Base turret has no interaction options for Infil w/Firewall implant -100% reproduction included

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by NewLexican, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. NewLexican

    An infiltrator with a Firewall implant equipped will be given no interaction options for a base turret (e.g., Spear) which was previously destroyed while it had an active Firewall buff on it.

    1. Spawn an infiltrator and equip a Firewall implant
    2. Interact with a friendly base turret to add the Firewall buff
    3. Destroy the turret while the buff is active
    4. Repair the turret
    Expected result: An infil with the Firewall implant would first be given an interaction to buff the repaired turret, then an interaction to use it after the buff was applied
    Actual result: An infil with the Firewall implant will have no options to interact with the repaired turret whatsoever
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