[Suggestion] Base Customization Fake-Update Ideas Bundle

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  1. Shadowpikachu

    Better said then done, i know, but just for fun here's a theoretical list of a non-existent update for fun! (And you know, construction itself was some guy's dream long ago too.)

    I accept feedback and will editthis or discuss what is and isn't a good idea. Every change has their details after them and can each can be considered all together or in a vacuum for feedback or any further theoreticals you have.

    • Lesser played bases may swap places with more commonly played with bases!
    • Bases that swap with eachother only include less played unique bases with a very common base, those 2 bases wont swap anywhere else so it's more a yes or no when continent opens.
    • Each continent has atleast 3 of these potential swaps.
    • Example: Genudine Holographics (Hossin) base swapping with one of the other "Large Outpost" bases in usually played areas around the middle/sides.
    • In-game reasoning is more weird warpy stuff from campaign.

    • When a base is capped it allows the outfit and squads of the outfit to build using a new structure in the spawn room. (if no outfit then the most active squad at the time of cap or just free to anyone)
    • Does not cost courtium but there's a strict functional "courtium drain" limit depending on base size and things spawned have less health, the smaller bases having 0 and lacking this feature(flail or walls to help stop tankrushes anyone?)
    • Does not let you build around spawns for units or vehicles in their own sub-NDZ and things without courtium drain default to a cost of 0.5, cannot build usual base modules.
    • Can build only modules outfits can currently build, giving that hex the bonus.(cheaper vehicles, soldier health regen, etc, keep in mind these will have a "courtium drain" cost)
    • Generally number of caps determines it's "courtium drain" limit, average 1 courtium drain per capture point at the base

    • All base turrets are now personalized.
    • When no one is in a base turret the turret is in a neutral model state carrying no weaponry, when a soldier gets in it they get to choose between anti-air or anti-vehicle turrets where the guns on it construct instantly.
    • When the soldier leaves his turret it will turn back to neutral after 10 seconds.
    • Can now equip different weapons and abilities in the vehicle menus to the 2 turret types.(Multishot inefficient damage puking anti-tank or turning ant-air into a Kobolt-like turret?)
    • Abilities reminiscent of the Heavy Assault's overshield and the Vanu Max Zealot Engine Overdrive are available for either.

    • ANT's can now upgrade their courtium harvesters to harvest up to 50% faster.

    • New construction building 'Courtium Miner'.
    • Will passively generate 1 courtium and deposit it into the silo per usual drain timing, max 2 per base but bases have a minimum of 0.5 courtium drain total.
    • Courtium spots and sizes are no longer random after initial spawn.
    • Always respawns at where it initially spawned, spread out more evenly and ensuring huge deposits fully or collectively within x meters. (minium 8000 courtium every 1500 meters?)
    • When mined it just loses the golden vains and does not despawn. (Can be variable covers for soldiers in more open areas!)
  2. Armagomago

    Some of these ideas feel a little too complex to me (specially swapping bases around).
    I do like the idea of building a few extra defenses around existing bases, although that might potentially make things a bit too difficult for attackers, which, sadly, isn't what people would like
  3. Shadowpikachu

    Yeah it'd have to have it's own rules, but mostly it sees like they are going and giving more stall-breakers like the scorpion freely shelling the big groups and making the hardcore farmstall places either gone or fixed to just a hard fight.

    And since it's a per-base thing, you can just exempt it from the harder things like biolabs or have only certain bases have it to create better hold points that you'd only really get reached if your faction is getting it's *** pushed in.

    Bases swapping around is basically only complex on the dev team since players see it, god rest their souls if this theoretical ever gets any variation of it in-game.