Bases make continents feel small

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kalocin, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Kalocin

    A major problem I find with the game is that similar bases that are also on every hex creates the feeling that bases aren't unique and also are forced on the map. While Amerish is green and Esamir is blue, I often find that I can't really tell the difference when I'm in a base because not only do they look the same in structure and design, but they also are forced on every continent/hex. For instance, why must every hex have a base? Why can't their be a hex that is just a piece of land that becomes taken through population balance? Moreover, why is there an amp station on Esamir that looks the exact same on Amerish? Why can't the amp station on Amerish be inside a mountain to take advantage of the terrain? What happens is that every base or hex makes every continent too similar.

    Another similar problem is that by focusing on the value of a hex being inside a base, is that everything outside of the base (terrain, mountains, random fields etc) becomes worthless as the most important thing is capturing a point inside a base to take over a hex.

    Overall, with the similar structure of bases, and each hex being focused on a base, it creates the feeling of no variety with every continent being the same. In addition, it also completely ignores everything on the continent that is not a building, and obviously this makes the value of land solely dependent on these buildings making everything else worthless.

    (TLDR:) In conclusion, similar bases and every capture point inside bases makes everything feel like A B and C rather than a massive landscape.

    P.S. I'm tired so my train of thought is probably scattered, so read the tl/dr before commenting.