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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Asic, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Asic

    It would be useful to have a certain objects with snap points/edges, eg two walls would clip and overlap in controlled fashion at the very edge within certain distance of each other (and allow to suspend snapping with a modifier key).
    This would allow you to create enclosed base more easily - now it's a hit and miss to align the walls so that no xbow infiltrator can just walk in through tiny gap.
    Also pill box, tower and garage could have at least two such point on them to connect to walls or each other.
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  2. Blam320

    ABSOLUTELY. It's a right pain in the rear to try and get rampart walls to line up with each other and not leave a gap infantry can shoot, or Papa Vanu forbid even walk through.

    We would just need to rework Bunkers so they can be fit into construction bases; right now they have no real purpose outside of providing an infantry terminal, which can just as easily be provided by a friendly Sunderer (which also grants cortium-free spawns).
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  3. Rydenan

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  4. Nintyuk

    The Devs said previously that they didn't have snapping exactly so bases couldn't become impenetrable by design.
    The first draft had snapping, including turrets snapping on to structures, that's what the symbol on the top of the bunker is for, it's a slot to snap a turret.
  5. Rydenan

    But it's already possible to place walls close enough together to make them impassible. So this would really only be a QOL/polish improvement. Plus, how would letting turrets snap to bunkers make a base "impenetrable by design"? Sounds like the devs just never took the time to implement these things to me.
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  6. AuraBliss

    I feel it would take the time out of having to build a base nicely and it truly does not matter as is because it doesn't take much to knock them down anymore due to the defenses being squishy and down right stupid from the ground point of view.. And if it gets to the point that people really do need to take the base down then its still very much possible to do gal drops in and take out things as a group fairly quick so bases are not as strong as they think they are I have had it happen to me after having a little city built up just to get squashed by a platoon and there was not much I COULD do to really stop it.. In matter of seconds my turrets where gone modules gone everything was gone in the matter of mins after spending 4 hours getting up and running.

    THE least the devs could do is make it so that we don't have to spend so much time getting things up. Base building needs more work in general, but QoL improvements can help greatly.

    Though I think reverting the changes made to some of the structures like silo locking and and turrets hit points ai range would greatly increase the usefulness of bases again.
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  7. DemonicTreerat

    No offense but that ranks up there in the top 10 dumbest excuses for not doing something. Builders are already limited in how many of each structure, turret, and module they can put down plus having to work around terrain that all too often doesn't let you put something where it should fit due to a tiny rock or a few degrees of slope. Plus when people want impenetrable bases they don't put down walls - they find one of the old HIVE-in-the-ground holes, plop a gate across the access route, then block the rest off with a sky shield.

    Either snap-together construction or let people holding construction items have a birds eye view camera option so we can actually see WHY we keep getting the message that our wall/ bunker/ whatever is colliding with an existing object. Its not hard, just a matter of certain people getting off their ***** and burying their ego long enough to put in something that may not be glamorous on a resume or an ego-booster but would be much appreciated...
  8. Trigga

    This right here.
    It takes way too long to build, only for it to fall like a dried out sandcastle.
    Snapping would help.

    3 MBTs kills any base pretty fast, especially if you can get a rep mod or 2 destroyed.

    I dont believe them, planned but never implemented is more likely to be the case.
    Id love to see a vid of this feature before they axed it.
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  9. Talthos

    YES. YES. Please, just yes.

    I'd be building way more often, if this was a thing. Because at the moment, I end up spending most of my time simply closing the gaps in the walls, before I can even start building the rest of the base...
  10. Nintyuk

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  11. Talthos

    What if they also allowed 'hinge' behaviour for the object snapping? Rather, you can snap the end of a wall to another wall end, but then you can pivot it like some sort of big, hinged door, so you can get the desired direction and angle, while still being 'snapped on'.
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  12. strikearrow

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