[PSA] Base layout, base defenses, and base turret problems.

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    The biggest problem with base defense is...... The amount of players defending bases!

    I see so many threads on how layout is horrible and base defenses are trash and turrets are useless. Actually it is quite the opposite. Bases are laid out to be favorable to the defense but also have some attributes to favor the attackers.

    • Shield generators are generally located close to main but but far enough away to allow attackers to have an attempt to overload them. Want to keep generators up? Have a few players watch a generator or set of generators. They don't always have to stand post at them but keeping an eye on the mini-map will slow when the attacker begins to compromise the generator.
    • Turrets are placed to defend base entrances. Amp station have them around the base wall mainly at gate openings. Tech plants have them over landing pad watch over spawn room as well as SCU location. Most bases have them on main roads leading to base. Turrets are useless only when they are not manned. You cannot argue turrets are under powered or go down fast if nobody was in them before the zerg arrived. Turrets are actually great for base defense and with proper engineer repair can last a long time.
    • Spawn rooms are not intended to be used as only spawn point especially for major bases (Tech, Amp, Crown...) Enemies begin to camp on these generally after other spawn points have been destroyed.
    • It is much easier for defense to spawn vehicles than it is attackers. Defense has terminals on site for sundys, tanks, and planes (as well as max suits). Attackers either have the choice to hack terminals to spawn vehicles or use nearby owned territory terminals to acquire vehicles. Defense also has ammo/class terminals on site where enemies have to either use sundy or nearby owned base terminals.

    A base that is too hard to attack ruins the game! Nobody wants to fight 12 hours to win a base over knowing there are 20 others that need to be won as well. Battles should last at least an hour with decent defense and even longer with excellent defense.Bases themselves don't need more buffs for defense they simply need more players to defend them.

    • SOE online has given you base defense (Turrets, and shields) as well as AA planes, AG planes, AA tanks, AG tanks, AA Max, AG Max, guided missiles, C4, mines, rockets, sundys, and I'm sure much more. What more do you honestly think you need to defend a base with? IT WILL NOT DEFEND ITSELF and you shouldn't expect it to. Already with turrets and shields you have an advantage the attackers don't have. They can hack turrets to their side although you can blow them up or hack them back to your side.
    • Ghost capping happens only when there are either no players defending the base or not enough players defending a base. 1 guy on an ATV unless hacking has no chance capping a base with 5 people defending it. You can only cap a base that is connected to another connected base of your empires so as long as you defend bases along the line of attack ghost capping or recaps should be very limited.
    • If you are calling for ammo/repair/medical and there is nobody to be found it probably is a good idea to go change to that class. It will help significantly. There are 6 classes to choose from and they all have their place in battle. If in a battle with 200 people of your team you see 100 HA, 50 LA, 25 infil, 20 medics, and 5 max, consider becoming an engineer repair maxes sundys turrets tanks and drop ammo. You will drown in XP.
    • Medics need to heal more. Engineers need to drop ammo and repair more. You are little use if you are in a group of wounded soldiers without ammo and you are a medic or engineer unless you do what your class is intended to do. The more people who can stay in on spot or advance forward in a fight the better. If more people have to run back to terminals or sundys to heal/get ammo the easier it is for attackers to move in.
    • That lib over the spawn point isn't locking you in the lack of anti-air is locking you in the spawn point. You may need to either call in reinforcements or go fill in what is needed to counter the attack. Infantry locking you into a spawn room can be countered with a Max push or HA push. Standing in the spawn room firing out doesn't help much and single soldiers running out are just feeding the campers. Organized pushes can sometimes push the attackers back off the spawn room. If there is no chance of repelling the campers spawn elsewhere and come back later. Don't continue to feed campers when fate has been decided.
    • You can always spawn at nearby base, gather an organized group and attack the enemy from another side. You would be surprised how long it can take for them to notice fire is coming from more than one direction.
    "Defending a base isn't worth anything" defending a base can be just as rewarding as attacking it. Only difference is you don't get a reward XP at the end for defending like you would for capping. With an organized group you can defend a base fairly easily, get plenty of kills in, XP from healing/reviving and repairing. Steadily repairing turrets/generators for example can gain anywhere from 0-15000 XP or more an hour with no XP bonus applied and depending on level of repair tool. That is around 0-60 certs an hour just repairing. You get what you put into it. Sit in a deployed sundy and do nothing you gain nothing. Get in the fight and the sky is the limit on XP gains.

    Yes there are some things that need some tweaks but I see no reason to overhaul what base defenses are currently.

    TL;DR - If more players defended bases empires would keep owned territory, ghost capping/recapping would be extremely limited, people would see there are XP/certs in defending not just attacking. SOE already gave us a great base defense system don't argue it is trash unless it is used properly.
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  2. UnknownSolder

    Only base defenses I feel are actually needed (By the way) are better covered spawn rooms with more exits and tunnels. Beyond this any major change would most likely be unnecessary.

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