and adjust accordingly, they'll probably be too stupid to follow your "look at the front!" instruction as well.
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  12. Towie

    Why yes - just last night I was explaining to a random gunner in my Magrider (who had just helped destroy a few Lightnings) - that he's in a stealth Magrider and we're about to go hunting for MBTs. Unfortunately the lesson was cut short when we were destroyed by a fellow stealth Vanguard. Hey-ho, that was a tough first lesson for him.

    But yes - use a headset - communicating is good - and adds to the fun.
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  13. Hegeteus

    "Don't blow up your driver's vehicle with C4" That would've saved me two times!
  14. Erilis

    Good point. That feature would be either unused or ineffective. Nothing beats actual voice coms
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  15. Klabauter8

    Yea, this. To me it seems, especially in the Valkyrie, many gunners easily just totally lose their orientation as soon as you turn the vehicle a bit. They seem to never pay attention to the little ship UI where you can see in which direction the gun is pointing to. That's the problem. Too many people are just too stupid to pay attention to this and thus just totally lose their orientation or just never seem to think about paying attention to the front in the first place.

    If I had a headset and told them to look to the front, they probably wouldn't even know where the front actually is, because many people are so dumb, as soon as you turn the vehicle, they do not follow the direction, they just let the gun stay the way it was and simply keep on looking to the site instead of the front.
  16. Dethfield

    If you dont have a headset, or you dont have proximity chat turned on, or dont have voice enabled, the one thing you as a gunner can do that is always the correct thing to do is...


    This alone would solve 90% of hthe problems i have with random pub gunners.