Based on the number of negative NS Swarm comments...

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  1. AlterEgo

    Have all these people saying it's bad or something. Don't forget...

    Another NS weapon. The devs have made, in a few months, more NS weapons than three ES weapons in a whole year. That's not the way to diversify the factions. Just release the secret NS army, already. Pretty sure it's somewhere below us... maybe hiding in massive atmospheric ships, waiting to uncloak.
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  2. dmine243

    This isn't the first time an ES weapon had an NS remake made.

    To all you TR complaining that the Swarm is a copy of the first striker: Have you used the NS Baron G5 recently? Like it? It's a pretty good shotgun isn't it? It should be, IT'S A JACKHAMMER. Look at the stats, it's damn near identical. When DBG made the Baron they gave out a jackhammer to everyone and almost all classes.

    So stop complaining that the striker is being given out to everyone. The jackhammer was copied and handed out under an NS tag long ago. And if this trend of more NS weapons continues VS ES guns are up next on the copy block.
  3. ALN_Isolator

    Fact is: even though they say they want "player feedback" on all weapons/changes here's exactly what they do with that feedback....


    There's no way to get DB to stop adding crappy, faction trait rip off, nobody even asked for a NS striker 1.0 weapons.

    Meanwhile at DB HQ: MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!! look at all the VS and NC that bought it!!!!! Quick!!! Start working on a NS mag scatter that fires explosive pellets!!!
  4. Liewec123

    its not going to be as bad as striker 1.0.
    Striker 1.0:
    locked on fast and from an extreme distance.
    didn't require you to remain looking at your target,
    it didn't break the lock if the target left line of sight,
    the missiles would fly through all terrain/buildings/mountains...
    they were fast, they were agile.

    you could'nt out run them or out manoeuvre them,
    once they got lock on you had 2 choices, use flares or die.
    R.I.P if you were anywhere near a base with TR presence while your flares were on cooldown.

    Swarm will work similar to an annihilator but take longer and "do slightly more damage per mag"
    (so the damage might work out similar since annihilator deals slightly less damage but deals the damage faster.)

    my only negative comment about Swarm is that they're churning out way too much NS stuff,
    faction diversity is getting less and less with each cross-faction cashgrab.
    if new content is what they want to work on then we sorely need faction specific content!
  5. Jubikus

    (if your srs words dont have sarcasm and ive seen really stupid things that were actually srs before) No it doesnt heavys dont need any more advantages against other infantry.
  6. Archiadus

    Now imagine the Jackhammer getting nerfed to near uselessness with a new mechanic while the NS version gets to keep the old superior mechanic, that's what the Swam vs Striker situation feels like to me. :p
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  7. Citizen H

    If it wasn't true, the Striker, the AMP, the TRAP, the Prowler, half of the TR carbines, most of the TR LMGs wouldn't be in the condition they're in and have been for years. Improved NS clones of TR equipment wouldn't be keep being released to the other two factions. Streamers and the game's top players wouldn't be almost exclusively VS and NC (but mostly VS). They wouldn't be releasing Vulcan clones to NC and VS and giving TR tank mounted Fractures, which are the WORST of the MAX AV weapons in the game. TR would HAVE empire specific traits that the other two factions' gear DON'T constantly infringe upon that are advantageous; slightly higher ROF weapons mean crap all when the TTK is unaffected and is actually lower in many cases because of the guns' horrible accuracy and low damage per shot. TR doesn't GET unique mechanics and charging weapons or TV guided rockets. They can't be bothered to design or code anything FOR TR; they just take a piece of gear, make it weak and inaccurate and instead of shooting once, it has to shoot twice, or six times just to do the damage of another empire's single shot, meaning TR player skill demands better and more consistent aim than either faction.

    NC weapons have a high skill floor to be effective, but also a high skill ceiling. Players have to have control and be good shots, but those that are get rewarded.

    VS weapons have a low skill floor and a low skill ceiling. You don't have to have good control to perform mediocre, but everyone gets to perform mediocre consistently.

    TR weapons have a high skill floor AND a low skill ceiling. You can have good control and deadeye aim and all your bullets will STILL bloom around your target. Most TR guns demand ADS even in CLOSE QUARTERS ffs.

    This is why TR bled out all its decent outfits and they left for VS. This is why TR pops are so low. All those problems and more, PLUS the VS and NC pretending they DON'T EXIST and telling TR to L2P. Because if TR equipment was ever brought up to par, NC and VS might not have an easy roll anymore and would have to worry about good players going back to TR being given a fair fight.
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  8. WR3CK

    I want a weapon that will shoot down a liberator and all other spawn campers. All air craft should have to do strafing runs not hover and camp like they do now. You don't see real life bombers hovering over enemy bases.
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  9. Eternaloptimist

    Interesting video from FateJH. The idea that you can fire and hit even though the target you locked has gone behind a rock is fascinating but I wonder if it is a bit of a gimmick weapon. It took ages to kill that Reaver, like 7 rockets or something? and the time that took with needing two reloads, well I dunno if it'll be such a game changer.

    I like my Striker since the buff and in particular it hits at longer ranges and by firing each shot individually (although rapidly) I get decent accuracy. I can regularly get five hits at medium range and that puts it close to dumbfire/decimator damage with the bonus of being able to pick off damaged vehicles/aircraft even with a couple of missed shots.

    I think swarm is looking to be situational - good for finishing off those people who chug their damaged vehicle behind cover to repair it or just get out of trouble.
  10. Villanuk

    TR are complaining as we DONT have a empire specific launcher, the striker is pathetic, broken, shot, knackered, pointless, useless, obsolete, immaterial,fruitless, pitiful, inadequate,worthless, inadequate, insufficient and.

    Not to mention in the same format as the swarm, its was OP,but now this is OK, REALLY?? if JH was nerfed to crap, im sure you would have somthing to say about the barron.
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  11. Mezinov

    Simpsons Did It.
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  12. FateJH

    It has a dumbfire mode? or, it locks onto MAXes?
  13. Scr1nRusher

    So many people are not going on the PTS to test things.....
  14. Peebuddy

    What the hell Daybreak.

    While the striker nerf wasn't you but even you have to realize how ****** up this is. First our striker gets made completely useless with every "update" then you turn around and give everyone a striker 1.0? Where the hell is our pheonix equivalent or a NS lancer?

    Hell, Nc/Vs will now even have their own vulcans too. There's no such thing as Tr faction specific weaponry, it's Nc/Vs/Ns now it seems.

    Next thing you know there will be a NS tank that can anchor down or a... actually can't think of anything else that the Tr have a clear advantage with.

    We're down to siege mode prowlers, that's the last thing you've left us with
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  15. HadesR

    But are not TR getting their own version of the Enforcer / Saron ? So it's not just a one way street ..
  16. Peebuddy

    The Ns vulcan fills a much needed hole in their arsenals, the Tr don't need another long range secondary since the halbert already exists.

    So you're right it's not a one way street. But it is however one of those 3 lane freeways going one direction and only 1 lane going the opposite.
  17. Hatesphere

    so by your logic nor did the other factions, they all have the halberd, why did they need a long range AV option at all? halberd is an NS weapon all factions had so they all "don't need another long range secondary since the halbert already exists"

    not even close.
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  18. Peebuddy

    You've completely missed the point.

    I'm stating that the Nc/ Vs are getting Ns weapons that fill a slot that they had nothing remotely close to while the Tr get a slightly different AV secondary. Meanwhile where are the guns to fill the Trs blindspots? Mainly long range AV infantry

    The Tr are being marginalized and there's no doubt the Nc/Vs benefit more from the recent changes than the Tr will, so yes it's 3 lanes one direction and 1 the other.
  19. Demigan

    Allright, do you even know the damage stats of this weapon? How it's DPS will be? How visible you'll be while charging the rocket's speed, how easy it will be to use, what COF it might have, what it's reload speed will be, what it's drop will be, what it's slow and fast velocities will be?

    How can you even call this a pre-nerf Striker even though it doesn't sport the same amount ammunition and could work differently? It specifically says that it's got slow-moving missiles, it could offer enough time to get behind cover in most cases. The variable speed and damage model seems to be important as well, which could heavily impact your DPS and/or burst damage in many situations.

    So I think you just went ahead and assumed a worst-case scenario while you have absolutely no reason to assume that. If there are more people who also think that, they are also assuming something that absolutely doesn't have to be. In fact, it could be OP as the pre-nerf striker or more UP than Fractures.
  20. Peebuddy

    It's up in the PTR and there are a couple videos of it, it works off the same logic the striker had. Deals slightly more damage than regular lock-ons at the expense of requiring a constant LoS and more shots landing on target. Takes 7 rockets to destroy a lightning from the front which is 2 reloads, it's actually not bad.

    I don't think it will bring back the glory days (or dark days depending on which faction you were on) of the original striker but it does mean there's a launcher that can potentially deal more damage than a standard rocket. Something tankers are just gonna love love love.
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