[Suggestion] Base turrets too weak?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Linedan, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. Atis

    Actually, I wouldnt mind spending some vehicle/air resources and certs to make turrets stronger. Right now they simply dont work. Certing in turret upgrades and each upgrade takes time, consume resources and disappear in a few hours - how's that? Ofc prices should be reasonable, since usage of turret is very limited, comparing to any vehicle.
  2. Stanis

    I am of the opinion that static defences should be very powerful.
    They should be incredibly durable. The turrets should take far more firepower than a single source can dish out and auto-heal.
    I wouldn't be upset if it took a pair of 2/2 AV tanks to slowly knock them down.
    BUT: the DPS it deals is steady. Tanks should be forced to withdraw to cover at range, and at sub 100m ranges destroyed rapidly.

    For fun - make turrets vulnerable to C4. Put forward facing shields on them so that when firing at a target return fire is negated.
    I'd be interested to see AV turrets vulnerable to A2G and AA turrets vulnerable to AV weaponry.

    Several tanks or multiple infantry in concert should be needed to neutralise them to limit their effectiveness.
    They need a person to man and are hackable. This means that the enemy can both subvert them and by taking a tower via gal drop for example deny the defenders the ability to defend an entire angle of approach.

    Finally fixed gun emplacements should have clear line of sight and good elevation. Well positioned so they aren't exposed outside their own arc of fire.
    So many guns simply can't fire effectively on a target. A single tank playing peek-a-boo rolls out and takes them down

    West Pass - gun elevations don't reach the hill
    Wokuk Eastern Tower -trees, rocks, mountain in the way
    Crossroads - Trees
  3. Vaphell

    stationary as durable as MBT =teh suck. THEY DON'T MOVE. They lack survivability because every shot lands perfectly on them and they can't evade. First tank on the scene gibs them without as much as slowing down so they don't even buy defenders time.
    To have combat effectiveness of an MBT, they would have to have 3x+ more ehp to compensate for 0 evasion, for heating mechanics (what's it for?), for ****** arcs of fire and for huge deadzones created by 'conveniently' placed trees and rocks.

    and we see every day what a failed idea is that. Tanks roll into bases as if they were their own because soft, scarce turrets fail even as a mild deterrence. "Oh noes, they got a turret, i am not going in" - said no tanker ever. Hell, AV turret is even unable to stop a lone sundie from driving straight in to deploy right under its nose (sundie = full cycle of fire + zomg heat dissipation + some more fire).

    J908 - tanks parked on the circumference road are out of vertical arc of AV at the bottom
    Zurvan - tanks shooting down from cliffs (eg near rusty mesa) are immune to AV turrets of Zurvan
  4. MonnyMoony

    I agree about turrets - need buffing in terms of armour, hack times etc. Perhaps an auto repair system may be in order.

    I was pissed off about the tech plant change - i.e. the removal of the infantry terminal in the main building. You spawn at a tech plant as an engi - trek all the way to the main building - only to find all the turrets hacked and have to trek all the way back to spawn to change to infil to unhack the turrets - the trek all the way back again to change back to engi so you can keep the turrets serviced.

    Absolutely ridiculous change IMO. Makes tech plants much more difficult to defend.
  5. Chazt

    I agree completely, base turrets are little more than a minor nuisance against vehicles. The AA turret is so inaccurate with such a low fire rate it can only do its job in co-ordination with another AA turret, and even then they are usually the first things to get destroyed on a base. The AV turrets are a complete joke against enemy vehicles simply because, once again, they fire way too damn slow. The projectile is slow, it drops fast, does little damage and has a slow reload time. Really you would probably be better off just having a heavy shoot at the tank instead. Turrets are already limited by heat in how effective they can be, so why not crank up the fire rate on some of these to let us get a burst off on a vehicle? Unless the goal is to just soften vehicles up, which I guess they can do.