[Suggestion] Base cap, Resource, Resupply and Mines

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  1. SilentDrone

    There are few things I believe can be improved/fixed.

    1. Base capture: I think the cap should go to the bravest - "the first to start the cap" same principle as shield overloading. That way we can avoid, what I call "cap hijacking". It doesn't seem fair when bunch of people from the same outfit show up at the last minute. Whether it's intentional or Join Combat button, still...

    2. Resource NPC from Sanctuary to be placed in every warp gate, so we are not thrown back in the queue every time we need to combine.

    3. Resupply - resets reload, which makes reloading speed twice as long. Love implant Ammo Printer, but the price you pay, when it's 1v1 is too high.

    4. We are all used to floating mines, but now they just disappear. Placed it, turned around and it's gone.
  2. TRspy007

    1) I understand that but here's the thing. The guy could just come and start the cap, sit in a corner cloaked and do nothing while the rest of the team struggle to cap the base, and only that guy would be rewarded. Would decrease incentive for others to help their faction cap bases. People would just see the timer and decide "aight, no resources here, I'll just leave".

    2) YES.

    3) Don't rely on ammo printers or pacs to resupply. If you empty you ammo, suffer the reload penalty.

    4) Mine sweeper has made mines obsolete. Them floating/disappearing or simply making vehicles 'jump" is just the cherry on top. For infantry, not many people run around with avoidance or minesweeper, so you can still get kills if you place the mines nicely. That said, the bug has been around for years, not sure if it's ever going to get addressed
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  3. SilentDrone

    You are not making a lot of sense, But I'm happy to defend.

    First: You wouldn't be sitting in the corner knowing that the base will be yours if taken.

    Second: Not the guy. The outfit he belongs to.

    Third: "Struggle" really??? Even during ghost cap?

    Fourth: Resources are not the only base cap rewards.

    007 + Sun Tzu + decrease incentive + aight = may be I'm just lucky
  4. TRspy007

    But you said the base capture would be like overloading a shield generator, the first person that comes to cap it would obtain it for the outfit he belongs to. That means as a one outfit player, I can start the capture, sit in a corner as a stalker infil and just watch my faction do the work as I passively capture the base. How would your system solve that problem? Also, we'll assume that your system holds water during a ghost-cap. What happens when there's a real fight going on? Does the one dude who started the cap capture the base for his outfit, even even he/his outfit just started the cap and left?

    Resources are the only reward your outfit gets for being at the top of the leaderboard when the base is captured. I'll assume you meant to include merit (you could have at least referred what the "other" rewards are that are specific to capturing that base with your outfit), but merit is given the same for everyone and there must be 25% enemies in a hex to earn merit upon capture, so I don't count that as a reward.

    I've got no clue what that last sentence even means, is that some sort of enigmatic dis?
  5. SilentDrone

    I'm definitely going to buy a lottery ticket
  6. zelekk

    Rather bad idea as stated above.
    And how would you determinete who started cap if there are 2 guys in cap range from different outfits.
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  7. SilentDrone

    I'm sure you would.
    NO. You must stay within the base zone. Why base and not point control? To avoid intentional TK.
    Can't be real, since it's a game, but we all know during high pop, cap starts over multiple times. But now that I think about it, it's probably wouldn't work if more then 1 outfit in range at the same time.
    Then how about base cap would be calculated purely on exp earned? And objective guard bonus exp wouldn't count?
    The only exp that would go into your capping basket would be for starting the cap, shield overload, kills, heals and revives. No BS like ammo resupply, terminal hacking or turret destroying wouldn't count.
  8. TRspy007

    LMAO what? You're definitely trolling here. An example of how your system couldn't work, and that's the best thing you come up to justify it?

    But you said the cap would go to the first person's outfit who flipped the point.

    Another play on words. Nice. I can start making fun of your lousy English if you prefer, instead of actually discussing your idea.

    Explain to me how hacking and resupplying is BS, but heals and revives aren't?

    So in the end, basically the system we have now works better than what you suggested.....
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  9. SilentDrone

    was the answer to your question -
    who tf are you?

    If it works for you, doesn't mean it works for every one else.
    Speaking of trolling, why are you even here, and not making more idiotic threads on how to remove OS and other cool things?
    Better yet, go sit in the corner, and subdue your enemies, 007
  10. TRspy007

    Lol, I guess it was easy to tell by the first suggestion you made, I'm simply explaining how to reason with a braindead ****.

    Aside from your apparent deficit in English, you seem intent on providing the most idiotic of replies. Very well.

    The system may not be perfect, I never said it worked for me or everyone else, but IT WORKS FAR BETTER THAN THE IDIOTIC CRAP YOU SUGGESTED.

    'let the first person on point own the base, I can't see what could go wrong hue hue hue'.

    Really, you've solved none of the problems of the current system, and introduced far more issues THAT YOU'VE FAILED TO ADDRESS.

    First you said the cap would only go to the first guy who was on point. I then said the guy could simply cap and do nothing for the rest of the fight, you failed to provide something other than 'the guy must stay in that hex', which doesn't do much for the issue.

    Second, "who tf are you" does nothing to answer why revives and heals would fall under capture xp (which I have no idea how you got to that, because your initial system is/was based on first-come-first-served. When did xp of any sort fall into play??), but resupplying and hacking - which falls under the same "farmable" xp - would be considered BS in your system.

    I make threads to discuss the game's problems; you make threads to create more, without being able to even justify a single thing you said.

    My playstyle is charging the guys, I don't think I've ever sat in a corner doing nothing, frankly that sounds like something you would enjoy based on how ******** you sound. That was an example of how I and OTHERS could easily abuse your pathetic attempt of a base capture system. The fact you're going to use that literally and assume I am the only player capable of doing this just further demonstrates the extent of your disability.

    Conclusion: you're a moron, you have little to no reading/writing comprehension of the English language, and you've wasted everyone's time with this pointless thread of stupidity.
  11. SilentDrone

    lol, this guy...
    I'm not even going to read all this.
    There is no way I'll learn something new about you, 007.
    Thanks for keeping my thread up and have a nice day.
  12. TRspy007


    Don't read it, because you're got nothing of substance to reply to it. Or you simply can't read, that could be a possibility based on your cryptic messages, and failure to respond to anything.

    I'm glad you enjoy this name a lot, you'll love the creative names I came up with on all my characters.

    Unfortunately I must say, targeting one of my alt names used in a videogame isn't gonna add value to anything you said - especially when you've got quite a ******** name yourself.

    Good day silentdrone, I'll leave you alone in your thread as I seem to be the only one replying to it. No one even bothered liking or responding to what you said, not even ONE person agreed with you; the only other dude that bothered commenting was to say they agreed with me.

    So I'll let you enjoy your dumb thread in peace silentdrone69, it was a curious experience discussing with an imbecile of your caliber.
  13. SilentDrone

    Thanks for keeping this thread up.
  14. Danko

    1.- I don't like your idea. It has to go to the Outfit that contributed more towards the capture of the base, it should be the sum of all points accumulated by members during that fight.

    2.- I like this Idea.

    3.- I disagree, You empty your weapon, enjoy the long reload.

    4.- I don't know what to tell you it has not happened to me, my mines don't disappear.
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  15. waystin2

    I like#2 it is pure gold!
  16. SilentDrone

    I just don't see - dropping numbers to the almost captured base as a contribution?
    C'mon we all play this game and most of us trying to jump in the base just before the cap for that extra exp.
    And that's OK. All I'm saying is, something needs to be adjusted for the sake of people who deserve the cap.

    About resupply. Why does reload have to restart during resupply tick? To me it seems like a bug.
  17. SilentDrone

    If placing NPC is complicated, then perhaps an option to combine Resource somewhere in the outfit window, near the Armory.
    Many Thanks!
  18. zelekk

  19. Blam320

    The people who deserve the capture should be the people who contributed the most to capturing the base, not the guy who started the capture.

    I don't like sniping captures any more than the next guy; it's especially dumb when you're solo-capping a base and three guys drop on the point, and then use their combined XP from just sitting on the point to steal the capture. But in bigger fights, the people who do the most to ensure your faction takes the base should be rightfully rewarded with the capture. Not the guys who just sat on the point or on a nearby hillside not actually contributing to the fight.
  20. DirArtillerySupport

    My tank mines have been vanishing for weeks. Random but more often than not...sometimes 1 or 2, sometimes 3 or 4 but rarely all 5. I always place them in a straight line and check them often. I've sat there a foot away from them alone and watched them dissapear one at a time.