Base turrets

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  1. Vaphell

    why do they suck so hard?
    Usually they are placed in worst places possible, exposed to enemy but obstructed by all kinds of **** or outright useless and they fold as soon as somebody fires at them.

    AI are weak against infantry and surprisingly enough OKish against mech

    AV are best against infantry but barely manage to tackle a single tank, even attacking from behind is a 4 shot affair and it's not like the areas covered by base turrets are not usually full of trees and big rocks the tank can hide behind, repair and then come for you.

    AA are OKish against ESFs but are nothing more but coffins against liberators: start shooting oblivious lib far away, it majestatically turns around, flies straight at you ignoring incoming fire, nose cannon, turret turns into grave in 2 seconds tops. WTF is this nonsense? Why can't AA turret survive against a single A for more than 2 ******* seconds?

    Now somebody explain to me, why should i bother as an inf to go to enemy infested bases and hack them? Especially in case of towers filled wall to wall with people risk of death is huge and on average reward is pathetic (you can from time to time have a decent run but on other occasions your adventure can end after just 10s). Turrets are so crappy they suck the fun out of both defending and offensive hacking.
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  2. Shadowyc

    I remember that base turrets could be certed make them better.
    And then those certs were apparently removed because people complained. I don't know specifically, wasn't around for that.
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  3. NonSequiturer

    i did really, really well on an anti-vehicle turret at Indar Excavation site the other night as NC against the VS. I have no idea why I was able to last so long without the turret being destroyed but for whatever reason I did. Got a decent amount of kills and vehicle kills. I think they work really well in some bases, ok in others, and not in the slightest in other. There are a couple of box canyon bases -- Stronghold and maybe Feldspar Canyon -- where they do really well because it's basically an alley fight and they can be repaired safely. They do OK in slowing down a minor zerg, in particular where there's a lot of open space. Some of them though are like 50 yards away from a giant mountain and are next worthless. There's one in particular that directly faces a mountain and then an ammo tower and then a fairly high ridge that pretty much removes all visibility and field of fire for the turret. Can't remember where that one is though.

    Overall, I agree with you though. For the most part the turrets get killed fairly quickly and are useless. I don't know if I would recommend changing that however. Maybe, maybe not. Right now they're more an obstacle attackers have to overcome than a viable defense tool. I guess that's why you send in hackers. Just to get them out of the way for a while.
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  4. AnnPerkins

    If you can get the first shot off you usually beat a tank but even if you can't you can just hop out and repair it to full in ~30 secs and try again. I usually end up with more xp than the attacker for just repairing, too.

    They aren't too bad if they're placed well but certain turrets are put in spots where they cannot even turn to aim down the road they're facing like the southward facing turrets in quarts ridge. absolute garbage. They need to reevaluate how some of the bases are designed.
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  5. Phyr

    AI turrets are never placed in places that would make good use of them. They're either too far away to be useful, or destroyed by the time they could be useful.
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  6. wolfva

    Turrets are best when used in conjunction with air and ground forces. Then, they survive remarkably long. Otherwise, what the OP said.

    Personally, I think they need to be toughened up some and do more damage to vehicles. Maybe have better splash damage as well, but not to sure if that's necessary. Also, AV turrets need slightly more mobility so they can fire down on a tank.
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  7. Vaphell

    but everything used in conjunction with air and ground forces is best. If you have crapload of people you don't need inflexible base turrets, you have dozen tanks and 20 AV mana turrets with all the benefits of mobility.
    Turrets should be a force to be reckoned with, not a laughing stock that can be dismantled by 1 vehicle they are supposed to counter.

    up too. In the crater base the turrets are unable to reach the road on the circumference of the crater which means you can park a tank there and shell the base while picking your nose. Shooting fish in a barrel comes to mind. Another example - Zurvan can be shelled from above by tanks parked on a cliff (eg near Rusty Mesa Lookout) and you can't retaliate with AV turrets.
    BTW, who thought it's a brilliant idea to put bases at the bottom of canyons, mesas and other holes. Almost every base has a convenient parking lot on top of a hill with a perfect view on the spawnroom and even 4 story tall watchtowers can have their top floors shelled with ease. Probably the worst case of design by committee i've seen in any game.
    We need to have lots of hills because of hills are pretty ok? We have snipers in the game, let's put sniper friendly rocks here, let's have MBT friendly hill there so they have something to do, now we need to put few trees in front of that turret because otherwise it will have too good view and we don't want the attack to be too frustrating to the attackers.... let's add few doodads that will allow attackers to reach the door unmolested, just in case... Done!
  8. SpaceKing

    Base turrets would be neat if they had a half-***** auto-mode, like PS1
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  9. NC_agent00kevin

    Base turrets are excellent support platforms for base defense. Alone, they are a minor obstacle. I can out DPS one in a AP Lightning with next to max reload speed. if it gets the first shot, all I have to do is retreat and repair, then get the first shot off. However, one rocket or tank round will finish what it started - which is why its not great as a standalone defense but an excellent support platform. At least, the AV turrets.

    AA Turrets can easily be destroyed by a Lib. A mag of tank buster plus a dalton or two for good measure and you're dead before its at half HP. An ESF isnt going to kill you first though - he will have to fly away and repair before you blow up.

    My real complaint is about the AI turrets and turret placement at some bases. In many bases they have such a limited view that they are pretty well useless. And the AI turrets are good, but are also placed poorly most of the time. With better placement they would perform their function better.
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  10. HadesR

    Was thinking about them recently with all the call's to nerf / remove lock on's ..

    If they made base turrets indestructible and only able to be hacked to remove them from action, then IMO their wouldn't be such a great need as there currently is for Lock-on's ..

    ATM lock-ons are a much greater threat and are much better to use than a base turret for base defense. Turrets just die to quickly to be much more than a blip in an attack.
  11. Prudentia

    on my NC i recently upgraded my moveable improved wall turret to Titan AP...
  12. Vaphell

    isn't that the problem though? They do absolutely nothing when you need them the most. As i said if you have the luxury of treating them as a mere support, you didn't need them in the first place. MAX, lockon HA, AV mana turret are better choices (not to mention pulling a vehicle) as they are not a magnet for concentated heavy fire from 200m away, are smaller, harder to notice, scale with numbers, can move and be in much less predictable places.

    Also I think turrets in standby mode should take let's say only 1/10 of the normal dmg. eg, they should have some kind of protective shield or plates than are pulled down when you man them. Invulnerability suggested above might be too much. It's too easy to lose turrets to even 1 guy farming them for 100xp a pop and too hard to reach them in time.

    Oh, another question. WTF happened to zoom-in in AV turrets? Yesterday not a single one i manned allowed me to switch to zoom-in mode which made them utterly useless against tanks sniping from afar.
  13. Zotamedu

    One big part of the problem seems to be that they buffed tanks a while back but forgot to adjust the turrets. It's kind of lame that an MBT don't have to fear a turrent because he can tank the damage and just blow it up. So they buffed all tank health but forgot the turrets.

    I think they need to add nanite auto repair on them.
  14. FateJH

    That's just a bug as far as I am aware, like unending heat (which still does happen) or enemy friendly turrets (enemy-color doritos over manned friendly turrets; they may even look hacked).
  15. Spacelife

    Please don't buff the base turrets. They are quite strong as they are. And annoying too, there's this typ of player that does nothing but sit in a base and wait for stuff to pass them by so they can get free kills, most often they don't, and when their turret dies they go repair it and back to business. Some people do this for hours on bases not being attacked and while I don't understand why anyone would do something as boring as that it's still one of the most annoying things in this game.
  16. Vaphell

    lol, so you are saying that when you pass by the enemy base, you can get fired at? Say it ain't so.
  17. NinjaTurtle

    Turrets are best used Infiltrator style.

    Check out Frightful Cookie's youtube vids for an idea of what I'm on about
  18. lothbrook

    Base turrets are fine as they are, they are pretty damn strong, most of the time you can use them to shoot at other bases themselves, and they can be infinitely repaired. I hate wasting ammo on turrets because you know the guy is just going to get out before it dies and repair it again. If two turrets are shooting at your tank you run, cause you will die, i really doubt they want infinitely repairable turrets soloing tanks.
  19. Vaphell

    And what beyond the highlights of the countless hours will I see there? It's not like i don't know how to hack or use these things, i question the validity of bothering with it in the first place.

    - 4 hits in the tank's back, from the front it's an uncomfortably close call (1 missed shot can make or break the duel) and i can't repair that thing
    - swagriders can easily evade half of the shots which makes the attempt a lost cause right from the start
    - sunderer is from 0 heat to max (cooldown) and then some more at 100% acc
    - harassers... one word: mobility. I can hit almost anything with AV, but not these things and they can tank multiple shots
    - 90% of good ESF pilots manage to run away even if you catch them with pants around the ankles, eg point blank when they refill on the tower platform. They just dive below the AA turret arc and AB to safety
    - liberators eat turrets for breakfast, there is no other way to describe it

    Not only these extremely situational tricks are my only AV/AA options requiring considerable time investment, they suck *** to boot. And people are vengeful, if you manage to kill them they will respawn at that base to come for you. It's cool if you are a SMG wielding CQC monster and they feed you certs, not so much if you have a BASR and don't feel like tackling frontline grunts on their turf.
  20. Lovecraft

    I don't know what your talking about, I never try to go toe-to-toe with base turrets... They hit too hard. Yeah they are exposed , but they hit hard, ave unlimited ammo, and if u get a couple engi's behind u , u tear it up.... I think it's balanced well...